Two Wives Episode 7

Two Wives Episode 7 Audrey suffers convulsion, Marcus has an accident, Yvonne come face-to-face with Victor and Janine

Victor sent his son to school and rushed to Janine’s house to surprise her and Audrey. They played and made lōve. Carmen had therapy and was able to walk. Victor went to a bar with his friend and he told him about how he has deeply fallen for Janine.

His friend told him to treat a mistress as mistress because he could date 20 mistresses but could not treat any as his wife. He reminded him that mistresses were only used for S.E.x and not anything serious. Victor got upset that he was talking ill of Janine and attacked him.

Yvonne’s family thanked Victor and promised to pay him back for the money he spent on Carmen. Victor said he and his wife had finished paying off their debts so they could take it easy. Carmen saw that Yvonne made no mistake in marrying Victor and urged them to give birth to another child.

Later, Victor went to see his mistress and the latter got upset that Victor was not prioritising her and Audrey. She knew she could never be good for Victor but she did not like the feeling that he would only be available for her and her daughter whenever he was available.

Victor promised to find a way. A thief snatched Yvonne’s purse and she quickly followed the snatcher on a motor. Unfortunately, his van hit that of an Albert  and he followed her to distract her from her mission. He took Yvonne’s number in order to make her pay for the damages and Yvonne promised to make her insurance cover it.

Victor and Janine saw that Audrey was being bullied by her mates and they reached her to send her home. Audrey did not understand why her friends would not understand that Victor was his father. Victor had a call from Yvonne and left to see his wife. She felt sorry that her fault was piling up their expenses.

Victor, later, ran from home claiming he was late to work just to see Janine and they had quite an intimate time. After that and he was  leaving, Janine hugged him and her earring’s lock stuck in his jacket. Yvonne took the jacket and saw the lock. When Victor came from the washroom, she questioned him but Victor denied having any intimate affair.

Marcus told his parents about a painting contest and Yvonne told him to let his father assist him since he was good at painting. Marcus told him about it. Yvonne later went to meet Albert to talk about the car she crushed. Albert asked about the amount Yvonne had and he realised he was poor.

As Yvonne narrated her pitiful story, Albert queried if she was seeking his sympathy. Yvonne got upset and left to see Mimi. She told Mimi about Albert and her friend believed that Albert would help him to get closer to her husband again. Yvonne told her that she and her husband were not making lõve and Mimi concluded that it was loss of interest because she experienced some before.

She also believed that he was busy working, not knowing that he has another woman. Whole Victor was teaching Marcus painting, he tried to sneak out to go for Audrey but since it was raining, Marcus said he would feel scared. He was forced to send a message to Janine instead to tell her he couldn’t go to pick Audrey up.

Janine went to pick up her daughter and the girl was sitting in the rain waiting for her father. She was throwing a tantrum and didn’t wanna go with her mother. Yvonne came home and Marcus showed her his painting which his dad assisted him. Yvonne thanked her husband and was sure her son would win the contest.

The next day, they went to the competition and Marcus won. As he was delivering his speech to thank his parents, Victor received a call from Janine. She was upset with him for telling her daughter lies as his action made her daughter caught up in the rain and now she was having a convulsion.

He left the event without informing anyone just to see Audrey at the hospital. Least did he know that Marcus had fallen from the stage after his speech and was rushed to the hospital.

Gary tried to reach out to Marcus. After speaking with Audrey and came out with Janine, Yvonne spotted him and called him out. He stood and looked so surprised seeing Yvonne.


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