Two Wives Episode 42

Two Wives Episode 42 Victor regains his memories, Janine finally reveals to Audrey who her biological father is 

Victor stood up and the witnesses asked if they could send him to hospital but he did not mind them. He still had memories of Janine flashing back through his mind.

Dale dragged Audrey out and was forcing her into the car when the girl kicked him and ran inside. She locked the door and cried out for Nanny Tess. She got there and escaped with her she reached out for her phone and told Janine about what Dale was doing.

She and Audrey hid. Dale managed to break one of the doors to get in. When he almost caught them, Janine arrived at their defense. She threatened Dale with a knife and he has no option than to leave.

Victor went to see Gary to inform him that he has now recalled part of his memories and knew he is married to Janine and was even expecting a child with her but did not lõve her anymore. He told Gary not to tell anyone that he has regained part of his memories until he could recall everything.

Marcus was insisting on Yvonne to call Gary to check on his father and Yvonne told him that Gary said his father was okay. Victor arrived home and Marcus hugged him. He later went to read what he wrote in his diary concerning what Janine told her about the father of the man who got her pregnant and he threw the diary away.

Audrey locked herself in her room so Tess called her to come for her dinner but she refused. Janine came there to call her and still she refused. She said she would not eat until she saw her real father, Victor. Janine then called Carla and her friend went to Yvonne’s house.

She met Carmen rather who told her that Victor was not around. She told Carmen that Audrey was throwing tantrums and she wanted to see Victor. Carmen accepted to tell Victor due to the child. Janine sent milk to Audrey since she failed to eat the previous day.

She kept knocking at the door and Audrey was no longer responding. Janine made the nanny send her the keys and once she opened, she saw Audrey unconscious. She made Baby Tess call a cab but Victor got there and called out her name. Audrey woke up and Janine advised her not to skip her meals for her not to pass out.

She told Victor to keep visiting them. Victor told her to put her hands in her magic pocket whenever she missed him. Audrey and Janine thought he regained his memories but he denied. He told Audrey that there would be a time that he would no longer visit but that did not mean that he would forget her.

Just like her favourite story books, there would be a time that she wouldn’t read it again. That did not mean she did not lõve it. Audrey said even if she was too old for her favourite stories, she would still read it because to her, when you lōve something or someone you would never let go.

Janine spoke to Victor and he begged her for all the harm he caused her. Marcus told Yvonne that his father’s birthday was around the corner so they should plan an outing. Yvonne promised to fulfill that. Carla spoke to Janine and advised her to brace her fears and tell her the truth about Audrey’s real father.

Victor decided to send Marcus to school and told Yvonne that he would like to stay in the house with them now that Marcus has recovered and told Yvonne that he would want to go back to teaching so he would try a school close to Marcus’ school. Yvonne accepted. Victor applied for the job and he got it. He was told to start the following week.

Janine finally told Audrey the truth that she lied to her and Victor was not her real father.  She explained that she did not want to see her in pain so she paid Victor to be her father to give her that complete family that she was seeking. So Victor came to fill that void in her life till he loved her as his real daughter.

Elsewhere, Yvonne came to work to hear the workers gossiping about her. They said she was a mistress but some thought Sir Albert was courting her not knowing she was a mistress. They believed that her presence would ruin the image of Bind Insurance Agency.

Yvonne then resigned and Albert learnt about it from their boss. He told his friend how surprised he was about resignation and his buddy thought she was embarrassed after what Janine did. Albert was sure that there was more to it because Yvonne did not give up easily.

Gary gifted Victor a phone for her to keep in touch with Yvonne. Victor told him that he would not get back with Janine. He would fix his family as he saw the chance as a second chance to make things right. He promised to rebuild his family with Yvonne but would take responsibility for his child with Janine.

Audrey asked who her real father was and she said Dale was. She explained that Dale after getting her pregnant left her and she wanted her not to end up like her so once Victor fell for her, she tried so hard to give her a complete family but now both men left her. Audrey understood her mother and was sorry that due to her, her mother had to lie.


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