Until We Meet Again Episode 25

Until We Meet Again Episode 25 Calvin and Angela strengthened their love in a lone Forest 

As Angela and Patricia were talking about Calvin being her boyfriend, Calvin appeared from nowhere. To their dismay, they turned and saw Calvin standing and watching them. He asked about what they were saying and they denied talking about him.

Calvin insisted on hearing them talking about boyfriend and Patricia said it was her boyfriend they were talking about. Calvin then told Angela that he was going to do some delivery.

He said bye to Angela and went to talk to Larry at his office. Margaret appeared and said Angela needed a break especially after what happened the previous night. Calvin seconded Margaret, saying she was right.

Patricia saw that Calvin was interested in Angela and told her that action speaks louder than words. She urged Angela to grab the opportunity to get to know Calvin well. She believed l*ve works like magic which made Angela asked about what magic was.

Later, Calvin came to see Angela and she recalled Patricia’s conversation and asked Calvin a question. She seemed so excited so Calvin asked why she looked so excited.

Evelyn who was fully dressed came out from her room to see Claire sitting on the sofa. She told her she was going out and asked her to stay inside and also refrain from getting close to Calvin. As they hugged in a bid of saying goodbye, Claire quickly called Charm to ask her for a favour.

Patricia made Angela tried her luck with something she came about for her to know if indeed Calvin really loved her. She gave her a small flower and Angela tried the luck game. Her luck ran good with it as the petals she torn ended on “He loves me.”

Angela later went out with Calvin. As he was driving, the car’s break began to develop some fault and he said sorry to Angela. While driving he lost concentration when he locked gaze with Angela. He got so much attracted to her and his gestures suggested that he wanted to get intimate with her.

Their face got so close, Calvin was ready to grab her lips, the car almost hit a tree and he had to give up on the k!ss to quickly take a turn. He said sorry for the unfortunate incident. The car headed to a bush and the tyre got stuck.

They were stuck there, Angela cast all her strength to push the car but it did not work. Meanwhile, Claire and Charm arrived at the landscaping site looking for Calvin.

She came across Patricia and the rest of the workers talking about Calvin’s profound l’ve for Angela. Claire got mad but Charm tried to cool her temper. After all her efforts in reaching Calvin proved futile, Maila informed her that Calvin went with Angela which got her more upset.

She asked of exactly where they went and she seemed not to know. She believed the workers were keeping something from her and was upset.

As they were getting bored in the car, Angela asked Calvin to play music. Calvin said he could not but promised to make the best out of the time they were together. Calvin went out of the car to get a guitar from the back.

Charm and Claire ran into Elmo and she asked him to help her search for Calvin. Calvin played the guitar and Angela watched and listened to the soothing sounds which made her thoughts about everything that Patricia told her. She clapped for such a magic rhythm, knowing it was l*ve which was at play.

Elsewhere, Glenda and Evelyn talked about Claire and Calvin. Claire later called her that she was out with Elmo as she went to see Calvin and could not find him. She said sorry to Evelyn for not heeding to her advice.

Evelyn was surprised to hear her saying she was searching for Calvin and asked Glenda for her leave. Dr Francis, Larry and Margaret talked about Angela and her welfare.

Elsewhere in the bush, Calvin also taught Angela how to play the guitar. He wrapped his hand around Angela’s neck. He watched her closely when she was playing it.

In his mind he wanted to get intimate but he controlled his emotions. Angela told Calvin that her fingers were already tired since she was not able to learn how to play music. Calvin told her that it was fine and what mattered most was that she tried.

He remembered the way Claire betrayed him and then said that actions mattered more than words did when it comes to l*ve.
They left the guitar in the car and went for a walk. It was night, Calvin and Angela seemed hungry so Calvin left Angela for a while in search of food.

Calvin gathered some fruits mainly mangoes and Angela decided to create a nice setting for them to sit. Calvin returned and was happy with the setting. He clapped to cheer Angela up and also commended her for her talent.

After Margaret saw her friend off, she turned and found Glenda and Evelyn. Margaret was a bit scared if they heard her conversation with her friend. She talked to her friend about how she did not care about Angela and was just playing a charade to make Larry believe she cared about Angela.

She then asked Evelyn what she was doing there. She wondered the nerves Evelyn possessed in coming there after their fight at the mall.

Glenda and Evelyn were just there at Larry’s garden to look for Claire but Margaret who gave them attitude told them that Claire went out with Elmo to look for Calvin and Angela.

Claire was upset with Elmo since they kept getting lost and she wanted to stop Angela from stealing Calvin from her. Elmo told Claire that she had to calm down and learn to accept that Calvin was already falling for someone else.

Claire asked him to clarify what he had said. Elmo said he could clearly see that Calvin was falling for Angela. Claire however promised not to let Calvin go.

Calvin and Angela stood, they walked in order to get to the car, Angela tripped and broke her leg.

Fortunately, Elmo and Claire arrived at the spot where Calvin had left his car. Claire quickly came out while Elmo followed.
They searched for them and when they did not find them, Claire got hysterical. She tried calling Evelyn.

Elmo tried to calm her down. Glenda went to talk to Margaret and Margaret who thought she was coming to talk about Calvin and Angela being together said Glenda was overreacting.

Glenda wanted to verify a conversation she heard Margaret talking about t her friend concerning Angela but she denied it.


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