Two Wives Episode 6

Two Wives Episode 6 Victor and Janine officially begin to date, Carmen begins to walk again after surgery

While they were still stuck in traffic, Victor bought a flower for Janine to thank her for keeping him company. Janine who had wondered why Victor bought it for her and not his wife instead learnt that his wife did not like flowers. She thanked him while Yvonne kept staring and only saw half the profile of the man she suspected to be her husband.

After she was alighted home, Janine felt so much happier having the rose. Victor went home to find his wife asleep and he carried her inside for them to sleep. The following morning, Janine placed the flower in a jar to display it.

Janine questioned herself if she was falling in lōve with Victor. She knew it was not right and did not want any complicated thing. Victor, on the other hand, told his wife and Marcus about his promotion. Yvonne remarked that at least one of them was lucky and voiced out that she was in need of money for her mother’s operation.

Carla questioned Janine about the displayed flower and she could guess that it was coming from Victor. She advised Janine against tolerating while knowing she had fallen for him and tried to cast out any spell that has caused that. Adelle told Doris how Carmen’s operation had made her paranoid. She said it has made her have issues with her husband.

Her mother-in-law advised her to solve the problem before it was generated to something bigger.  At work, Victor told his brother-in-law, Gary about how Yvonne still thinks low of him. He came home to query his wife where she got money for her mother’s operation from.

Yvonne said she borrowed from his sister. Victor got upset that he did not trust him while they have already told themselves that family matters would be solved by them. He already promised to raise the money for her mother’s surgery yet she went ahead to ask Doris. Victor blamed himself for everything that has happened.

Yvonne said the most important thing was she was able to raise the money for the surgery. She begged him not to look down on himself and her too. Yvonne walked out and Janine called Victor. He hung up. Yvonne joined her father at the hospital and Carmen’s operation was successfully done. She could now walk again and the man thanked Yvonne.

Carmen asked for her son and her husband told her that he was not found yet. Yvonne still was in the loggerhead with her husband. Janine called Victor eleven times and he sought means to leave the house and used Marcus as bait. Yvonne prepared Victor’s favourite dish and she apologised. The couple made up.

At work, Victor saw three missed calls. Janine sent her daughter to school and Audrey kept asking about her father. Janine told Carla how impatient she was getting after Victor refused to pick her calls. She said she needed to talk to him because he could not be doing that to her daughter.

She admitted all that they were doing was just a show but her feelings for him were real. Carla could not believe she would fall for him while she had warned her. She wondered what she saw him and she said Victor was a good man she gets to know him more each day. She said it was too late for her because she had fallen for him.

Doris talked to Victor about how his father abandoned her. She said it had been years, yet she still could feel the pain and advised him not to replicate his father’s act. Carla reminded Janine that she was intelligent, thoughtful and rich and needed a single man. Carla proposed that she should go on a date to obstruct herself.

Janine said that would not even make her forget about Victor. While she was out on a date, Victor was in her house and asked Carla where Janine was. Clara said she was out on a date and she could see Victor was jealous. Victor denied that and claimed it was good and Janine deserved a man in her life.

The boy arrived home with Janine and wanted to k!ss her Janine slapped him, she admitted she was a single mother but she was not cheap. The guy forced himself on her so Victor had no choice to punch and fought him. She then followed  Janine inside and she wondered why he did that.

She told him she was single and asked Victor why he was still there while he had to be with his wife. Victor claimed he was there to inform her that he was there to inform her that he would not return again. Janine dragged him out because it was better that way. The more he stayed, the more they would have to lie to Audrey.

However, Victor failed to go and confessed that he lõved her and would never leave her. They got intimate and Victor told her not to regret it because he was a good man who had only fallen in love. He got home late and the next morning, he gave Yvonne the money he had gotten for her mother’s discharge.

He even prepared breakfast for her but Yvonne still recalled he did not get home late and he claimed he was with his friend. Yvonne asked why he did not even return her calls. She saw that he has been spending more time with his friend lately. Carmen realised Yvonne was upset with her for asking about Marlon.

She made it clear to Yvonne that asking about her brother did not mean she lõved him more. She was only concerned and they patched things up. Victor went to his mistress to spend quality time with her. Carmen was discharged and when Yvonne returned home, she did not see Victor and called him.

Unbeknownst, her husband was with Janine and they slept together. While Victor was far asleep, Janine saw that his phone had been beeping for long. She went to check on the caller. Yvonne now walked around and watched her parents as they slept and looked at how Marcus was asleep.


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