Until We Meet Again Episode 16

Until We Meet Again Episode 16 Angela has nightmare about Odessa after Louie’ harassment 

Calvin and Claire had lunch and he told her that Angela had changed a lots but believed she lost her memories. Claire asked if she would ever get her memories back.

Calvin believed she might, being so scared that her evil deed would be revealed once Angela regained her full memories, Claire changed the subject to Calvin’s job search.

Calvin revealed that he had already gone for an interview and hoped he would soon be called. He lamented that his father was on his neck, pressuring him about getting a job.

As they were talking about job, he told Claire that Angela had gained a job, although Claire did not look excited about it, she had to pretend. After the meal, Calvin dropped Claire off to see her friend and went to see Angela as he missed her.

Engineer Louie went to chat with Angela, he asked her to go with him to his car to cool down. He said it was too hot outside. Angela got nervous and tried to get away from him. She told the engineer that she did not want to go anywhere with him.

Louie said they were just going to get to know each other and  tried to drag Angela away. Calvin arrived in time to stop him for forcing Angela, Louie being exposed left in a hurry.

Angela apologised to Calvin for refusing to go with Louie. She said Francis had already instructed her to always follow orders. Calvin told Angela that she had nothing to apologise for since she was being harassed.

He told her that before she never let anyone hurt her, she would fight and bark at those people adding that she was no longer herself. Later, he and Angela reported Louie’s actions to Larry and Louie threatened to resign for being reprimanded.

Larry got upset and fired him, saying he did not need him at his work place. Calvin gave Angela the noodles he bought while going to see her and they ate together. Angela seemed to enjoy it and Calvin said they were his favourite. Angela then said the noodles would be her favourite too.

Larry called Calvin before he left and offered him the engineering position that Louie had vacated. Calvin was glad to accept it.

Calvin went to see Evelyn and Claire to inform them about the good news that Larry had given him a job as an Engineer at his landscaping site. He was happy to be working with Angela.

He asked Evelyn to visit the garden and see Angela but she was not eager to do it. Calvin asked if it was because of Larry but Evelyn said she did not want to disturb Angela as her visit might disrupt her treatment.

Angela worked throughout the day to the night. She was waiting for Dr Francis to go for her. Larry admired her for her resilience. He tried to get her to stop but Angela accidentally dropped a flower pot on his foot.

She consistently apologised and Larry said it was okay. He went to have his foot treated. Odessa was upset that Angela had hurt Larry and reprimanded her.

She repeatedly said sorry which annoyed Odessa. Odessa grabbed a pot and dropped it on Angela’s foot too to show her that what she had done was painful. Angela cried out in pain as Odessa went to take care of Larry.

Odessa told Larry that it was better to let go of Angela since all that she was doing was to cause trouble. She even said she would talk to Francis and ask him to get Angela a better job but Larry refused to fire her. He explained that Angela  reminded him of his missing daughter.

When Francis went to pick up Angela along with Bernard, Larry praised Angela, saying she was an exceptional worker and the only problem she had was with her communication but believed she would soon adjust. Odessa did not say anything bad and Francis was delighted.

Glenda bought Calvin a pair of shoes when she learnt that he had a job. When Francis arrived home, Calvin shared the news to him but Francis said Calvin only got the job on the basis that he was Larry’s godson.

Angela slept early after the long day at work and had a dream about Odessa. She started shouting in her room and Calvin who was chatting with Claire had to hang up to check up on Angela. The shouting woke Glenda up and she woke Francis up for them to rush to her room to see what was happening.

Calvin tried to approach Angela but she reverted to her feral state, barking at him. When Francis arrived, he asked Calvin not to go near Angela as he hurriedly left the room.
Calvin tried to talk to Angela but all she did was to bark. He got a sheet and held her down, talking to her and assuring her that he would not harm her.

Francis returned from carrying a syringe and asked Calvin to pin Angela down as he injected her. Angela drifted back to sleet immediately after the injection.

Glenda asked what was wrong with her and Francis said it was normal for Angela to revert to her Feral state and they needed to give her injection every month to repress that side of her. Calvin was worried that Angela had not recovered and only changed because of the medication.

Bernard was worried too since they were giving Angela more injections than before and Francis said they had to learn what triggered her feral side so that they could know how to treat her.

The following morning, Angela was back to normal. Calvin noted that she had a bruise on her foot and applied an ointment on it to heal it. Claire arrived to find Calvin holding Angela’s foot and he explained that he was helping her with her bruise. Claire visited him just to give him a gift for his first day at work.

Later, Calvin and Angela went to work. When they arrived, Angela did not pay attention to an oncoming vehicle so Calvin rushed to get her out of the way. He then held her hand as they walked in to the office and Angela smiled.

Angela brought the ointment for Larry’s foot and he was touched by how thoughtful she was.

Angela’s coworker noted the close relationship she had with Calvin and asked her if he was her crush. Angela asked what a crush was and Patricia explained that it was someone who made one happy when they were together, made you feel better and happy or sad when they were happy or sad. Angela only smiled after the explanation.


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