Two Wives Episode 37

Two Wives Episode 37 Yvonne throws Victor out from the house, Dale runs a DNA test on Audrey, Janine reveals the truth to Victor

In a bar with Carlo, Dale told his friend that he would now get in touch with Janine most especially now that he has realised her husband has left her. Carlo asked how he knew that he was needed.

Carlo told him that they have been able to live a life without him. Dale asked whether he was on his side or not. He later went to Janine’s house and found Audrey. He brought her gifts but the kid refused to take them due to the warnings of her mother.

Dale told her that he was a big daddy and a friend to her mother. That meant that he was not a stranger. He opened the gifts and showed her the hair clips he bought for her. He tried to clip it in her hair and took one of Audrey’s hair clips and put it in his pocket.

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Janine came there and called Audrey. She made Carla send Audrey to the room while she talked with Dale and warned him to leave her family alone. Dale told her he wanted to be part of his daughter’s life but Janine claimed Audrey was not his daughter.

Dale threatened to prove that Audrey was his daughter. Janine called Yvonne up and they met in a restaurant. Janine told Yvonne that they should call off their agreement for her to get Victor since her children needed them. Yvonne said Marcus equally needed his father. Janine explained that she was not depriving Marcus from being a son to his father.

She pleaded with Yvonne that they should end the fight for her to gain Victor and advised Yvonne that they should do it for their children since both of them are mothers. Later at the office, Yvonne thought of what Victor read about Janine in his diary and began to cry. Albert was there for her to cry on him.

Albert promised to wait for her to reciprocate his lōve. He said he did not know why he was doing that but one thing was for certain that he was in lōve with her. Yvonne got home to find Victor making a surprise for her. He cooked and erected the banner in the room with balloon decorations.

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Victor slept while waiting for her. He woke up to realise that Yvonne was there. He told her to take a seat and eat but Yvonne refused to eat. The next day, Yvonne left for work and the workers surrounded and danced to excite her for the grand surprise.

Albert made that surprise and showed up with flowers to tell her that they started off like cats and dogs but he realised that she was a kind hearted person whose family meant a lot to her. He said it was time for someone to reciprocate her love and give her flowers while he k!ssed her.

Victor showed up holding a bouquet. He knocked Albert down from behind. Yvonne dragged him out and Victor accused her of cheating on him. Yvonne denied his claims and told him that she read what he wrote in his journal. He and Janine k!ssed. Victor said it was Janine who k!ssed him and admitted everything he wrote was true, however, he did not know the connection between him and Janine.

He pleaded with Yvonne, saying he was confused about what was happening but he could not cheat on her. It was the reason he ended his contract with Janine so that he would be with Yvonne. He told her he lõved her and could never cheat on her. Yvonne said she would not allow herself to be fōøled again.

Victor was compelled to pack out but Marcus was not happy with that. He went to stay with his family in Gary’s house. Daria was against it since she planned to bring her boyfriend there to stay in the guest house. She met with Janine to inform her to go for her husband before it was too late.

Marcus did not understand why his family was broken again and felt so hurt. Yvonne reminded him that his father was staying there just for three months. Marcus objected that it was not three months yet. Yvonne and Albert went for a hike and talked. He apologised for whatever happened that led to the misunderstanding between her and Victor.

Yvonne was scared that Marcus would not understand. Albert said Marcus lõved her and he would understand her. Yvonne told him that Marcus wanted her to rebuild her family and her son could be right so she would sacrifice to make him happy.

Victor went to the house in search of Yvonne but met her absence. He told her that he would wait for her. As he waited outside, he saw Yvonne and Albert talking and he interfered asking whether they had no shame. Albert left and Yvonne also abandoned him outside. Victor cried his heart out.

Audrey was finding it hard to sleep so she joined her mother in bed. The next day, due to Marcus’ act Yvonne was willing to patch things up with Victor. Elsewhere, Dale also had a DNA test done on Audrey with the hair clip he got. He believed that Janine could not live without Audrey so he would be part of Audrey’s life to win Janine over.

Carla found it out and tried reaching Janine. Unknown to her, Janine had already left the house to see Victor. She went to Gary’s house and found the place empty but stumbled on Victor’s diary and read that Victor and Yvonne already had gotten intimate.

Yvonne was also talking to Victor that she wanted them to patch things up due to Marcus. Janine came there and called Yvonne a traitor. She slapped Yvonne and the commotion brought everyone there. Janine said she trusted everyone most especially Yvonne but she and her husband slept.

Victor pushed Janine away and Janine said she was his wife and not Yvonne. He was the father of the baby she was also carrying but Victor couldn’t remember and experienced headache. He asked Yvonne whether it was true and she admitted and left.

Janine cried, urging Victor to choose her but Victor refused. He said Yvonne was the woman he knew and lõved and did not know what Janine was talking about.


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