Two Wives Episode 26

Two Wives Episode 26 Sonia advises Yvonne to be the wife of Victor, Janine, Audrey begin to have nightmares 

Janine cried and told Sonia how much it hurts her to know the man she lōved did not recognise her anymore. Sonia advised her to accept the situation because the doctor said Victor was suffering from amnesia and it would be prudent for her to allow Yvonne to take care of Victor since he believed he was still married to Yvonne.

Janine told Carla that it was difficult for her to do what Sonia wanted her to do. It was so hard to see him cleaving to Yvonne instead and not her. She said she needed patience and strength. Carla said she could give her patience but she needed to give herself strength.

Yvonne told Mimi, Shakira and Carmen that Victor was awake but has amnesia. Marcus overheard it and wanted his mother to send him to the hospital. At the hospital, Sonia had a private talk with Janine and Yvonne. She returned Victor’s ring to Janine because she did not want him to be asking questions about the ring he was wearing.

She pleaded with Yvonne to pretend to be Victor’s wife but Yvonne refused. Janine also did not like the idea. Sonia told Janine that she was the wife and if she wanted her husband to recover, she would have to do everything that she has said. Janine admitted that the lōve she had for Victor had made her selfish and told Yvonne to take care of her husband.

Yvonne warned her and told her that she should not act like she accepted the offer. Janine asked her if she was doing that because she still lõved him or was scared she might fall for him again. Yvonne made it clear that she no longer lōve him due to the pains he caused her. She went to meet Albert to tell him about it. Albert asked if she was considering the offer.

Yvonne said she no longer lõved him and was not ready to act like Janine to ruin a family due to her son. In the house, Marcus asked his mother when they would visit his father. Yvonne advised him not to be swayed by the words of his father since he already has a family. Carmen advised Yvonne to allow her son to be part of Victor’s life.

As they were eating, Daria told Sonia that she knew she was making Yvonne act like the wife in order to make Victor get back with her and reminded her that Victor was married to Janine. Doris wanted them to tell Victor what he did to Yvonne for him to divorce Janine and remarry Yvonne but Sonia did not want that.

She ordered that they focus on Victor’s recovery. Janine was with Victor when he woke up and Janine told him that he was sent to a private room. Janine wanted to feed him but he refused and wanted her to call his wife Yvonne. He wondered why she was always with him and asked who she was. Janine wanted to tell him the truth but ended up saying she was the friend of Yvonne.

Victor ordered her to call Yvonne and Janine went out to cry. Dale packed his things to leave his mother’s house to Manila but Sandy disapproved of it. She did not want him to drink. She wondered what it was about Janine that he could not get over. Dale warned that nothing would stop him from loving Janine. He insisted that his mother ruined his life the very moment he separated her from Janine.

Sandy locked him up and stopped him from leaving. Yvonne told Marcus about those Victor remembered and those he could not. She advised him not to mention his second family to him. Marcus was happy to know that he could remember him and Yvonne. Albert told his friend that Yvonne would now pretend to be the wife. His friend believed Albert would be jealous but he said there was no use for him to be jealous.

Albert said Yvonne and him were only friends and his friend said the problem was Yvonne seeing him as just a friend while she knew he lõved her.  Carmen, Shakira and Mimi visited Victor with Marcus. He was glad to see his son. Marcus presented painting and a ball to him. He saw that his son would be a great artist like him. He told Marcus that he was a big boy now because the last time he saw him, he was just a small boy.

He learnt from Shakira that Yvonne was now working at an insurance company ever since he had an accident for her to pay his bills and to take care of Marcus. Later, Yvonne came to Victor’s ward and found Marcus asleep. She was carrying him and Victor held her hands and told her that once he recovered, he would go back to teaching and paper cutting for her to stop her job at the insurance company.

He told her that she was looking sophisticated and beautiful but he preferred her simple looks because that made him lōve her the moment he set eyes on her. Yvonne, later, told Sonia that pretending wouldn’t be necessary because her son being with his father was enough but Sonia did not want that.

She threatened to hold Yvonne and Janine responsible should her son d!e. She walked out and both rivals began the blaming game.
Yvonne did not understand why she had not accepted the offer yet, Janine was dying from jealousy. Janine had a dream about the accident of Victor and began to experience spotting. Carla sent her to hospital and the doctor reminded Janine of not being stressed.

Carla explained that Janine was being stressed out due to her husband’s accident. Janine stopped her from speaking any further. The doctor said sorry to her but cautioned her that the next time she would experience spotting, she might lose her baby. Marcus was so excited when he told his mother how his father was like that before.

Janine overheard the screams of Audrey and went to her room. Audrey said she dreamt that two mõnsters were taking her father away from them. The next day, Janine sent Audrey to see Victor and Victor was shocked when the girl was calling him father. He asked why Audrey was calling him father. Sonia dragged Audrey out and Janine against her act.

Janine indicated that she was equally a mother and could not deprive her daughter from being with Victor especially when she has been crying all night for her father. She made it clear that she was the legal wife and could determine who to visit her husband and who should not. Later, Carla told her not to allow her mother-in-law to bully her.

Dale after his inability to add Janine up on Facebook as a friend, he met with his friend who had been helping him in his search for Janine. The friend advised him to employ a private investigator to help them in the search for Victor.

Victor recalled everything that was going on and when a nurse got in, he asked about his real condition.


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