Two Wives Episode 29

Two Wives Episode 29 Albert serenades Yvonne during Christmas, Victor attempts to lay with Yvonne

Marcus tasted the food he and his father prepared and believed his mother would be happy to eat such yummy food from them. Victor said it was a token he could do to make up with Yvonne and Carmen. Unknown to them, Yvonne was listening to their conversation.

She showed her face and Marcus spoonfed her. After taking a bit, she admitted it was delicious but she went inside since she was tired. Audrey cried for not seeing her daddy for sometime now. Janine asked why she was weeping and she explained things to her.

Janine calmed her down and told her not to worry because once her father got better, he would see her. Yvonne told Albert that now her husband was back to the man he married. However, she gets upset whenever she sets her eyes on Victor since his act sent her father to  his grave and also made her get a miscarriage.

Victor on the other hand, began to make paperwork to make money to support Yvonne during the Christmas. Gary asked if Yvonne knew what he was doing and he said not at the moment. Elsewhere, Albert sent Yvonne to a place where he  serenaded her and gave her a silver necklace as a gift.

Audrey got upset with Janine for failing to fulfill her promise for her to meet her father. She cooked with the help of Carla but Audrey failed to join her mother for dinner. Victor and Marcus prepared dinner and when Yvonne came home, Marcus sat her down and they ate together. Victor gave her a scarf as a present and played with her.

Audrey joined her mother to apologise to her and presented the gift that she had for him to her. She cooked her husband’s favourite food. Audrey slept on her lap and was mentioning daddy’s name in her sleep. Janine recalled when she paid Victor $700 monthly to be a father for Audrey. She knew how Victor lõved Audrey like his own child and feared he might not recognise them forever.

Shakira and Mimi visited Yvonne and they were about to pop champagne so Victor went upset with Marcus for the girls to drink and cautioned Yvonne not to drink much. Marcus and Victor played and talked about Superman. Marcus told him about the time he left him during his Art class and he fell off the stage. Victor couldn’t recall anything.

Marlon had a drink with Gary. He did not want to go back home due to Victor. He said once he gets a job, he would save money to rent. Gary told him about a job opening. Yvonne got wasted when she tried to get away from her problems. Victor carried her inside to treat her from her hangover. He made lõve to her but Yvonne woke up before he could strip her nãkëd.

She went to Marcus’ room and told Victor that she wanted to sleep with her son. Janine told her baby that she was sorry that they were left alone. Victor also apologised to Yvonne for what he did that made her father die. He said she should not be cold to her anymore. Yvonne said she needed time. Marcus descended down the stairs and requested they go and see Sonia.

Yvonne did not go Victor and Marcus went. On their way, Victor saw flowers and began to have memories of the flower farm. No sooner, they stumbled on Albert who gave them a ride to Sonia’s place. Janine and Carla went to Yvonne’s house to present three gifts plus a hamper for Victor, Marcus and Yvonne. Yvonne told her Victor was not home and did not want to take the gifts but Janine placed them inside the room.

She then decided to remain in the cab to wait for Victor’s return. The driver was impatient since he had other important matters to attend to but Janine told him not to care about the fare. Victor told his family that Yvonne was still upset with him for her father’s deàth. Doris told him to let Yvonne be she would come around so he should not go for another woman.

Victor wondered where that was coming from and Gary said it was because of the soap operas Doris had been watching lately. Daria gave Marcus a gift and gave Victor a contact of an attorney for his case. This made Victor anxious because he had no idea that he was having any case.

He was anxious to know so Gary lied to him that he punched someone at his shop so the person filed a case against him. However, the person has finally dropped the case. Carmen saw Janine in a car and alerted Yvonne. Yvonne told her mother to let Janine be because she would be tired of waiting. Carmen could see how Janine lõved her husband and sympathised with her.

Victor followed his mother to the kitchen and told her that he could sense that Yvonne had other things against him other than the deàth of her father. He said Yvonne was avoiding him. Sonia advised him to  continue having patience with her because she lost her father. Marcus thanked Gary for his gift and hugged Doris, claiming she was the best aunt in the world.

Doris said she wanted to have a kid who was handsome and smart like him. Marcus asked why she was not having a kid. Marlon spotted Janine and he got upset. She called Yvonne and Carmen and they glanced through the window. He planned to do something that would make Janine get scared and leave since she had no shame.

Carmen stopped Marlon and reminded him of Janine’s pregnancy status. Yvonne rushed out to vent out her anger but Janine politely told her that she was not there to cause trouble and was willing to wait for the return of her husband.

Yvonne then told her to follow her inside to wait for him. Doris tried to get intimate with her husband in order for them to make kids but Gary turned her down. As they were in the room, Carmen served them with coffee but Janine couldn’t drink due to her pregnancy.

Carla wanted to use the washroom and when she passed by Marlon to throw her tissue in a bin, she discovered that Yvonne had thrown out the gift Janine presented to her into the bin. She felt so sad and wished Janine had given the gift to her instead.

Victor arrived home with Marcus. Janine looked so happy but Victor did not even turn his eyes to look at her. He only asked of his wife and ran up to present the food which his mother prepared for her. Janine’s eyes were heavy with tears and Carla advised that they leave already before she would be disgraced entirely.


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