Two Wives Episode 38

Two Wives Episode 38 Victor refuses therapy to continue to act like a husband to Yvonne, Janine manipulates the DNA test result of Dale and Audrey

Doris threw Janine out and blamed Janine for what had happened. She did not want her brother to find out the truth in that way. Janine apologised to Sonia but she said it would not end there. Yvonne got home and Marcus asked her where his father was.

Yvonne said he couldn’t bring him home. Marcus got upset and ran off. Yvonne told Carmen that she was not going to allow her son to get upset with her. She said she told Victor that Janine was his wife but he claimed she was the only he lõved.

Victor wanted to speak with Janine but she was gone. He could not believe that his family made a complete føōl out of him. Sonia explained that she did that to help him because the doctor said he did not have to stress his mind, otherwise he would get internal head bleeding.

Victor was upset and asked if Marcus knew he was married to Janine and they said yes. He did not believe how he managed to hurt Marcus and Yvonne and did not want that. Yvonne saw Janine and the former told Yvonne that she enjoyed pretending to be Victor’s wife and was snatching gradually from her.

Yvonne said now Janine knew how she felt when Janine snatched her husband. Janine threatened to do everything to get her husband back and she would file a concubinage lawsuit. Yvonne also said she did not care because Victor would be the one in jail and asked her if she could stand for her husband to be imprisoned.

Yvonne indicated that it was not her fault that Victor lõved her instead and she has filed a case before so she was not afraid. When Yvonne walked out, Carla told Janine that she was the legal wife now so she should fight for her husband. Janine went to see her attorney and he promised to read similar cases to know how to go about that peculiar situation.

Doris told Sonia that Janine was shameless and if she had not snatched Victor, her brother wouldn’t be suffering and did not want him to be back with Janine. Sonia said that was what they agreed on to make Victor go back to Yvonne for him to abandon Janine.

However, Victor’s health was now paramount so they had to see the doctor and if it became necessary for him to return to his wife, Janine then they have to support him. Sonia sent Victor to the hospital and since the doctor said he knew the truth, she would have to reintroduce Janine into his life as a wife.

Victor refused to live with Janine. He added that he did not want to recover because  Yvonne and Marcus were the only ones he could remember and that was the family he knew. Janine and Audrey, later, visited him and he gave them the cold shoulder but once Marcus came he hugged him merriment.

Janine and Audrey went home and the girl asked her mother if her father would ever remember them because now he seemed not to lōve them again. Janine promised to bring Victor back home but Audrey objected that she couldn’t and always failed on her promises. She termed her mother as a liar.

Marcus returned home after his father talked to him not to blame Yvonne since he was the one who hurt her. Shakira and Mimi believed Victor’s heart proved that he only løved Yvonne after knowing the truth. Dale visited Janine and was hellbent on filing for the custody of his child should the DNA test prove Audrey was his biological son.

Janine threatened to file a restraining order against him. Dale stated that it would not work once the DNA proved that he was Audrey’s father. Janine found the hospital where Dale was conducting the DNA and she went to bribe the doctor. She also used threats since they were operating illegally.

Janine went to see Victor with a box containing pictures of her and Victor to prove to him that they lōved each other but Victor pushed it somewhere and said he did not remember her all he remembered was Yvonne and he lõved her. He has painted a picture of them and he sent it to Yvonne’s house.

Marlon met him and Victor apologised. He now knew why Marlon was cold to him. He was not only the reason for Jaime’s deàth, he also cheated on Yvonne. He told Marlon that he brought something for Yvonne because she was the one he løved. Marlon took it and told him he was having amnesia and that was the reason he was claiming to lōve Yvonne.

When Yvonne came home that evening, Marlon gave her the painting and said Victor presented it in the morning. He could not believe that his sister was weak when it came to Victor and went to throw the painting away. Unknown to them, Marcus witnessed everything.

The next day, Yvonne went to wake Marcus up to go and bathe, only for her to discover that Marcus went for the painting and it was under his pillow. He told his mother that father drew it for them. Elsewhere, Victor refused to go to his therapy session since he did not want his memories back so that he could live with Yvonne. He preferred deàth over gaining his memories.

Janine went to see Albert in order to form allies with him so that he could pursue Yvonne while she would gain Victor back. Albert refused to be her ally since she snatched Victor and married him. Janine said she wanted her husband because she lõved him. But Victor no longer lõved but that was not Albert’s problem.

He would pursue Yvonne on his own terms not because she wanted him to do so. She went home to tell Carla about it and Carla said she was desperate. She even feared that Albert would tell Yvonne. Janine did not care for acting desperately all that she wanted was her husband.

The following day at the office, Albert wanted to tell Yvonne what Janine told him but there was a meeting so they agreed to meet and talk. However, Albert waited but Yvonne did not show up so he went to Yvonne’s house when he received her text that she wouldn’t be able to come.

Victor was also at the gate when Albert arrived and he had a fixed fight with Albert for going after his wife. Albert fought back and reminded him that Yvonne was not his wife. He divorced her and could not dictate to her on what he should do. After all that he did to Yvonne, he should not expect her to remain single.

The family heard the commotion outside and Yvonne went to tell Victor that she told him that it was over and yelled at Albert that she had already warned him to stop pursuing her. She said she did not want to see both of them and shut the door on them.

Her mother asked why she was avoiding Victor and she explained that she still lõved him and did not want to get close to him so that she would not give herself reason to lōve him. At the office, Albert went to apologise to Yvonne for what happened the other night. He was sorry that he put Victor at his rightful place by telling him about all the hurtful things he made her go through.

Yvonne also apologised for how she reacted to him. Victor remained in his room since he refused to attend his therapy sessions. Doris made Gary talk to him but he refused to go so that he would not hurt his family. He said he would do everything to make Yvonne forgive him and stay with him.

Gary told him that he could not blame Yvonne for her action since he left her before. He said he was after Yvonne now, what about the future when he recovers and did not want Yvonne again which meant that he would hurt her one more time. He suggested he gets his therapy done to fully recover so that he could make his decision on who among the two women he would be with.

Elsewhere, Dale received the DNA test results and it was negative.


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