Until We Meet Again Episode 17

Until We Meet Again Episode 17 Calvin makes l*ve with Claire while Angela broods over her feelings

As Patricia was explaining crush to Angela, Claire appeared there, she went to the workplace just to visit Calvin. Since Calvin was busy, Claire seeing Angela followed her to the rest room to harass her.

She insulted her that she was worthless and was no better than she was before even though she has learnt to talk and walk properly. She dragged Angela by the hair and threw her on the floor until her friend told her she was going too far.

The two of them started arguing, Claire puzzled by how Charm defending Angela queried if she now considered herself as Angela’s friend. She was upset that she was arguing with her friend all because of Angela. After they left, Angela stayed in the washroom crying by herself.

They waited for Calvin in his office, he arrived later and apologised to Claire and her friend for taking too long, explaining that he was busy. He had to beat a deadline for some projects so he told Claire that he would not be able to go out with her.

Claire complained about Calvin not making time for her and asked him to take an hour break so that they could go out for lunch. Calvin agreed to go and they left.

On the way out, Calvin saw Angela and asked her if she had eaten. Angela did not say anything as Claire was there and Calvin noticed that she looked disturbed. He asked her what was wrong and Claire told him to leave Angela alone.

After Calvin left with Claire, Angela went to cry in the store room; thinking on what Claire had told her about being worthless. Maila, one of the workers found her there and told her that she was not getting paid to lazy around.

She gave Angela a heavy sack to carry and she ended up falling flat on the floor. Odessa arrived and told Angela that if she no longer wanted to work there, all she had to do was to tell her.

Angela said she was fine and Odessa added another sack on top of the first one, instructing Angela to carry them outside. Odessa’s friend asked her whether it was necessary to treat Angela that way and she said she hated Angela.

Odessa was bothered and did not understand why Larry had chosen to help Angela instead of someone else. She went to talk to Larry about Angela but he said he did not want to argue about it.

At home, Angela could not stop crying and did not join Calvin and his family for dinner. Calvin went to talk to her and asked her what was bothering her. She told him that he was lucky to have a family since he had someone who l*ved him, unlike her who had no family to l*ve her.

She repeated Claire’s insult to her, calling herself worthless. Calvin asked her not to say that about herself since she was not worthless and also cared about her. Glenda came to tell them to go for dinner. Calvin ushered Angela to the dinning table.

Claire got angry with Calvin for failing to make time for her and refused to answer his calls. After Calvin submitted his projects to Larry, he asked if he could get permission to set up a dinner for Claire so that he could apologise to her.

He asked for Angela’s help and the two partnered to create an amazing set up. Calvin was impressed with Angela’s decorating skills and asked her never to call herself worthless again. He lauded Angela for such great talent, this sparked a new hope in Angela.

Claire came to meet the set up and was happy with it, the surprise delighted her heart so she immediately forgave Calvin when he apologised for not having enough time for her.
Angela watched the two from the side lines and her coworker, Patricia noticed her.

She asked Angela if she was jealous but Angela did not know what that meant. After Patricia explained what she meant, Angela told her that Calvin was only a friend.

After dinner, Calvin called Angela and told Claire that she was the one who helped him with the decoration. He then said they would go home but Claire said she wanted some time alone with him.

Luckily, Bernard arrived to take Angela home while Claire went with Calvin. When they got to the house, still inside Calvin’s car, Claire told Calvin that she did not feel as if he prioritised her and had only been with her due to the fact that she reminded him of Angela. Calvin told Claire not to compare herself with anyone, he loved her as she was. They got intimate, k!ssed and made l*ve.

On the road, Angela asked Bernard if it was okay to be jealous and he told her it depended on how one reacted when they felt jealous. He explained what jealousy meant.

Later in the house, Angela had a hard time sleeping. She kept thinking about Calvin and how she felt about him. Francis and Bernard watched her toss and turn on the CCTV camera in her room and wondered why she did not sleep.

Bernard told Francis that Angela was improving since she was interacting with people at work. He also observed that she was learning to explore her feelings too. Francis however said it was not enough and needed to know what happened to her in the past so that they could treat Angela better.

Angela tried sleeping but the memories of her childhood days flashback in her mind. This consistent nightmare about the evil woman who locked her up with a dog and maltreated her woke her up.

Evelyn was out at the mall when she bumped into someone who turned out to be Larry. Surprised as they were, the estranged couple greeted each other and Odessa appeared in the scene.


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