Until We Meet Again Episode 20

Until We Meet Again Episode 20 Calvin, Angela start to bond after Claire went on vacation 

Angela told Calvin that she remembered him saving her when she drowned. Calvin was delighted and hoped that Angela remembered more so she asked her if she could remember Evelyn; the woman who took care of her when he brought her to Manila.

However, Angela did not remember her Calvin said it was fine, hoping she would remember her in time.

Francis went to talk to Larry to ask if Angela could go back to work. He also told Larry that Angela had started gaining some of her memories and expressed hope to soon know what had happened to her. Odessa heard them and joined in the conversation.

She pretended to be happy to hear that Angela had started to remember her past. Later, Odessa went home to get her gun. She intended to kill Angela since she did not want anyone getting between her and Larry.

She was about to leave but her Aunt Conching asked her to stay with her for a while, claiming she was not feeling well. Odessa had a nurse examine her. The nurse said there was nothing wrong with her.

Aunt Conching insisted that she was feeling dizzy and asked Odessa to stay with her at least for the day and go to work the next day.

Calvin went to Evelyn’s house to see Claire but Evelyn told him that Claire went on vacation to Tagaytay with her friend Charm. Calvin was disappointed that Claire did not even inform him.

Evelyn told him that Claire was right to get jealous so Calvin explained that Angela was involved in a fire accident and got traumatised, so he was just helping her out of the ordeal.

Evelyn anxiously asked if she was fine and Calvin said it had turned out for the best since Angela had started to remember some of her past experience. He added that but she still could not remember Evelyn.

When Calvin got back home, he tried to call Claire so that they could talk but she hang up on him. Angela saw that Calvin was sad so she tried to cheer him up by giving him chocolates like the way he did for her before.

Calvin became cheerful and told Francis that Angela even remembered that he used to give her chocolates. Francis proudly said he knew what he was doing with Angela and was sure she would soon gain her complete memories to fast track her treatment.

Francis revealed to Angela that Larry had given her the permission to return to work.
Odessa slept with Aunt Conching but late that night, she got up and took Odessa’s phone with her. She was on her wheel chair when Odessa woke up to see her.

She made an excuse that she was going to the bathroom and did not want to disturb her. Odessa wanted to help her but she said she was fine and could go on her own. Once she left the room, she looked for Larry’s phone number on Odessa’s phone and called him.

Odessa had followed her secretly so she snatched the phone away from her. Aunt Conching told Odessa that Larry deserved to know that Angela was his daughter so that they could get reunited but Odessa said she would never let it happen.

The following day, Angela returned to work. Larry went to see her and she apologised for the fire outbreak. She said it was not her intentions to make anyone get hurt. Larry assured that it was fine but asked Angela to be more careful next time especially with fire.

That evening, Odessa cornered Angela when she was going to look for Calvin for them to go home. Odessa told Angela that Calvin would be busy for a while so she would be the one to take her home.

As she was driving Angela, Odessa stopped the car and Angela got out when she saw a dog. Odessa walked out with her gun ready to shoot Angela who was immersed with the dog. Odessa’s shot hit the tree which startled both Angela and the dog.

The dog ran away while Angela went to protect Odessa, telling her that they had to get away from the person shooting at them. She hugged Odessa and said they would be fine.
Calvin who was on his way home came across Odessa’s car.

He went to get Angela. Odessa told him that she offered to take Angela home since she thought he would leave the office late but Angela had suddenly left from the car when she saw a dog.

Calvin explained that Angela was fond of dogs. He offered to take Angela home. After Calvin left, Odessa could not stop laughing for realising that Angela could not remember her.
Aunt Conching tried to tell Larry the truth again by sending her nurse to Larry’s office with a letter.

Unfortunately, Odessa arrived and saw the letter. She fired the nurse and tore up the letter. She then threatened to cut off her aunt’s toungue if she continued looking for way to tell Larry the truth.

Meanwhile, Calvin got upset when a client reprimanded him for a design that was not to his liking.Calvin had worked on it the entire night so he took offence when the client did not show interest. Angela tried to cheer him up by giving him a ball, Calvin then became excited.

Glenda watched Angela and Calvin. She later talked to Calvin about his relationship with Angela, cautioning him that the relationship was getting too close. She was afraid that Angela might start developing feelings for him so she asked Calvin to be more careful with the way he treated Angela.

The following day at work, Angela started chasing butterflies which made Larry commented that his daughter used to do same. Evelyn had visited Larry’s Garden and Angela bumped into her as she was chasing the butterflies.


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