Two Wives Highlights Episode 21-25

Two Wives Highlights Episode 21-25 Albert proposes to Yvonne, Victor suffers Anterograde amnesia after an accident

Yvonne and Marlon begin to turn the head of Marcus against his father. Audrey discovers some pictures that prove that her father is the father of Marcus. Hoffer drops Janine and Carla home after a business meeting. Victor who meets Hoffer talking to his wife, fights him.

This leads to a misunderstanding between the couple. Finding out the relation between Marcus and Victor, Audrey throws tantrums so Victor explains things to her and she decides to take Marcus as a friend.

At the Insurance company, Albert finds a malicious picture circulating and threatens his workers. Yvonne confronts Victor for accusing her of having an affair with another man at the attorney’s office.

Yvonne learns that Victor is married to Janine and goes to her former-in-laws’ house to dig out the truth. Sonia and Doris apologise for keeping the truth from her as they did that for her own good. Marlon goes to Janine’s house in order to confront Victor but meets his absence. He wakes up to a sad revelation behind Victor’s marriage.

Victor sends parcels to his son but the boy refrains himself from meeting his father due to what Marlon and Yvonne said against Victor. In fulfilment to his honeymoon promise, Victor rides his wife to send her to the resort.

However, Janine craves for fruits so Victor gets down to buy it for her, only for him to get knocked down by a truck. He is rushed to the hospital but he falls into a coma.Victor hovers around life and deàth, Marcus who misses his father goes to his ward to shed tears. Janine comes face to face with Sandy at the hospital and they engage in their usual confrontation.

Unknown to Janine, Dale is admitted at the same hospital as Victor. He has been wanting to reunite with her but Sandy does everything in her might to prevent that. Albert fires one of his employees for circulating malicious pictures. The memories of his days with Janine rushes back in the mind of Dale and wants to fight to find Janine.

Albert proposes to Yvonne but she turns him down due to her løve for Victor. Soon, Yvonne resigns but Albert manages to get her back to work with his insurance firm. As Marlon views Victor’s accident as bad luck, Carmen wants them to pray for him.

Yvonne visits Victor and casts her differences with Janine aside to promise her support in the recovery of Victor. Yvonne then closes the lawsuit she filed against Victor.

Fast forward, after several days of being in a coma, Victor regains consciousness and can’t recognise Janine and his current memories except old memories. He recognises his family and ex-wife Yvonne and son Marcus.


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