Until We Meet Again Episode 34

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 34

Until We Meet Again Episode 34 Francis gets arrested following Glenda’s kidnapping case 

In Manahan’s mansion, the maid of the house found Glenda’s blouse in the garden. She ran and called Calvin to show it to him and Calvin went to ask Francis if he knew why the blouse was there.

It was the blouse that Glenda was wearing in the CCTV footage and Francis said he didn’t know how it got there. He got upset since Calvin seemed to be suspecting him of having something to do with Glenda’s disappearance.

Calvin quickly called the police to their house and when they arrived, they found Francis as he held on to Glenda’s blouse. He told them that he was about to call them to tell them about Glenda’s blouse but Calvin did it before he could.

The police asked him to go to the station with them for further questioning and Francis wanted to beat up Calvin for making it seemed like he was the one to be blamed for Glenda’s disappearance.

He told the police that he had rights and they could not take him in without any proof. The police stopped him from beating Calvin with a claim that he too had rights of his own.

Francis said he would willingly go with them so that he could prove his innocence.
Meanwhile, Margaret told Larry that he had to send another engineer to the site since Calvin was not there.

Larry consented as he knew Calvin was busy looking for Glenda. Later, their wedding planner came to talk to them about their wedding but Larry received a call from Calvin saying that they were at the police station. He wanted to go there but Margaret stopped him.

She said they had already done enough to help the Manahans but now they had to focus on other relevant things pertaining to their business wedding so Larry had no option than to stay.

Since Angela could not find Calvin at work, she went to look for him at his house. She almost changed her mind and wanted to leave but Calvin left the house and saw her. They talked outside the house as Calvin shared his distress about his mother’s disappearance and he feared that she might be dead. He cried and Angela held him in her arms telling him that things would be fine.

Margaret left Larry and went to see how her hostages were doing. She sent food to Glenda and Aunt Conching and updated them on what was happening. She told Glenda that Francis was being suspected for her disappearance and Glenda was upset since he had nothing to do with it.

Elmo went to the resort and Angela asked him why he went there since Calvin was not there. Elmo told her that he was there to see her, explaining that he wanted to get to know her better since he liked her and has developed some feelings for her.

Angela told him that she did not want to ruin their friendship by getting too close but she later agreed to go on a lunch date with him.
When Odessa went to see Glenda and Conching again, Glenda tried to escape and she hit Odessa with a piece of furniture in the back.

Since she had been tied up for long, Glenda could not walk properly but she managed to get to Margaret’s car to take the phone that she hid there. She dialed Calvin’s number to inform him about her kidnap. Before she could mention the name of the culprit the network got interrupted and the line cut.

Calvin became devastated after the call cut and Claire who was with him told him that Evelyn knew someone who could trace the call and they contacted Evelyn to help them. They were able to narrow down the location that the call came from and Calvin went to look for Glenda.

Odessa recovered from the blow and went out to look for Glenda. Glenda hid her phone back in Odessa’s car in order to keep the video of her confession. She tried to run away but she was still weak and Odessa caught up with her.

Odessa nabbed and dragged her back inside the safe house. Realising Glenda has an evidence against her she demanded Glenda to tell her the kind of evidence she had against her.


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