Until We Meet Again Episode 10

Until We Meet Again Episode 10 Claire locks Ana up to get Calvin’s attention

Evelyn who was in Claire’s room asked if she knew what happened to Angela for her to get a bump on her head. Claire denied knowing anything about Ana’s accident.

Since Claire was acting up, Evelyn suggested they go out for a while. She called Calvin over to the house to take care of Angela.

When Evelyn and Claire were out, they ran into Larry and Odessa. Evelyn thought that Odessa looked familiar and Odessa said she did not know her. Larry returned from getting coffee for himself and Odessa. When Evelyn saw that they were together, she said she did not want to intrude on their date and left.

Angela was roaming in the house and climbed up the kitchen counter. Calvin was yet to arrive and the maid was unable to stop her. Angela was about to fall off the counter but Calvin had just walked inside the door and he caught her.

The pictures on the counter fell and Ana saw pictures of her childhood days together with Evelyn. She felt tensed as she tried to talk what was in her head concerning Evelyn but she could not talk but kept calling out “Mama.”

Since Calvin realised Ana had some interest in the pictures, he flipped it and they saw Larry, Calvin then taught her how to call “Papa,” referring to Larry’s pictures. Calvin was happy that Ana was learning so quickly.

They went outside to play and Angela saw the sprinkler on. She played around with the water as Calvin tried to stop her but she eventually gave up. Angela then saw rocks on the garden and decided to go build a rock tower there. She got dirty and Calvin sat cleaning her by the sprinkler when Evelyn and Claire returned.

Evelyn was delighted to see them playing in the water and asked the maid to turn off the sprinkler. Claire was irritated after Angela got Calvin wet. She asked the maid to bring along some towels too. Evelyn left them and went inside to rest.

When the maid brought the towels, Calvin covered Angela as Claire tried to wipe him off. Claire asked the maid to take Angela away and give her a bath then proceeded to hover around Calvin. Calvin gave the towel back to Claire and said he had to leave.

Claire went to the bathroom and told the maid that she would take care of cleaning Angela. After the maid left, Claire harassed Angela by spraying her with the shower head and pulling her hair. She told Angela that she should not try to steal Calvin away from her and asked why Calvin was hugging her but she stopped when Evelyn went into the room.

Evelyn was with Angela outside when Larry arrived and said he wanted to talk to her. Angela was curious, trying send a message across a she barked and called him “papa” but Evelyn took her back to the house.

When she got back, Larry asked her who the girl was and Evelyn said she was her patient then proceeded to ask Larry why he was there. Larry said he wanted to talk about the two of them. Evelyn asked him why he suddenly wanted to talk about their relationship after not hearing from him in 12 years.

Evelyn was still mad at Larry and accused him of being responsible for their daughter’s disappearance. Larry asked why Evelyn had still not forgiven him, in a sad tone he said it was a mistake to go to her house.

Evelyn agreed that it was a mistake and told Larry that it was better if they annulled their marriage so that Larry would stop thinking that he could just drop by her house unannounced. Larry left the house and Odessa who followed him saw him driving off.

Evelyn went back inside the house in tears and Angela went to her as if to comfort her. She wanted to talk to Helen and Glenda about Larry’s visit so she called Calvin to go to the house and take care of Angela.

Calvin was with Elmo at his house as he prepared to leave and Elmo commented that Calvin seemed to be spending lots of time with Angela. Calvin said he was only helping out Evelyn to take care of Angela. Elmo asked if Calvin was falling for Angela and Calvin said it was not possible since Angela could not even communicate.

Claire dressed up like Calvin’s ex as if she wanted to go out on a hike and then locked up Angela in the kitchen pantry to hide her away from Calvin.

When Calvin arrived at Evelyn’s house, Claire told him that she had not seen Angela and even suggested that Evelyn left with her. Calvin was confused as Evelyn had asked him to come over so that he could take care of Angela.

Claire asked Calvin to drive her to a drawing class since Angela was not there and he was delighted to do it since Claire said she loved hiking and the outdoors.

Larry went to drink in his office and Odessa went to see him for their appointment. She told him to tell her what was wrong and he told her about his marriage. Odessa drunk with him and then offered to take him home since he was already drunk.

When Evelyn got back home, she was surprised to hear from the maid that Angela had gone missing but they heard noises from the pantry and that was where they found her.

At Class, Claire bought a painting from one of the students and she gave it to Calvin saying she was the one who drew it. Calvin drove Claire home after class and when they arrived, Evelyn asked Claire why Angela had been locked up in the pantry.


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