Two Wives Episode 28

Two Wives Episode 28 Janine uses her apartment as collateral, Victor lives with Yvonne after he was discharged

Doris told Victor that Yvonne would come. Sonia yelled at him to stop causing a scene as he was only making the matter worse. Marcus said sorry to Yvonne and blamed himself for what had happened to Victor.

Janine got home and Carla asked her if she was okay and she said yes. She said she was okay but Victor hurt her and it affected her child. Marcus felt sick and Audrey also began to have nightmares. This went a long way to affect her grades so Janine talked to her to forget about her father.

Her father was sick and she needed to focus on her studies. She promised to take care of her and protect her from any mõnster. Yvonne who had stopped visiting Victor received a text from Doris. She did not want to build her son’s hopes high since Victor had a family he could go back to. Marlon advised her to stop pretending and focus on building her life.

The doctor said Victor was getting better and there was no pressure on his brain which meant that he could be discharged soon. Sonia recommended that he stay with his ex-wife but Janine protested. The doctor said the settings would only be for three months and it was important for him to be with the family that he was comfortable with.

Sonia went to talk to Yvnonne but she did not agree for Victor to stay in her house. That three months would do a lot and was not ready to build Marcus hopes that they would get back together again. Yvonne told Albert about her decision. Albert believed that she was scared to fall for Victor again but she said she has no feelings for him.

Later, Yvonne overheard her son crying that his father had forgotten his memories. His mother too was not willing to accommodate him. He was sad that the development might make his father think that no one lõved him. Meanwhile, he lõved him. Yvonne thought about the issue carefully based on  Marcus’action.

Janine after deliberating on the issue spoke with Sonia to accept but on the condition that she and her daughter would visit Victor in the house of Yvonne. Sonia said Yvonne has not agreed yet. Yvonne and Carmen visited the grave of Jaime. Yvonne told her mother that she wanted her son to be happy and be at peace.

Carmen asked what would make Marcus happy. Yvonne knew to accept his father again would make Marcus happy. She went to ask Albert for his opinion and he told her to weigh the pros and cons  because in all Marcus was the only one who would be affected by her decision. He told her to accept it since it was only for three months.

Yvonne saw him as an idol. She went to the hospital to tell Sonia and Doris that she has accepted to live with Victor if that would make her son happy for a short while. She also made it clear that she was doing that for Sonia. Doris was glad since her brother would be discharged on that day.

Janine and Victor appeared in the scene. Victor asked Yvonne the reason she was not visiting. He apologised if she was acting that way because he k!lled Jaime. He said he did not remember anything that he did but was sorry for everything he did that caused the deàth of Jaime. He was sure he wouldn’t do anything that would hurt her family.

He hugged and k!ssed Yvonne making Janine cry. Yvonne later pushed him and walked out. Janine rushed to see Yvonne in the washroom to warn her  not to allow herself to be k!ssed again because the next time that would happen it meant that she wanted it. They made an agreement that they would pretend to be friends in front of Victor and also she would be allowed to visit him.

Yvonne told her not to worry because she was not like her. She was decent and not a snatcher so she would accept. Janine took care of Victor and told him that they were friends and she was Yvonne’s friend. She told him a story about Audrey and the reason she called him daddy. Janine hugged him when Victor said she was a kind person.

Victor warned her to keep her distance as he did not want his wife to add meanings to it. When Doris and Sonia got back home, Doris said they should not have left Janine with Victor because she might say things that she needed not to say to Victor. Daria saw their idea as funny since they wanted a man suffering amnesia to live in his past life.

The following day, Janine and Sonia went to see the doctor and the doctor said the rate Victor was responding to treatment, he might be discharged before Christmas. Sonia went for Victor’s things from Janine and sent them to Yvonne. Yvonne packed the things of Victor. Marcus was happy that his father would stay with them for Christmas.

He accepted that he was only there temporarily. Janine used her house as collateral for a loan to help in Victor’s therapy. Carla could not believe Janine for using everything she had to care for Victor, a man who did not even remember him as his wife. She advised her to allow the family of Victor to waste money on his therapy.

Janine insisted that he was her husband and she was supposed to treat him. She did not care about her life and her money, all that she wanted was for Victor to get better. Carla was shocked because the Janine she used to know would rather do anything to secure the future of Audrey.

Victor was ushered home by his family. Marcus ran to hug him. He also hugged Yvonne. He then made Marcus excused him to have a talk with Carmen to know if he actually caused the deàth of Jaime. Carmen told him not to bother himself with that issue for now.

He insisted on knowing so Doris said he got drunk and Jaime had a heart attack but due to how drunk he was, he couldn’t send Jaime to hospital early which made Jaime lose his life. Victor knelt before Carmen to ask for forgiveness. He cried, Carmen tried to calm him. She told him that she has forgiven him already.


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