Until We Meet Again Episode 23

Until We Meet Again Episode 23 Claire ruins Angela’s grand party 

Bernard invited Margaret and Larry to Angela’s party and they agreed to grace the occasion. Larry was surprised that Margaret had agreed to go there and when Bernard left, he asked her why she wanted to go all of a sudden.

Margaret told Larry that he was right about showing compassion for Angela since she had no family.

Margaret and Larry later found Angela in deep thought and Larry asked her what she was thinking about. Angela asked them why she had never celebrated her birthday before and wondered whether it was because nobody l*ved her.

Larry and Margaret consoled her. They said that was not the case. Margaret’s friend asked why she was suddenly being so nice to Angela. Margaret told her that she wanted to be on Larry’s good books and also to prove to him that she has mother tendency; just like Evelyn.

Later, Margaret went shopping and bought a dress for Angela to wear for the party. She believed Francis might overlook it. She had also noticed that Angela did not have nice clothes from the clothes she wore to work. Larry was happy to see her make the effort to do that for Angela.

Claire went to see Glenda and asked her to help her talk to Calvin so that they could get back together. Glenda talked to her and asked her not to blame Angela for her misunderstanding with Calvin and take responsibility for it. Claire waited for Calvin to get home from work.

Calvin went home with Angela and when they arrived, Angela asked to talk to Calvin. Before she could say anything, Glenda went out to inform Calvin that Claire had been waiting for him. She asked Angela to go with her inside and Claire stayed outside with Calvin.

Claire voiced out her sincere feelings for Calvin and called for reconciliation but Calvin told her that it would be difficult especially after she pretended to be someone else. Claire hugged Calvin and insisted on them to overcome their differences but Calvin told her that they needed time to figure out whether they could commit to each other again.

Angela saw the two hugging. Calvin spotted Angela’s reaction. He went to talk to her after Claire left and Angela told him that Patricia had told her if someone k!sses her then it meant that the person l*ved her.

She asked Calvin if he l*ved her too since he attempted to k!ss her the previous night. Calvin was loss for words but he fumbled through until he was able to explain to her that he loved her as a friend.

He also apologised for almost k!ss!Ng her and said it should not have happened.
In the following days, Angela learnt to walk in heels as she prepared herself for the party that everyone was invited to.

The day of the party finally approached, Claire went but was only there because of Calvin as she told her friend. Francis announced to the guests that the party was held to show them how successfully he was able to rehabilitate Angela and get her back into the society.

As he introduced her, Angela came down the stairs wearing a stunning yellow gown. All the attendees could not help but gushed about her beauty. Calvin could hardly keep away from her.

Larry told Margaret that she had done a great job getting Angela the dress as she looked beautiful in it. Being so proud of the lady Angela has become, Francis went around introducing her to the guests and when they got to Evelyn’s table, she said she had something to give Angela.

Evelyn had forgotten the gift in the car and went outside with Angela to get it for her. It was a necklace and Evelyn helped her put it on. When they got back, Margaret took Angela away and asked her to sit with her and Larry at their table.

Larry was impressed with Evelyn, gazing at her all night. Evelyn was seated with Glenda and Helen, they noticed how Larry kept staring at her and told her that Larry was still in l*ve with her since he could not stop looking at her.

Claire was upset that all the attention was geared towards Angela. She started to drink and hatched up an evil plan. Charm asked her to slow down when they were heading to the bathroom. Claire went to disturb Angela who was with Patricia at the dessert table. She congratulated Angela for her party and hugged her.

She then told Angela that Francis was calling her and when Angela turned to leave, she stepped on the tail of the gown making Angela to trip and knocked over a cake which left her dress dirty when she fell. Cham watched Claire quietly, not happy with her friend’s evil ways. Claire claimed it was an accident when people approached to help Angela up.

Calvin rushed to help Angela up and Margaret took Angela away to help her clean up. Francis told the guests not to worry, it was an accident but he was furious since he felt embarrassed.

He went to a side of the party, the bar for a drink. Claire beaming with smiles, she went back to the table and Evelyn asked her what had happened. She said it was an accident then asked Charm to go back to the lady’s room with her.

Charm confronted her, she said Claire shouldn’t have made Angela trip but Claire said she wanted to ruin Angela’s party and she had achieved it.


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