Two Wives Highlights Episode 6-10

Two Wives Highlights Episode 6-10 Victor breaks up with his wife to start a life with Janine, Yvonne has a miscarriage

Victor narrowly escapes Yvonne and gifts Janine with a flower. Hearing his wife has borrowed money from his sister, the two have a misunderstanding. Janine admits her actual feelings for Victor to Carla and the latter wonders what she saw in him.

Carla suggests that she goes out on a date with a single guy to fight her feelings for Victor. Janine gives it a shot. Victor gets jealous seeing the guy who went on a date with Janine trying to disrespect her.

He fights with him and confesses his feelings for Janine. They got intimate and Victor feels no regret. Carmen successfully had her surgery. She fixes her relationship with Yvonne. Victor starts a relationship with Janine and begins to ignore his wife as he spends the night with his mistress.

He soon has a fight with his best friend when he warns him against playing two women. Yvonne finds earrings lob stuck in his jacket and she begins to accuse him but Victor lies to her. Yvonne meets with Albert, an insurance executive who, she, accidentally crashes his car mirror.

While in a school programme to support Marcus receives an award, Janine calls him to confront him for the convulsion her daughter is suffering after he stands her up in the rain. Victor abandons his son’s program to go to the hospital.

Least, did he know that his son also had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. Yvonne stumbles on her husband with Janine and he lies to cover up. Seeing Victor lying to save the situation, Janine transfers her daughter to a different hospital to avoid Victor.

However, Victor manages to squeeze the truth out of Carla to go to the hospital to see Janine to apologise. Janine ends the relationship but Victor cries that he will d!e for losing her and they revive the relationship. Yvonne, while leaving the house, sees Victor’s phone on charge and takes Janine’s contact but fails to call.

She, soon, discovers from her boss that Victor has a different family. Yvonne investigates to find out. Albert stumbles on the devastated Yvonne and sends her out to entertain her. He tries to make Yvonne confines in her. Yvonne later tells Mimi about Victor’s second family.

When Victor gets home, she confronts him for pampering her with lies while he has a second family. Victor fails to explain and leaves the house to be with Janine. Janine gives him the opportunity to make right all the wrong things he did to his wife. She blames herself for Victor’s ruined family but Victor fails to heed her advice to patch things with his wife.

He makes it clear to Janine that he can’t live without her so he starts a new life with Janine and Audrey. Elsewhere, the Guevarras receive a visitor from Canada. Daria overhears her son and Doris talking about Victor cheating. She brings the issue up during breakfast so Sonia calls her son to meet him. Doris visits Yvonne to confirm the rumour.

Later Victor comes over to his house to hide and he sees his son devastated about his absence. In school, some classmates of Marcus bully him and insult his father resulting in a fight between them.  Elsewhere, Victor goes to his mother and is shocked to know that his family is aware of his act.

Sonia slaps her son for treating his father’s mistake and questions him where she went wrong to abandon his wife and son for his mistress. Sonia talks with Yvonne and narrates how Victor’s father also jilted her for his mistress.

She promises to support her each step of the way but for the sake of Marcus, she advises Yvonne to accept her husband back because she saw how her children suffered when her husband abandoned her and her kids.

Fast forward, the Guevarras meet Janine and Sonia gets upset that Victor has no shame for introducing his mistress to them.The Guevarras threaten Janine to leave Victor alone but Victor is poised on fighting for his lōve for her and acknowledges to his family that Audrey his own flesh and blood.

Sonia refuses to accept Audrey as her granddaughter. Janine wants to give up for Victor to fix his broken family but Victor refuses.Sonia celebrates her birthday so Victor graces it in order to have a hearty talk with his mother. The occasion gives Marcus the opportunity to bond with his father.

After his son narrates his bitter experience, Victor asks Yvonne why she never informed him. Victor wickedly breaks up with Yvonne even when Yvonne falls on her needs to plead with him to stay with her to raise their son together. Later, Albert finds the unconscious Yvonne on the street and sends her to the hospital.

Yvonne has a miscarriage and when she is discharged, Sonia begs her for what her son has done to her.


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