Until We Meet Again Episode 28

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 28

Until We Meet Again Episode 28 Angela embarks on health trip to America

In the house of Larry, he and Margaret put Angela to bed. Margaret then asked Larry for how long he intended Angela to stay at the house and Larry told her that she would stay for as long as it was necessary.

He asked Margaret if she had a problem with Angela staying and she said she was fine.
In the morning, Margaret found Angela crying in her room and told her that it was better to let Calvin go. She said the two of them would never be happy if they stayed together while Claire was pregnant for him.

She took advantage of Angela’s depressed condition to tell her that the best way to keep her mind off Calvin was staying busy and gave her a washing brush and detergents for her to clean the tiles in the bathroom.

As Francis was having breakfast, he asked Glenda to take care of Calvin so that he would not go anywhere while he looked for a place that Angela could stay in the meantime in order for them to arrange Calvin’s marriage to Claire.

Later, Elmo went to visit Angela and she was disappointed to see that Calvin was not with him. She wanted to see him so Elmo told Larry and Margaret that he was taking Angela somewhere.

They sneaked into Calvin’s house and Angela was able to see Calvin. She was startled by his bruises and decided to take Margaret’s advice. She told Calvin that she had to let him go so that Francis and Claire could not get mad.

Calvin did not want to agree with her but before he could convince her otherwise, Glenda arrived and told Angela to leave before Francis return to find her there.

As soon as Angela left with Elmo, Claire arrived with cupcakes and told Glenda that she wanted to see Calvin. Glenda asked her to go up to her room and before she knocked, she heard Calvin on the phone.

Calvin was talking to Elmo on the phone and he asked him to give it to Angela. Elmo put the phone on loud speaker and Calvin told Angela that he l*ved her and would run away together with her. He gave Elmo instructions on where to take Angela and they agreed to meet up.

Claire heard everything and left without talking to Calvin. Calvin left the house without Glenda finding out and he did not take his car. She called him and he told her that he would be leaving with Angela and Glenda asked him to go back home.

Glenda reminded him of his responsibility towards Claire’s unborn child and insisted on him to stay without eloping with Angela.
Francis arrived and hit Glenda for not looking after Calvin. He took the phone from her and told Calvin that if he did not return home, he and Angela would both pay for it.

Elmo left Angela at the meeting spot and went to get food. Angela made a wish to a shooting star that Calvin and her could be together. Calvin arrived and Angela was so happy to see him, she hugged him.

Calvin kept his arms down and Angela noticed it. Calvin told Angela that he could no longer go with her and was sorry for what he had said earlier. Angela understood that he could not go based on the fact that he did not l*ve her and started to cry.

When Elmo got back with the food, Calvin told him to take Angela home. Angela was still crying when Elmo took her to Larry’s house. Larry was upset with Angela and Calvin for their decision to run away.

Margaret emotionally tortured Angela by making her believe that Calvin did not l*ve her since she was feral and did not act normal. She however, assured her that there was a way for her to get better.

American doctor, Dr John wanted to take Angela with him to get her treated but Francis did not want to agree to it. The doctor resorted to blackmailing Francis by threatening to file a complaint against him for the illegal methods he had used in treating Angela.

Margaret also convinced Larry to let Angela travel to America to get treated. She actually was not ready to share Larry’s affection with Angela and made it sound like it was te best decision for Angela so Larry agreed to talk to Francis in order to allow Angela go.

Francis, Margaret and Larry all took Angela to meet Doctor John and they told her that he would make her better so that she could become a normal person and people would get to l*ve her. Angela agreed to go to the states, Larry and Margaret promised to go visit her on regular basis.

Calvin decided to visit Angela at Larry’s house but when he got there, the neighbour told him that Angela had already left for America.
Claire had gone with Charm to see Calvin when she saw him drive away and followed him to Larry’s house.

As Calvin was leaving the building to go to the airport, Claire and Charm followed him again.
Larry and Margaret took Angela to the airport where she left with Doctor John.

Calvin arrived after they had checked in. He held someone believing the person was Angela but when the person turned it was a mistake identity as it was not Angela.

He saw a security at the reception and asked where he could make an announcement. He rushed to the announcing booth in order to make an announcement.


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