Two Wives Episode 27

Two Wives Episode 27 Janine fights Yvonne over Victor, Janine attempts to travel to America with Victor

Victor asked the nurse about his real condition. The nurse said he was in a coma for almost one month but when he woke up, he could not… Sonia appeared in the scene and sent the nurse to get the medicines she requested.

Dale’s friend introduced him to a private investigator. Dale gave him the photo of Janine and told him to find it. Audrey asked her mother when she could visit her father but Janine said it would not be possible since her father still hasn’t regained his memories.

At the hospital, Yvonne was spoon-feeding Marcus when Victor also wanted Yvonne to spoon-feed him. Marcus then went to Sonia to enable Yvonne to spoon-feed his father.

Later, Marcus wheeled his father and Janine went to his ward to find his absence. She began to search for him and came to find Victor embracing Yvonne. She quickly pushed Victor back to his wheelchair and began to confess truth.

Yvonne asked if she was truly sure that she wanted to tell him the truth. She made Marcus excuse them. Janine told Victor that he was with her when he had an accident. They were alone when he was going to buy something for her because she was his…

Victor stood from his wheelchair and went to hold Yvonne. That got Janine more jealous and Yvonne tried to stop her. Victor urged Janine to continue telling him who she was.

Janine now recalled Sonia’s advice and said she was the reason he had the accident and that was the reason she constantly visited him. Marcus stumbled on Sonia and the latter asked him where his father and mother were. Marcus said they were with Janine and it seemed Janine had an important thing to tell them. Sonia rushed there to find Janine alone. She confronted her.

Janine admitted that she wanted to tell Victor the truth but she did not. She promised to obey whatever Sonia would say if only she would allow her to create new memories with Victor. Sonia did not agree but Yvonne stepped in to talk to Sonia and she accepted and reminded Yvonne to keep on being the wife.

Yvonne talked to Carmen and Marlon told her not to involve herself with him because she would end up getting hurt. When that happened, Marlon said he would be forced to punch him. Carmen asked if  he did not feel sorry for Victor. She believed deep down, Victor was good irrespective of his shortcomings and advised Yvonne to forgive him. Marlon insisted that Marcus did not need such a wørthlëss father.

At Bind Insurance Agency, Albert watched silently as the boss was confronting Yvonne for her low sales. Yvonne apologised and blamed the non-performance to her personal problems but the boss reminded her that she was not paid to focus on her personal problem.

Janine could not sleep thinking about Victor’s cold attitude towards her and told Carla that it hurts and never knew if Victor would ever recognize her because he now saw her as a disease.

Yvonne apologised to Albert for her non performance. She believed she was not selling since it was getting to Christmas. People were fixed on what they would buy for the Xmas not necessarily buying insurance. Albert tried to make her see the need to continue selling. As they came out of the restaurant, Daria saw them and believed they were dating so she went home to inform the family.

Sonia and Doris were already building their hopes high that Yvonne would get back to Victor but the news from Daria crippled their hopes. Janine pledged not to back down if Yvonne wanted to get back to her husband. She packaged lots of foods for Victor. Yvonne had a deal with the client and had fixed a date to close it. She went to the hospital to find her mother and Marlon and was told Marcus was inside.

She went to the ward to overhear Marcus telling his father that Marlon was upset with him for being the reason for Jaime’s deàth. Victor became desperate and asked Yvonne whether he k!lled Jaime through the accident. He got stressed out and began to experience severe headaches. Yvonne ordered Marlon to call in the doctor.

Janine appeared in the scene to overhear that something was happening to Victor and she vented her anger on Yvonne after the doctor reminded them of not stressing the patience out. The doctor was compelled to give Victor sedatives for him to sleep. When everyone left, Janine had a private talk with Yvonne and was upset with her.

She claimed Yvonne hurt her husband. Yvonne knew Janine was only acting jealous and was feeling insecure that Victor would be with her instead. Yvonne made it clear that she was not like her, a mistress to be with Victor. Janine slapped Yvonne and the latter slapped her too. Janine interjected that she was the one Victor lõved.

Yvonne warned her to stop føøling herself because Victor would  have recognised Janine if she was truly the one he løved. Janine asked Yvonne once more what she did to her husband. Marcus showed up to say sorry to his mother for confessing that he was the reason Jaime d!ed.

Doris and Sonia arrived but Doris went to check on Victor with Marlon and she asked Marlon why Janine and Yvonne were fighting.
Marlon said it was because Janine was accusing Yvonne of being behind Victor’s severe headache.

Janine had a talk with Sonia and Yvonne. She has decided to travel to America with Victor. Yvonne saw her as selfish. Sonia protested but Janine went on with her plans and paid the bills in order to get Victor out of there.

She blamed her actions on Yvonne, claiming if Victor remained at the hospital, Yvonne would worsen his condition. The doctor gave her advice on her actions and she found it hard to send him away. Yvonne told Albert that she would stop giving her son false hope because Victor was having a family to get back to.

She planned not to go to the hospital again. Janine was with Victor when he woke up. Victor mentioned her name and she thought Victor had regained his memories not knowing he would tell her to stop visiting frequently since his wife would bring other meanings to her visit. He insisted on her to call Yvonne.

Doris came in to inform them that Yvonne was not responding to the calls and was equally not replying to the texts. Victor became devastated. He rose from his bed to find his wife. They tried to hold him back and he pushed Janine for her to hit the floor.

Janine watched him in astonishment while Sonia tried to help her out due to her pregnancy.


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