Until We Meet Again Episode 15

Until We Meet Again Episode 15 Angela gets a new suitor while working with Larry 

Odessa queried Angela on what she was doing at her abode. Angela was nervous and could not speak clearly so Odessa called the guard and asked him to help the lost girl leave the premises.

Calvin saw an open gate and surmised that Angela had gone in there. He went in to look for her and found the guard trying to escort her out. Angela was struggling to get away from the guard as he held her arm and Calvin rushed over to her aid. He held her to him and helped her calm down.

Larry arrived before they could leave so Calvin introduced Angela to him. Larry did not recognise her so Calvin reminded him that she was the girl he and Evelyn were taking care of a year ago. He said he was now being treated by his father, Francis. Larry seemed happy to see the the progress. Calvin then decided to take Angela home.

In the house, they worried that Angela had disappeared since Calvin had not called to tell them anything concerning her. Francis arrived home to find the family worried about the disappearance of Angela.

He called Bernard in order for them to look for Angela. They were yet to leave for the search when Calvin arrived with Angela. Calvin apologised for making everyone worried and said he had taken Angela out for a ride since she seemed disturbed.

Francis asked Bernard to take Angela to her room. He stayed back to talk to Calvin and asked him to inform them before taking Angela out in order for them not to worry.

Odessa went home to pack her things overnight since Larry was going to pick her up. Her aunt asked why she would stay with a married man. She was of the view that people would talk against Odessa for being a mistress but Odessa happily told her that Larry was already divorced from Evelyn.

Aunt Conching lamented that Odessa was the reason Larry and Evelyn lost their family and called her crazy. Odessa slapped her and dragged her around in her wheel chair. Aunt Conching shouted, trying to make her stop but she did not. Odessa kept on till she heard Larry calling her.

Hearing some shouts in the house, Larry went in there and Odessa rushed to meet him, making an excuse that it was her aunt who was watching a soap opera and she overreacted. She dragged him out of the house and they left. She left Aunt Conching tied up in the bathroom.

Later in his house, Larry watched a documentary on Feral children but Odessa turned it off, telling him that he should not be watching such contents. Larry shared sentiments that, it was hard to think there were children who were feral and went through such ordeal while growing up.

The following morning, Angela woke up by the sounds of her alarm. She laid her bed and went outside to play with the soil. Francis went to look for her in her room but did not find her.

He got scared that she had ran off again so he enlisted Glenda’s help to fish out her whereabouts. They found her messing around with the soil and Francis asked her to go inside.

Angela objected, saying she wanted to stay and continue what she was doing. Calvin joined them and told Francis that Angela really liked to play around with soil and it would be better if they allowed her do things she enjoyed.

He even sited that Angela had wondered into Larry’s landscaping garden the previous night. Francis did not want Angela to go contrary to his words since he was scared she could do something which in turn would harm her and wanted to administer a medication on her.

Glenda supported Francis’ idea to try the medication on Angela. Soon, he injected Angela with a medicine which ensured she only obeyed him and did as she was told.

Francis took Angela to Larry’s landscaping site and asked Larry to give Angela a job as part of her training to live a normal life. Larry was delighted to have Angela there and agreed to work with her.

Odessa introduced Angela to the workers and asked them to help Angela since Larry had agreed to hire her and wanted her to be involved in the work so as to familiarise herself with their operations.

Meanwhile, a man Evelyn helped thanked her and before he could leave Helen came to meet him and he said bye to her. Helen teased her and tried to lure her sister to date the man but Evelyn refuted.

Helen told her not to forget that she was single since her marriage is annulled. She confessed to Evelyn that the man was nice and she liked him to be Evelyn’s suitor to make her complete but Evelyn said she would only be complete when her daughter, Ana was found.

The worker assigned to Angela did not take care of her, a demanding client arrived asking for flowers that Angela did not know names to. She also stammered as she asked the lady to point out the flowers to her but the woman got angry and told Angela that she was the one who worked there.

She was about to cancel her order when Odessa arrived and attended to her instead. She then took Angela on a time out and told her to stay away from the stock room.

Larry found Angela there and took her out to work in planting the flowers and she seemed to really enjoy herself. Later, a random worker who seemed to be good helped her arrange the plants while the one she had been assigned to earlier made fun of how Angela spoke.

She thought Angela was nervous and Angela assured her that she was not but that was how she talks. The other worker who has become friends with Angela took her away and asked her not to mind the mean girl, saying that was how she was.

One of the engineers arrived with more plants and Angela along with her new friend went to pick them. The engineer eyed Angela as he asked if she was new.

Angela said she was, adding that it was nice meeting him. She proceeded to pick the plant and the engineer watched her with much admiration.


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