Until We Meet Again Episode 21

Until We Meet Again Episode 21 Calvin ends up with bruises after a fight with Claire’s suitor 

At Larry’s landscaping site, Evelyn bumped into Angela when she was chasing after butterflies. Larry asked Angela if she remembered her but she said she did not and went on with her chase.

Evelyn then told Larry that she was looking for Calvin and Larry said he went out to see a client for a business deal.

Maila was still upset with Angela for biting her so she decided to take a revenge on her. Angela still followed the butterfly and Maila directed her to follow it on some hanging baskets of flowers which Maila herself loosen in order for it to hit on Angela.

However, her plans backfired as Evelyn noticed that the baskets were loose. Angela approached them but Evelyn realising it as a trap quickly pulled Angela backwards to her before the baskets fell and saved her from getting hit. Maila watched them in resentment.

Evelyn apologised for pulling Angela and asked if she got hurt. Angela said she was fine and thanked Evelyn for saving her.

Evelyn was upset by the incident. She was of the view that the garden was not safe enough for Angela to work there so she followed Larry to his office to complain.

She scolded Larry while warning him to make sure the environment was safe for Angela. She lamented that Angela had already been involved in a fire accident at the place and now the trapped baskets of growing flowers.

Surprised by Evelyn’s allegations, Larry asked why she was indirectly blaming him for the accidents. Evelyn insisted that he was still as careless as he was before. Larry realised they were no longer talking about Angela and asked Evelyn if she would ever forgive him for what happened to their daughter, Ana.

Evelyn told Larry that she was a mother and would never be able to forgive Larry for failing to protect their daughter.

Patricia helped Angela pick up the fallen baskets of weeds and flowers. As they were talking, Evelyn’s voice sounded familiar to Angela.

Evelyn left Larry’s office in tears and Angela went to talk to her. She wiped off Evelyn’s tears, as finally remembered her as the woman who took her in and called her Mamma Evelyn. Margaret (Odessa) heart palpitate once she came to see Evelyn and Angela hugging.

Larry followed Evelyn outside to apologise and Angela told him that she finally remembered Mamma Evelyn.

Margaret (Odessa) revealed her face so Angela walked towards her and informed her that Evelyn was the one who took care of her. Margaret faked a smile. Evelyn wanted to leave but Angela asked her not to go, she wanted to show her something.

Angela took Evelyn’s arm and took her to see an arrangement that she had made. Larry went with them and Angela told Evelyn that Larry had helped her make the arrangements. Evelyn told Angela that they looked beautiful and then apologised to Larry for being harsh on him. She could see that Angela really enjoyed her work there.

Odessa watched the three of them from a far and did not like seeing the three of them bonding. She approached them and put her hand on Larry. Evelyn said she had to go and Odessa offered to walk her to her car.

When they got to Evelyn’s car, Odessa warned Evelyn not to go to the garden again. She said Larry and her had made a promise to leave their past behind and since Evelyn was part of Larry’s past she had no right to be near him.

Evelyn tried to prove her wrong that she was only there to see Calvin and not Larry but Odessa insisted that she could have visited Calvin at his house not the office.

Elsewhere, Calvin tried to contact Claire but she refused to answer his calls or reply his texts. After seeing a client, Calvin asked Elmo to go with him to search for Claire. They stopped over for some flowers and then went to find Claire.

Claire was at a club with Charm when a guy came over to ask if he could buy her a drink. Claire agreed to it and  when the guy went to get the drink, Charm asked Claire not to accept his advances since she was already dating.

Claire objected that if Calvin had been with her, she would not have paid attention to a different guy. When the guy returned with Claire’s drink, he asked Claire for a dance.

Claire posted them on social media so Calvin saw the posts and went to the club carrying flowers. He threw away the bouquet the moment he saw Claire dancing with another guy and went to fight with the guy. They threw punches at eachother.

The incident resulted into a scandal. As Elmo and others separated the fight, Calvin asked Claire why she was dancing so close to another guy; almost k!$$ing him.

Claire blamed Calvin for her actions, saying if he had been there, she would not have been with another guy. Calvin got mad and left. Elmo and Charm drove Claire home since she was drunk.

Evelyn and Helen were not happy to see the state Claire was in. She said she was having fun but Helen said she was acting irresponsible. Claire disrespected her but Evelyn intervened while charm sent Claire to her room.

Evelyn followed and asked Charm why her friend was drunk and as she was explaining, Claire insisted on having fun.

Glenda helped Angela prepare a sandwich for Calvin and they talked about Angela’s relationship with him. Angela told Glenda that she always felt happy when she was with Calvin and she did not like seeing him sad.

Angela waited for Calvin to arrive and when he did, she ushered him to her room. Calvin was devastated and he hugged Angela as he cried. He held her for a while and when he was done, Angela saw the bruises on his face. She asked him to sit and rushed to get something to wash them with.

Calvin told Angela that he saw Claire with another guy and was hurt by her actions. He wanted to go to sleep but Angela said she had to give him something. She took him to the kitchen and gave him the sandwich that she had prepared for him. Calvin smiled as he ate it and thanked Angela for it.

Glenda talked to Francis about Angela’s relationship with Calvin and Francis said it was natural for them to be close to eachother since Calvin was the one who found her. Glenda was worried that Angela was developing feelings for Calvin and Francis asked her not to worry. He was sure Calvin would never fall in l*ve with Angela.

Claire tried to call Calvin after she sobered up but he did not pick up. She went to see him at work the following day and ran into Angela. Angela told her where Calvin was but pleaded Claire not to make him sad.

Claire asked Angela if she dared to tell her what to do and pushed her. Angela fell to the ground and Calvin saw them. Calvin quickly went to Angela’s aid to help her up.


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