Two Wives Episode 9

Two Wives Episode 9 Victor stays with Janine after confrontation, Sonia advised Victor to leave his mistress

Yvonne went to see Doris to make Marcus stay with her. Doris was glad Sonia was living with her at the moment. She wished she could make babies soon and urged Yvonne to have a second child. Victor said bye to his mistress daughter and Janine wished she was in her daughter’s shoes to fall asleep whenever he left her.

Marcus told Sonia and Doris that his mother had a problem and was crying earlier. Yvonne reached home, she recalled how she and her husband played around. She sat to wait for him, once he returned home, she confronted him for cheating on her.

Victor almost denied but when he realised Yvonne already knew the truth that he had another family and the head mistress of Marcus school even witnessed him and his daughter, Victor admitted and promised to fix it.

Yvonne wept that she was not enough for him and told him to leave the house because he did not deserve a family like her. Victor told her that he lõved her but Yvonne in grief called him a monster and slapped him. Victor left the house in a car which he bought from his best friend.

Realising her husband was actually leaving the house, Yvonne followed him, calling his name but Victor left. It rained heavily and Yvonne began to scatter the horses in his tent erected for making toys. She brooded while Victor also went to inform his friend about his issue with Yvonne. His friend hoped he could fix things with his wife.

He went to Janine’s house and told her but he did not know how to fix the issue with his wife. Victor admitted that it was his fault but Janine said a man could never cheat without a woman so it was her fault instead. Victor said she was not to be blamed since she only wanted a father for her daughter. However, Janine said in so doing she ruined his family and apologised.

Victor started life afresh in Janine’s house. He painted and taught Audrey. Feeling so happy to have a complete family, Janine did not go to work. She stayed at home to spend time with her family. Yvonne went to a shopping mall to buy eateries. The security asked for her receipt but she couldn’t find it.

She was told to follow the security to the office, Albert happened to be there and saw Yvonne stepping on her receipt and he got it for the security to save her from humiliation. Janine bought new clothes for Victor for him to wear the next day  to work. Victor later called Doris to check on Marcus but his sister said he should  talk to Yvonne instead.

He said he would go there the next day. Doris told Garry that it seemed Victor and Yvonne had a problem. She said Yvonne told her something about her friend but she could actually be the one to experience that. She slapped Garry and told him  if she discovered that he was cheating, it would be bad for him.

Garry’s mother overheard it and the next morning, she revealed it at the breakfast table. Sonia got upset and told Doris to contact her brother to call Victor to come home for a talk. Victor went to his house and hid himself to hear his son crying that he did not want a split family.

In the evening, Doris went there to talk to Yvnonne to know if her brother was cheating. Yvonne responded to the affirmative, saying Victor has another family. He has a daughter and has been cheating on her ever since. Doris pledged the family’s support and advised her to fight for her husband and shouldn’t allow the other woman to win.

Doris went home and called Victor to the house. Victor went and his mother asked him about his other family. He asked his mother how she knew. Sonia got upset and hit her son countless times. She cried that he was repeating the mistake his father did by leaving her and the children for his mistress.

Sonia least expected him to do that and told him to end things with the other woman to fix his family. She wondered why he could do that to a good woman like Yvonne. She told her son that he did not deserve Yvonne.

Marcus built a house for his school project and Yvonne helped him to make it. The boy in the process asked of his father and told his mother that she should be with his father. The next day, Yvonne sent Marcus to school and one of his school mates knocked him down.

He said Marcus house was ugly and since his father did not help him to build he would not get any marks and called Marcus’ father usëlëss. Marcus got upset and fought him. Yvonne got there and sent her son to see the headmistress. The headmistress said the boy apologised.

Knowing Marcus was not a trouble maker, she asked him he picked a fight with the boy and he explained that he got offended when the boy called his father usëlëss. Later, Yvonne promised to fight Janine for her husband to keep her family intact.


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