Until We Meet Again Episode 24

Until We Meet Again Episode 24 Calvin and Angela made a promise to be together 

Margaret helped Angela to change herself to join the party again. Angela and Calvin went on the dance floor to dance.

Meanwhile Claire and Charm got close to the pool and Claire recalled how Calvin explained to her how he won Angela’s trust by saving her from her near-death incident when she drowned.

Confirming that Angela did not know how to swim Claire smiled as she had an idea on how to make Angela pay for ruining her life by getting involved with Calvin.

Angela came out of the washroom and met Claire. Upon seeing Claire, she got scared. Claire told her she just wanted to have a talk with her but led her straight to the pool area.

Evelyn could not see Claire so was searching for her. Helen and Glenda helped her. Claire confronted Angela for being so close to Calvin and dancing with him. She also lushed out about the attention Angela was getting and eventually held her hair and started to pull.

Angela who was trying hard to resist her and defend herself was shoved. Claire would not stop as she was pulling her hair, she accidentally fell off into the pool.

Angela cried and ran to get help for Claire. One of the men ran and dove into the pool to help Claire out. Angela went into the hall where the party was taking place and told Evelyn that Claire fell into the pool.

Everyone walked out to Claire’s location to see what was happening. The man brought Claire out of the pool. Claire tried picking a fight again blaming Angela for her accident.

“It’s all Angela’s fault that I ended up in the pool.”

Evelyn and Calvin helped to keep the fight at bay. Angela got frantic trying to apologise, saying she did not mean to hurt her. Dr Francis whose night was already ruined interjected that it would be best if Angela was isolated.

Larry wanted Angela to come back to the party, but Bernard wouldn’t let them since he has received orders from Dr. Francis to isolate Angela. Margaret told Larry that it would be best to listen to Dr Francis since he was still her doctor.

Evelyn came back with Claire wrapped in a towel, and Glenda told them that everyone left so the party was over. As they proceeded to leave, Claire saw Calvin sitting at the table and asked for a moment to speak with him. He was moody and she started to tell him that she was not at fault and did not understand why everyone was all over Angela.

Calvin told her that she was infantile as she was sure Evelyn had her reasons for throwing the party. She continued to defend herself saying she did not start the fight, but Calvin asked her how she expected him to believe her ever again.

She left and Elmo joined him saying he was worried about Angela and how disappointed she must be. He looked behind and noticed Dr. Francis still there, drinking.

Bernard approached Francis and told him that he did not think they would take Angela’s episode against him. Dr. John approached to offer his help. He told Francis to let him take Angela with him and together, they could make a brand new person out of her.

Francis rudely replied that if and when he needed him, he would call him but at that time, he should get lost. At home, Evelyn and Helen were treated to a dramatic explanation by Claire who was telling them what happened by the pool saying all she wanted was to talk to her.

She was crying to Evelyn but it was quite clear Helen was not falling for Claire’s antics. Larry drove away as the party ended. Margaret was with Jelly who told her that they should rest since it had been a long night, but then Margaret saw every reason to celebrate.

She was happy and sure that Angela would trust her a lot. Francis was drunk as they arrived home and took out his belt ready to beat up Angela for the scene she created at the part but Glenda and Calvin intervened on Angela’s behalf. Glenda begged him to calm down.

Calvin prevented him from hitting Angela. He said they were committed to her but Dr Francis reminded them that he was the doctor. He went to sleep and Glenda assured Calvin that she was fine and told Angela all was well.

Calvin led her to the bedroom. Claire found Helen in her bedroom as she left the shower. Helen told her that she did not believe any of her fabricated stories and Claire said she did not care since Evelyn believed her.

She reminded Claire that she was not the true daughter of Evelyn. She told her that she could continue inventing stories about Angela and other people but soon, her own truths would come to light.

Calvin brought Angela to the bedroom and apologised for the scene at the party. She insisted that she did not intend for any of it to happen. He told her that he believed her and should not stress herself over it that much.

The next morning at the greenhouse, Angela’s friend, Patricia asked how she was when Margaret and Larry arrived and they concurred that it was a long night so that was why she was not there.

Margaret and Larry also spoke about having a family very soon when she suggested they go out with Angela as a family. Calvin found Angela in bed and gifted her with a stuffed doggy as a present.

She loved it and he recalled how he gave Claire a stuffed teddy and she was unimpressed. Larry and Margaret went to Francis’ house to get him to release Angela to them. They took her to the mall but Larry received a call from work, much to Margaret’s dismay, he told them to start off and would join them in a short while. So Margaret and Angela went inside the mall, leaving Larry outside.

Evelyn and Claire were at the beauty salon and she asked Claire if she was over what happened. Evelyn was still shocked that Angela would do what Claire accused her off since it was so unlike her.

Claire threw a tantrum at Evelyn, still defending Angela considering what she did to her and deemed it unfair. She stood up and left angrily and Evelyn started calling out to her.

Elsewhere, Elmo told Calvin that it was becoming clear he was falling for Angela although the latter insisted he was just a good friend to Angela.

At the mall, Margaret asked Angela to stand outside the boutique which she got into. Claire walked through there and bumped into Angela whom she started to chide over Calvin.

Margaret smiled as she watched the scuffle and grabbed Angela from Claire’s clutch and made Angela hit Claire. Evelyn appeared and defended her “daughter” but then, Margaret picked a fight, leading the scuffle between Claire and Angela to go on.

She pushed Angela around until she fell to the ground and Angela was as traumatised as Claire picked up something like a cane and made signals of wanting to hit her with it. That made Angela recalled the evil woman who locked her inside a barn and cane her with a stick.

Angela was still having vague images in her head of being tortured at childhood. She hid herself under a certain shelve while Margaret fought Evelyn even when Evelyn was resisting such humiliation but Margaret would not stop.

Larry arrived and the scuffle between Margaret and Evelyn ended. She left after berating Larry. Larry and Margaret went to get Angela who was still distraught and they comforted her.

Evelyn returned home and confronted Claire for all the fuss, claiming that all that had happened was being blown out of proportion all because of Calvin. She advised Claire that it would be better to keep her distance.

Larry and Margaret brought a distraught Angela back home. They left and Larry wondered why all the commotion started up in the first place with Evelyn but Margaret told him not to take the side of his ex-wife.

Calvin kept Angela company and she remembered all the things Claire had done to her. Calvin suggested that since he is over with Claire, they should keep together. He even mentioned to her the possibility of her being his girlfriend.

The next day at work, Angela’s best friend was all over her about Claire and Calvin being over and asked her how it would feel to be Calvin’s girlfriend. Calvin appeared just as Angela and her friend were talking, much to their shock.


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