Two Wives Episode 8

Two Wives Episode 8 Janine asks for breakup, Yvonne discovers that Janine is Victor’s mistress

They went to see the doctor and they were told that the boy was well and they went to settle the bill. Victor was sneaking out when Gary saw him. He sent a message to Janine that he would see her later.

Gary warned him against what he was doing. He said he was also a guy and he should leave the lady before things got worse. Doris told Yvonne that Victor was still not picking her call. Yvonne told her that he was there already. She and Gary stumbled on him with another lady who she claimed to be a coworker’s wife.

Janine called Carla and told her that Victor’s family was there. She couldn’t even look at his wife when he was telling her lies. Carla told her to be grateful that Victor’s wife didn’t learn the truth, otherwise, he would pull off her hair. She decided to transfer her daughter and Carla advised her to leave Victor.

Marcus was discharged and was being wheeled by Victor. Janine was also sending Audrey to a different ward. Audrey was throwing tantrums that Victor would not find her in the room. She saw Victor wheeling someone and called Victor daddy. Because he was wheeling Marcus and was with Yvonne, Victor did not turn so Janine’s eyes were heavy with tears.

When they reached home, Yvonne recalled what Doris said so she asked her husband questions about his coworker who was admitted at the facility. He mentioned the name of the person as Oscar and appeared more defensive.

The following day, Janine transferred her daughter to a different health facility. Victor escorted Janine to send Marcus to school. The Headmistress wanted Yvonne to come and pick her up to send her to a particular hospital. Yvonne told her friends that she could feel that her husband was hiding something so Mimi asked her if her husband was cheating.

They did a cheating test and it was established that Victor was cheating so she advised her to keep her eyes on her husband. Victor managed to squeeze the truth of the location of Janine from Carla and went to the new hospital where Janine had transferred Audrey to. He went there and Janine ended things. Victor said he could not leave her and Audrey.

Janine said she was only a mistress and it was a difficult moment for her and Yvonne when they met at the hospital. She said he watched him lie to his wife, she was the other woman and could not go on. Victor said he would d!e without her and Audrey and managed to make Janine accept him back.

Yvonne stumbled on Albert working on his car and walked pass him. Albert called her and asked whether she was stalking him. Yvonne said it wasn’t true. She fixed his car much to Albert’s surprise and told him that her father taught her how to fix cars when she was young.

Later, Victor seeks Yvonne’s permission to work overnight. The next day when he was bathing, Yvonne was leaving, she saw Victor’s other phone. She did not see any message, but saw a particular number with the name “J” calling frequently. She went to inform her friends that she heeded their advice and took a number constantly calling him.

She said she was scared of calling the number when her friend told her to call. Marcus madam called and she sent her to St Agnes hospital. There she saw Victor pushing the wheel of Audrey and the girl was calling him father. Yvonne told her   that she might be mistaken and the person could be a look alike. The madam told her to investigate and shouldn’t tell Victor.

The following day, Yvonne while at work told her friends that she wanted to confirm something so they should do the cooking.She went to St Agnes and saw Janine, she followed her but lost her. She remembered the number she stored on her phone and called. She realised that the number was for the same lady her husband introduced as his co-worker’s wife.

She stayed on the line and never talked. She wanted to attack her but Audrey showed up and realised Marcus’ head mistress was telling the truth. She cried and went to throw up. She went to the gym class to see Mimi and Albert see her. They decided to go out which the treat was on Albert.

Albert wanted to know her problem and she asked him a question and lied that it was her friend who was experiencing something. Her friend discovered that her husband had another child with a different woman. She also asked why men cheat on women who lōved them. At that time, Mimi had left to the washroom.

Albert now knew it was her own problem and advised her to go home and sort things out with her husband. As they were going home, Mimi asked her whether the friend she talked about was her. The tears of Yvonne said it all and Mimi was desperate to find Victor to give it to him but Yvonne stopped her and told her not to inform anyone till she talked to Victor.

She went to pick Marcus up but she was late and said sorry to him. Marcus realised that she had been crying and said he was her most trusted ally so irrespective of what would happen, she would be there for him.


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