Two Wives Episode 39

Two Wives Episode 39 Dale fights Victor and reveals himself as the biological father of Audrey, Janine threatens to make Yvonne’s life miserable

Sonia was wondering why Yvonne was not talking to Victor. Doris tried calming her. She went to talk to Carmen and demanded her to make Yvonne talk to her son. She said Yvonne was the only one who could help her son.

However, Carmen reminded her of the sacrifices Yvonne made for her son. She told her both were mothers and Yvonne was equally hurting by some decisions of Victor and needed time to cool off.

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Gary was disturbed about how Victor was consuming alcohol. He knew he would be scolded once the family found out so he advised Victor to drink moderately. He explained to Victor that he fell in lōve with Janine and divorced Yvonne to marry her.

He asked who wouldn’t even fall for Yvonne, her boss was in lōve with her. Gary calmed him and told him that Albert was nothing to Yvonne so he shouldn’t feel jealous. Dale went to confront Vida for lying to him about the paternity of Audrey.

Vida told him to be thankful that she told him about it because Janine gave birth at the farm without going to hospital, her daughter suffered fever and she was the one who sent her to hospital so she knew for sure that Audrey was his daughter. However, she believed Janine manipulated the results for her husband to adopt Audrey.

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Dale went to talk to Janine to confront her for changing the results. Janine made it clear that he was not the father of Audrey. Dale insisted he was the father and he would never stop till they get reunited for their family to be whole again. Janine later went to meet a client at the hotel.

She knocked at the door and the client did not answer. She went in and the client bumped into her. They had a misunderstanding as the client blamed her for arriving there late, therefore he could mistake her for a fan. Janine really did not care who he was for him to call her his fan.

As he opened the door for Janine to go out, a lady was at the door asking for his autograph. He now introduced Janine to her as his girlfriend and he was busy so he would not give her the autograph at the moment. Janine told  Phoebe what the client did and Phoebe told her he was a sports star, she was even interested in him.

Janine threatened to take actions against him if he dared use her as his girlfriend, besides she was a married woman. Dale, Carlo and Albert met and he talked about Victor trying to take his daughter and the woman he lõved away from him. Albert was surprised since he knew Victor but he did not want to get involved in their mess. He failed to tell Dale where he could find Victor.

Dale doubled the amount for an investigator to show him where Victor lives. Luckily for him, he bumped into Victor and Dale outside when they came home from the bar. He picked a fight with Victor and Gary and bruised the face of Victor. The intervention of the family made Dale stop and he accused Victor of snatching the woman the he lõved Janine and also was adopting his child Audrey.

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He threatened not to allow that to happen. The family were in shock and wondered if Dale’s words were true. Victor couldn’t remember anything so Sonia saw that Janine was an answer to their questions. Dale told Albert of what he did to Victor and Albert advised him to be cautious because Victor was sick and was suffering from amnesia that was why he couldn’t fight back.

He was sure he couldn’t remember what he was saying since he could not even remember Janine. Dale had hope and swore to take advantage of the situation to win Janine over. Sonia went to see Janine and asked her about the father of Audrey. Janine insisted that Victor was the father.

Sonia slapped her multiple times since a different guy to their house the previous night to claim to be the real father of Audrey. She threatened not to forgive her for destroying Yvonne’s family once she discovered the truth. Janine went to confront Dale for going to Victor’s house to cause trouble.

Dale confronted her for manipulating the results and also giving his daughter to someone else. He told her he would not leave her, he begged her for everything he did in the past and for realising he could not live without her. He told Janine that Victor never lōved her because if he did, he wouldn’t forget her. He asked for a second opportunity and k!ssed Janine.

Janine slapped him and left. Yvonne finally showed up at Victor’s place and learnt that Audrey was not Victor’s real daughter. It hurt the more because that suggested to her the magnitude of Victor’s lōve for Janine to an extent of sacrificing his son’s happiness to be a father to someone’s daughter. She told Sonia that even if Audrey was not Victor’s biological child, the child Janine was carrying was his.

Victor showed up to ask for Yvonne’s forgiveness from Yvonne. He wondered how he brought himself to hurt Yvonne. He told her he lõved her. Yvonne wished that was so. She went home to tell Carmen that Audrey was not Victor’s child. She was hurt that Victor really lõved Janine to choose her daughter over his own son.

She thought he left her because he had a daughter with Janine not knowing he rather lõved her. Carmen advised her to forget about her past. And advised her to rise up for her son. Janine figured out that Vida was the one who fed Dale’s head with the information he knew and went to see her to confront her.

He vowed not to allow Dale to be a father to a daughter she raised singlehandedly and told her that her daughter has a father and that was Victor. Vida asked where her husband was because he was supposed to be defending her at that crucial moment. Janine did not care but one thing was for sure that she would ensure Dale couldn’t prove otherwise.

When she got home, she called Daria in an attempt to talk to Victor but was told he was not there so she went to Yvonne’s house and met Carmen. She promised not to cause trouble, she was only there to talk to Victor. Carmen asked if she always came there with a motive to cause trouble.

She promised not to allow her to destroy Yvonne’s lies again because she lied to everyone that Victor was Audrey’s father which was not true. Janine insisted that he was the father. Carmen had enough of her lies and was going in when she slipped at the stairs. While Janine was trying to help her, Yvonne arrived to blame her for trying to k!ll her mother just like what she did to her father.

She threatened not to give Victor to her because she wanted to do it but now she wouldn’t. She told Janine that her life would continue to be miserable with Victor for all that they did to her. Janine also said Victor chose her. Yvonne interjected that after the amnesia, he did not choose her. Janine threatened to bring back his lōve because she had stolen him before and would do that again.

Yvonne challenged her that they would see the wife who would win the fight. Janine surprisingly asked if she still viewed herself as a wife and reminded her that when Victor chose her, he divorced and married her instead.

Yvonne told her to know that she would never be happy with Victor and Janine said she sacrificed a lot to pay for her mistake and threatened that if she ended up miserable, she wouldn’t be the only one to go down, she would go down with her.


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