Until We Meet Again Episode 33

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 33

Until We Meet Again Episode 33 Margaret keeps Conching, Glenda as hostages

Evelyn and Larry met the girl they had been told about. She asked them to help her go back to her parents and siblings and Evelyn soon realised she was not their daughter since she already knew who her parents were.

As Glenda was leaving the resort, she tried to call Evelyn again and she finally answered her call. She was about to tell her what she found out about Glenda but Odessa came from behind her and snatched her phone away. She finished the call and Evelyn’s call got cut on the other line.

Odessa told her that she would not let her tell Evelyn anything but Glenda was determined to tell Evelyn and Larry the truth. She said she was not afraid and Odessa told her that she should be if she knew what she had done to the person who had called her Odessa the last time.

She grabbed Glenda by the hair then smashed her face against her car. When Glenda was unconscious, Odessa put her in the back of her car and left the resort.

Calvin approched Elmo and Angela since he wanted to speak to Angela. Elmo said he had something to do so he left and Calvin stopped Angela so that they could talk. He told her that he would have loved to help her because he knew how important family was.

Angela said she understood since he had left her to make a family with Claire. Calvin said he didn’t mean it that way. Angela told him that she wanted nothing to do with him and left.

Larry took Evelyn home and she thanked him for being with her even if she had shouted at him before. As Evelyn was affected by the fact that she was unable to locate her daughter, Larry told her not to be disappointed.

Evelyn said it was for nothing that they went to San Felipe but Larry opened up that it was not for nothing since now they had settled their differences and now in good terms. He asked Evelyn to call him if she received any more leads about the whereabouts of Ana.

Later that evening, Calvin noticed Glenda’s car at the resort but she was nowhere to be found. Larry called Evelyn to ask her if she had spoken to Glenda and she said she tried to call but the call never went through.

Glenda was at the back of Odessa’s car and she tried to get to her phone but it slide away from her as Odessa hit a bump. They had to stop at a police check and Odessa warned Glenda not to say anything.

When the police asked them what was wrong, Odessa told them that Glenda was ill and she was taking her to the hospital. Glenda agreed to the story and they were allowed to go.

Odessa took Glenda to the place she had been keeping her Aunt Conching and left the two of them there by themselves.

The following morning, Glenda was still not found and everyone began to worry. They went to look at the CCTV footage for the resort and Margaret said the last time she saw Glenda was in her office.

Unfortunately for her, there was a footage that revealed her following Glenda and she was too close to her.

Francis and Larry asked her why she had lied and Margaret said Glenda had asked her to do it. She added that Glenda told her that she was having problems with Francis which was why she needed some time for herself.

Francis refused to believe her and said if Glenda would confide in anyone, it would be Helen or Evelyn not Margaret.

Calvin did not see why Margaret would lie so he confronted his father and asked him whether he had done anything to Glenda. Francis got offended and hit Calvin. Angela was worried about the bruise and she helped Calvin take care of it.

Glenda tried to call out for help but Conching told her to give it up since she had tried to do it for days but no one heard her. Odessa had left food for both of them and Conching told Glenda to eat so that she would retain her strength.

She expressed the need for them to get energy so that they could fight back and flee themselves when they have a chance to escape.

Glenda decided to eat but due to how her hands were tied she struggled to eat the food and ate it like an animal.


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