Two Wives Episode 30

Two Wives Episode 30 Gary reveals that he is impotent amid Doris’ pregnancy celebration, Yvonne becomes jealous over Albert and Daisy’s relationship

Victor held his wife but Yvonne told him to go out using the presence of  Janine as an excuse. Carla confronted Janine for losing her self respect over a husband who could not recognise her.

Janine did not want to listen to her since she did not know anything about lōve, adding that no one would ever lõved her. Carla admitted that no man showed interest in her but one thing she did have that Janine did not have was self respect. Besides she was also not desperate for løve like Janine. She ended her friendship with Janine.

Daria followed Sonia to the kitchen to apologise to her for almost making Victor think about what he did not remember. She was glad that Gary was there to save the situation. Daria showed Sonia the picture of her young boyfriend who was 25 years old. Sonia was surprised to hear that since Daria was too old for that.

Albert called Yvonne to inform her how much he has missed her. As they were talking, Victor was listening quietly to it. Albert understood that he was a mere friend but that did not stop him from missing Yvonne.

Daisy De Leon came to the office to look for Albert. Yvonne recalled Albert telling someone over the phone that he lõved her and she looked disturbed. Victor saw the card of Yvonne and she was using her father’s surname.

Yvonne came home and he asked her. Yvonne said that was because there was someone in her department bearing the same name so she changed her name since both were sales agents. Victor began to give her massage but she stepped out.

Daria was talking to Sonia when Doris rushed in with an excited news that she was finally pregnant. Sonia and Daria were so happy so the latter called Gary to inform him. Gary did not sound happy and failed to go home early. He met with Louie and Victor in a bar. Victor told them about the problem he was having in the house.

He did not understand why Yvonne had suddenly changed her character towards him. He said Yvonne treated him like he was kind of a disease. Louie advised him to court her again. They saw that Gary seemed so bothered and asked him if he would not go home. Gary said he did not want to go home for his family to bother him with questions especially now that Doris was pregnant.

His friends were happy and congratulated him. He still looked so sad so he voiced out that he could not impregnate Doris because he was impotent. After fixing her problem with Carla for them to be friends again, Janine and Carla went to see the attorney. The Attorney told Janine that Yvonne had dropped the concubinage lawsuit she filed against her and Victor.

Janine then recalled her argument with Yvonne which Yvonne said if Victor lõved her, he would have remembered her instead. She then suspected that Yvonne had an ulterior motive and asked the attorney if there could be another reason for Yvonne to drop the lawsuit. Gary woke up and failed to celebrate with his wife since his wife has not confirmed from the hospital that she was actually pregnant.

His mother found his actions suspicious and asked if he had a problem with his sëxüal life but he denied having a problem. He said he had other important things to attend to and would not escort Doris to see a doctor since his wife was not 100per cent sure that she was pregnant.

Yvonne asked of Albert and she was told that Albert was spending time with Ms Daisy. Yvonne was surprised when Albert’s secretary said that. The secretary did not want her to mention it to Sir Albert since he was very private when it comes to his personal life. Gary and Doris have a misunderstanding. Janine got to Yvonne’s house to deliver a letter to Carmen.

She wanted to thank Yvonne for dropping the charges against her. Carmen said Yvonne was a good person. Victor came there and Carmen said Janine was there to see Yvonne. Janine said it was too bad that she could not meet her. Victor asked her about the picture in the box which she packaged a shirt in for him to gift him.

He asked her when the picture was taken. Janine lied that Yvonne took that picture of them with Audrey. Victor asked Marcus whether he had seen Audrey before and he said yes but called her a spoiled br@t and with other unpleasant words making his father advise him not to say that to others.

Doris cried over Gary’s action. Sonia consoled her. Doris did not understand why people who were doing bad things were making babies and cited her brother, Victor and Janine even expecting another child, yet she was married to Gary for several years, they lōved each other yet could not make babies. Yvonne slept next to Victor.

The next morning, she woke up early in the morning so Victor woke up and did not see her. He got closer to Yvonne and she said she was in a hurry. He gave her hair band to her. He then hugged her and Marcus woke up to find them hugging and believed they were now in good terms so he celebrated his parents reunion.

During breakfast Victor requested they go out but Yvonne claimed that she would be busy at work. Marcus said she should take a day off but she refused. Carla sent Janine out and told her about her former friend who was now the head of a real estate company.

She said her friend used to sell condominiums but now her life was better. She gave her card to Janine and told her to get in touch with her perhaps she might be of a great help to her for her to be able to pay off all her debts.


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