Until We Meet Again Episode 18

Until We Meet Again Episode 18 Odessa fishes out information about Angela 

Evelyn bumped into Larry and at a restaurant and when they were talking Odessa appeared in the scene with the items she bought. They greeted each other and Larry introduced Evelyn to Odessa who is now called Margaret. Evelyn said hello to her then left with Claire.

Claire who was with Evelyn asked her if she was affected after seeing Larry with another woman. Evelyn replied that she was not affected and was fine since he had moved  on and she was also happy with her life.

Larry however was a little perturbed after seeing Evelyn and could not focus. Odessa told him that she would not stay over that evening. She explained that she needed to take care of her aunt but Larry was not listening to her as he was consumed with other thoughts.

They agreed to go to work after an hour and Larry went to his room to reminiscence the past. He took out his photos with Evelyn and Ana, watching the photos he remembered the family that he once had.

At work, Angela saw a little girl playing with rocks and went to help her. The act made her recalled some memories from her past with her parents but the images were blur. Calvin went to get Angela for lunch and she told him about what she had remembered about her past.

Calvin got very excited as they had lunch together, Calvin left when Patricia approached. Later, Patricia told Angela that she thought they had chemistry. Meanwhile, Larry started drinking and refused to go to work.

Odessa had told him that she was ready for them to head to work but Larry told her to go ahead and take care of things at work.

This got Odessa upset as she realised Larry was only thinking about Evelyn.  Larry denied thinking about Evelyn but claimed he was actually thinking about his missing daughter, Ana.

Odessa pleaded with him to forget about his daughter, claiming the child would never come back. Larry asked Odessa how she could talk about his daughter that way. She faked tears and blamed Larry for refusing to marry her and build a family with her. She claimed Larry was denying her a family opportunity all because of Evelyn. Larry realised she was hurt and  hugged her.

That evening, Odessa went to drink. She was so upset that Larry was treating her that way and said she would never allow it. She scattered and destroyed things.

She left her friend and warned her not to stop her. At the land scaping site, the workers built a barn. Ana went inside the barn together with Maila. Inside the barn she began having memories of the evil woman who maltreated her inside the barn.

Angela after recalling that began shouting and ran off from the barn, leaving Maila puzzled. Patricia hearing Angela’s screams rushed there to her aid. She thought Maila did something bad against Angela.

Angela suddenly leaned on Patricia. Later, Angela came across a dog and had a blur images of the past when the evil woman brought a dog inside the barn. She quickly approached the dog.

The dog barked but she managed to calm the dog. Odessa who was drunk drove to the work place. She came of the car and remembered how she turned Ana into a dog. She laughed as she said Larry would never be able to find his daughter again since she was gone forever. She then heard a dog barking and went to see  what was happening.

Angela as playing around with the stray dog, Odessa found her. She hit the dog, kicked it and drove it away, the dog bark and Angela who was trying to defend the dog also barked back at her.

Odessa was surprised to see Angela barking and remembered how Ana used to bark too in the barn so she called “Angela” “Ana”. She asked Angela why she was barking and Angela apologised.

Francis and Bernard arrived to get Angela and they heard Odessa saying Angela was barking. Odessa was drunk and went away after Francis arrived. Francis was upset since Angela had been barking again and she apologised to him.

Angela went to sleep as soon as they arrived home while Francis and Bernard monitored her. Francis was worried that Angela had returned to her feral state. Bernard suspected that there might be something happening to her at work.

They stimulated a storm to see how Angela would react and she got off her bed to hide. She remembered Evelyn telling her that there was nothing to be afraid of and got up.

Bernard and Francis went to ask her why she was not afraid and Angela told them that she remembered a certain woman telling her not to be afraid. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and Francis was happy that Angela was starting to regain her memories.

The following day, Evelyn stroll around her garden thinking of her missing daughter. Claire got upset that Evelyn still thought about looking for her daughter, she was of the view that Evelyn would cast her aside as soon as she found her missing daughter.

Claire told Calvin about her fight with Evelyn but Calvin tried to make Claire understand from Evelyn’s point of view. He told her that Evelyn still loved her even if she was looking for her daughter.

Odessa became anxious to know more about Angela when she saw Larry talking to her. She asked about her and then decided to go and see Francis to ask about Angela’s background.

Francis told her that Angela was a feral child; someone with no human contact and had grown up with animals. He also showed her previous pictures of how she was before.

Odessa asked how Angela ended up like a dog but Francis had no answer since that was a mystery he was trying to unravel in order t help treat Angela.

Angela was busy working when Malia went to harass her. Knowing that Angela could not fight back she pushed her, leading Angela to hit on the floor.


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