Two Wives Highlights Episode 30-34

Two Wives Highlights Episode 30-34 Victor and Yvonne rekindle their relationship, Janine threatens to make Yvonne sees her dark side

Victor still warms up to Yvonne but his ex-wife keeps her distance. Janine and Carla have a misunderstanding over Janine’s decision of being with Victor no matter what. The two friends end their friendship. At Bind Insurance Agency, Yvonne begins to act jealous seeing Stacy cleaving to Albert.

Elsewhere, Doris breaks the good news of her pregnancy to her mother and her mother-in-law but her husband is not excited about it. Gary doesn’t want to go home and breaks down due to the news.

This makes Louie and Victor worry. Gary breaks his silence on the matter and his revelation makes Victor and Louie sad. Yvonne is shocked to hear that Albert is on leave and is spending time with Stacy.

Upon careful thought, Janine visits Carla to apologise to her for all her mean words to her. The two friends make up. Yvonne reads the letter Janine sends to her to thank her for dropping the concubinage lawsuit against Victor and her and also seeks her help to rekindle her relationship with Victor once the three months of her husband’s stay with her elapse.

After reading the letter, Yvonne tiers the letter into pieces. While Yvonne is thinking about her relationship with Albert which the introduction of Stacy has thrown it into jeopardy, Janine calls her to know her take on what she requested from her in the letter.

Gary, on the other hand, becomes jealous of his wife and questions her about the true father of her child she is carrying. Unbeknownst, Doris has confirmed from the hospital and it is established that she is not pregnant.

Gary realising how his wife is affected by her inability to get pregnant finally breaks the news that he is impotent and cannot give her the dream family that she wants. Elsewhere, Janine meets with Yvonne and Victor as planned.

However, Marcus becomes upset when he realises that Janine is on a mission to make Victor remember her to return to her. Marcus explains why he reacted that way and begs his mother.

Through Carla, Janine gets a new job. When the employer asks of Janine’s husband, she lies that he is in Singapore. Yvonne escorts Victor to the hospital and Janine views them from afar. She weeps silently seeing Victor and Yvonne together. Victor and Yvonne bond, they get intimate to rekindle their løve.

Elsewhere, the investigator Dale hires gets good news for Dale. However, Sandy pays the investigator to mislead Dale. Mimi and Marlon begin a romantic relationship.

Gary pays his mother’s young boyfriend to stop following his mother. Daria gets upset with her son for treating her boyfriend so cold. Unknown to Gary, Daria buys a condominium from Janine for the boy and she learns from the employer of Janine about the lies Janine told her concerning Victor.

When Daria threatens to reveal Janine’s topmost secret, Janine also threatens to reveal to Gary that she is buying condo in Singapore for her boyfriend. The two then try to conceal each other’s secret.

Doris celebrates her birthday, Janine and her new employer grace the family occasion. The family is shocked to see Janine since Daria only invited her friend, Janine’s employer.

Janine notices that something is odd with Yvonne and plans to fish it out. Yvonne informs Mimi about the sëx she had with Victor. Mimi advises her not to feel guilty because it’s her revenge to Janine to make her pass through what she did to her.

Later, Janine visits her husband but Yvonne denies her access to Victor. Janine realises that Yvonne is up to no good when she heard the voices of Victor and Marcus.

Janine threatens Yvonne that she will see her other dark side when she makes an attempt to steal her husband from her. Victor sees Janine and has a private talk with her, only for Yvonne to become jealous and impatient. Janine gives Victor a card to help him in his exhibition plan.

She also reminds him of the promotion he gets. With the help of Marlon, Victor sends some of his paperwork to Janine’s house. There, Audrey meets him but he couldn’t still remember her. Janine is hopeful that one day Victor could remember them and return to them.


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