Until We Meet Again Episode 22

Until We Meet Again Episode 22 Calvin breaks up with Claire, makes advances on Angela

As upset as he was, Calvin queried Claire why she pushed Angela. Angela sad by the ail treatment and her zeal not want come in between the couple, she excused herself and continued with her work.

Claire told Calvin that Angela was meddling with their affair, telling her what to do. Calvin told Claire that she could have talked to her instead of pushing her. Claire got upset that Calvin was taking sides with Angela instead of her.

She then rescinded on her decision to apologise for dancing with another guy. Due to her tantrum, Calvin dragged the bull by the horn and broke up with her. Claire got irritated that Calvin called it a quit infront of other workers.

As humiliated as she felt she quickly left the garden while Calvin went to his office and talked to Larry for a while.

Patricia after witnessing the break up told Angela that she might have a chance with Calvin now that he was no longer with Claire.

Claire went home to cry to Evelyn, complaining that Calvin broke up with her and worse of it was that she said it infront of all the workers in order to humiliate her.

Later, she went out with Charm and promised herself to reconcile with Calvin. Calvin was having a lunch when a street boy came to ask for food from him. Maila was around so she drove the boy away but Angela stopped him and gave him her lunch. Calvin invited Angela to share his lunch after he saw her given her food away to the boy.

Margaret and Larry watched them and Margaret commented about how Angela seemed to be getting along with everyone; including Evelyn. Larry asked her if there was a problem with Evelyn visiting the garden.

He quickly added that Angela was fond of Evelyn since she was like a mother to her. Larry added that Evelyn had natural mother instinct and Margaret who was feeling jealous about her rival’s complement decided to act like Evelyn and become a mother to Angela.

She believed that would make Larry view her like Evelyn and perhaps build a family with her.

Claire went to see Calvin to reconcile with him but Calvin got mad that she was taking things too lightly and still refused to accept that she was the one on the wrong.

Claire stressed on her point again, still blaming Calvin for being the reason she danced with an outsider. She insisted that if Calvin had been with her and dedicated his time to her she wouldn’t have given in to another man’s advances.

Calvin asked her if she could only be faithful when he was there with her and be unfaithful when he was not around. Claire insisted that she felt the same when Calvin was with Angela and Calvin told her that he and Angela were friends while she was with someone she did not know.

Calvin said he missed the Claire he used to know who did not drink or party. Claire then spilt the beans by confessing that she only pretended to be like his ex so that he could be with her.

Feeling all cheated by Claire’s lies, Calvin got more upset and told Claire that they should take some time off so that they could decide how to move forward.

Francis showed Bernard some images that Angela had made without any of their direction and they were both glad that Angela was finally doing things on her own without their direction. They went to see Angela before she went to sleep and  Francis asked her to draw something that she feared.

Calvin had a drink after his talk with Claire and went out to think. Thinking about all the happenings in their relationship, out of frustration, he threw a glass to hit a wall. Angela heard him. She walked over to the window and tried to call him but it started raining and there were loud sounds of thunder.

Angela got scared and tried to hide herself but when she realised Calvin was outside, she took her blanket and went outside to cover Calvin with it.

It was raining heavily and Angela got soaked the moment she stepped outside. Calvin asked Angela why she was outside and she said she wanted to cover him so that he would not get wet.

The thunder hit again and Angela flinched, she was scared and Calvin seemed impressed that Angela had braved up to step outside to cover him up even when the thunder scared her. He held her so tight to him, they stared eachother seductively.

Wet, but Calvin’s lips seemed dry, he leaned his face on that of Angela, inhaling her breath, while they locked gaze. Calvin was targeting the lips of Angela, emotions ran up. Angela was reciprocating even though she did not know what was going on. She moved by the pace of Calvin, feeling the warmth of his masculine body but Glenda ruined the moment as she appeared in the scene to ask them to get off the rain.

In the morning during breakfast, Francis evaluated Angela’s drawing and asked her why she did not do much. Angela blamed it on the thunder, she explained that as she was drawing, it started to rain and became scared of the thunder so she stopped.

Glenda beefed Francis up with what she saw the previous night between Angela and Calvin. She found Angela outside with a blanket trying to shield Calvin from the rain and Francis was glad to hear that Angela faced her fear and went outside in the rain.

Francis decided to throw  a party for Angela so that he could show her progress to the medical field.  Glenda suggested that they make it less formal  and invite Angela’s friends so that the other doctors could see how well she interacted with people. Francis saw it as a good idea and agreed to invite Larry, Margaret and Evelyn.

Angela told Patricia about the incident with Calvin the previous night. Patricia knew that experience, she told her that Calvin must have wanted to k!ss her.

Maila overheard the conversation. She then told Angela that no guy would like to be with her and she was only being delusional if she thought that Calvin liked her. Calvin appeared in the scene and heard Maila saying mean words to his Angela. He warned Maila not to talk that way to Angela ever again.


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