Until We Meet Again Episode 19

Until We Meet Again Episode 19 Angela breaks down after a near death experience

At the workplace, Maila beat up Angela and Larry fortunately appeared from nowhere to see Maila canning Angela. He asked Maila why she was beating Angela and she said Angela bit her.

Larry asked Angela if that was true, she nodded and explained that she only bit Maila in defence sine she attacked her. Larry threatened to fire Maila but Angela asked him not to.

Angela returned to the barn where she had set up a nice arrangement and waited for Calvin to arrive. Calvin was impressed by Angela’s abilities and then asked her why she asked him to bring a lighter.

Angela told him that she wanted him to light up the candles she had arranged like he had done when he surprised Claire. Calvin walked around the room lighting the candles which brought out a nice ambiance.

Claire however called him and he left Angela alone. As Calvin was leaving, he ran into Larry and he said he was leaving to go to a meeting. Maila realised that Angela was alone so she went to take her revenge.

She stormed inside the barn and locked the door behind her. Angela pleaded with her not to fight so that they could not get into trouble with Sir Larry but Maila did not want to hear any of it.

She shoved Angela and hit her against the table. Then she dragged her across the room. Angela fought back but Maila took a pot and threw it at her. Angela ducked away but the pot hit a lamp that was hanging, leading the fire to catch up the woods for it to spread.

Maila saw it and quickly ran out of the hut. Angela was caught in the fire and started barking and howling as she remembered the previous fire incident.

Odessa heard the barking when she arrived so she went inside the hut and found Angela on her knees. She was  sure that Angela was Ana and wanted to finish her off. She took a piece of wood ready to hit Angela with it but her plan failed as the other workers arrived and took her away.

Angela fainted from the smoke so she was carried out of the hut. Claire had just arrived when the workers came to tell Calvin that the hut had caught fire. Calvin asked Claire to wait as he rushed to see if Angela was fine.

Larry received a call on his way to the meeting that the barn had caught fire and he turned back. He talked to the workers and they all said they had seen Maila going in there. Maila denied being the starter of the fire. She claimed she only went there to try to get Angela to put out the candles but she refused, hence the fire outbreak.

Odessa was furious as she had confirmed that Angela was Ana. Larry arrived and tried to calm her down. Odessa told him that it was time to let Angela go, claiming Angela might destroy their business.

Larry refused to grant Odessa’s request to fire Angela. He added that he did not believe Maila and wanted to hear Angela’s version.
When Calvin found Angela, she was traumatised so he asked Claire that they should take Angela home first.

Calvin called home and told Glenda that he would drive Angela home, therefore Francis and Bernard had to know in order for them not to go to the landscaping site to get her.

On the way, Angela could not stop crying in the car so Claire became exasperated. Calvin stopped on the street and went to console Angela. Claire got jealous to see Calvin cuddling Angela. She got down from the car and took a taxi home.

When Calvin arrived home with Angela, Francis wanted to hit her for causing the fire. Glenda and Calvin stopped him and Angela started crying. Bernard escorted her to her room and then Francis followed.

Francis calmed himself down, he asked Angela what happened and she told him about the fight with Maila. The recounting process traumatised Angela again and she started screaming.

She got off the bed and hid herself then started barking. Francis asked Bernard to turn off the lights and told Angela that there was no fire. They managed to get Angela on the bed again and Francis asked her if she had seen fire before.

Angela told them about a huge house with fire and Francis wanted to know if that was where she used to live before and with whom. Angela talked about an evil woman and the memories of Odessa got her hysterical again so Francis had to sedate her.

Calvin tried to call Claire but it was Evelyn who took the call. Claire arrived home being upset and she told Evelyn that Calvin had been cuddling Angela. Evelyn told Calvin not to be cuddling other women and Calvin asked her if Claire had told her why he had  to do it.

Evelyn said that Claire had not told her, Claire suddenly snatched the phone away then hang up. She told Evelyn that she would talk to Calvin the following day.

Odessa, still anxious about the past of Angela went to see Calvin after Larry told her that he was the one who had found Angela. She asked Calvin where he had found Angela but Glenda interrupted them and asked Odessa why she kept asking so many questions about Angela.

Odessa said she only wanted to see how Angela was doing since she was her employer then decided to leave.
When Glenda and Calvin went upstairs, Odessa went back inside and stole Calvin’s phone.

She went through his pictures and saw Angela’s pictures from before so she was able to confirm that Angela was Ana.
Larry was worried about Angela and was disappointed when she did not go to work.

He called Francis and he said Angela was resting since the incident had affected her. He however saw the brighter part of the issue. He said it was a good thing the outbreak had triggered Angela’s memory.

He was hopeful that she might be able to tell them what happened to her.
Angela had a troubled sleep as she regained some of her memories and when Calvin went to check on her in the morning, she told him that he was ‘cutie’, the person who saved her. Calvin realised that Angela was remembering her past so he was delighted about the development.


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