Two Wives Episode 33

Two Wives Episode 33 Marlon, Mimi have their first kiss,  Yvonne gets intimate with Victor

Albert greeted Victor and explained that he came there to present some official documents to Yvonne since their files got deleted. Albert was leaving when Marcus told him to wait to show Victor some of his magic tricks.

Mimi and Shakira went to a place and she told Shakira that she believed the fortune teller’s prediction would this time come to pass. She would find løve and that lōve happened to be Marlon.

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Elsewhere, Doris wished her brother would not recover for him to still be with Yvonne. She preferred Yvonne to Janine but Gary advised her to allow things to take its natural cause because Victor’s marriage to Yvonne was annulled and now Janine was pregnant for Victor and she would definitely go to her husband.

Doris believed that life has given Victor a second chance to make things right with Yvonne. Gary told her to stop talking about that for them to talk about their bedroom accounting. Shakira spoke with her British boyfriend after that Marlon also called Mimi for a date. When Shakira learnt it was a local eatery, she made fun of Mimi.

Carla advised Janine not to go and see Victor at Yvonne’s house but where he would go to his therapy. As they were leaving the house, some people secretly took pictures of Janine. Yvonne had memories of Victor and was in tears. Victor came around to tell her that they had to talk.

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He reminded Yvonne that he promised to give her and Marcus a good life. He would buy a car, a house and provide for her. Yvonne knew his stay with her was temporary and within three months time she would have to give him back to his family. Janine received a call from the hospital  that Victor’s therapy session would be 1pm.

Janine was happy that she would be Victor’s company and not Yvonne. Victor informed Carmen about his therapy and Yvonne decided to go with him. During the session, he was given a diary to record all events in it. Mimi, on the other hand, had a date with Marlon and they went to Uncle Toto’s porridge special.

Shakira found the place so cheap and not hygienic so he failed to eat the porridge. Marlon knew Mimi deserved a better place and promised to give her an expensive treat once he became rich.  Mimi told Marlon that she was a trouper and could manage.  Later, Mimi sent him to a coffee shop and she failed to attend an important meeting she and Shakira had at 1pm, making Shakira upset.

Marlon spotted some goons who were a threat on his life and dragged Mimi out. Yvonne and Victor were leaving when Janine arrived and saw the two. She was consumed with jealousy and shed tears. In the car, Mimi questioned Marlon why he dragged her out and since he was not ready to talk, Mimi deduced that his girlfriend was at the coffee shop that was why he dragged her out without for her not to see her.

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She hit Marlon that he has been learning from Victor just recently that he came to their house to live there and claimed all men were the same. Marlon k!ssed her to put her under control. Victor sent Yvonne to a park where he proposed to her and they had beautiful memories of how they fell in lōve and their marriage.

After those beautiful memories, Victor carried Yvonne at his back to the house. Janine got home in tears and told Carla that Yvonne went to the therapy session with Victor. Carla was afraid that the two lōvers might rekindle their lōve and Janine would be left alone. Mimi got to the salon and Shakira was concerned that Mimi did not make it to their appointment due to Marlon.

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She did not like it that Mimi was dating a boy she  was four years older than. She wanted her to quit that relationship. Mimi even told her that she and Marlon k!ssed and Shakira told her to wake up from her nightmares. Yvonne and Victor brought lots of groceries home and Marcus was happy that they bought more food for him.

Carmen noticed how happy Yvonne was and was glad that she and Victor’s relationship had improved. Yvonne told her that Victor sent her to the field where he proposed for her to become his girlfriend. She said the feelings made her forget about all the pains he made her go through.

The investigator of Dale came to inform him that Janine was married and even had a grown up girl. However, her marriage was recent and she was a Guevara. Dale wanted lots of information and Janine’s current location so the man told him that he would return with the rest of the needed information.

Sandy saw him out and paid him to conceal the rest of the information to thwart her son’s efforts in getting in touch with Janine. That evening Yvonne and Victor made lōve and got intimate.


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