Until We Meet Again Episode 37

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 37

Until We Meet Again Episode 37 Margaret fights herself after knowing Glenda is alive

Odessa left the safe house and cried her heart out for the evidence that Glenda had against her and was scared if Larry could get hold of it.

She was also scared that Larry might have gained evidence against her based on how her aunt shouted in exposing her identity. Francis talked hearty to Evelyn and Helen. He said the CCTV footage showed that Margaret was following Glenda and believed Margaret had a hand in his wife’s disappearance.

Larry on the other hand was drinking and recalling Dominic telling him to look for Margaret’s aunt, he also recalled how Margaret’s aunt said Margaret was not who she claimed she was and was lying to him.

When Margaret arrived at the house, Larry was still drinking and looking very upset with her. She asked him what he wanted to talk to her about and he asked her about her Aunt.

He wanted to know why her Aunt said she was faking her identity and had been feeding him with lies all those while. Margaret defended herself, saying her aunt was crazy and had hurt her while she was on the phone.

That, she explained was the reason she was unable to call him back. She became upset with Larry for always doubting her. Larry’s action she said was the reason she hurt Evelyn since he made her jealous of Evelyn. She did her best to make Larry feel guilty for doubting her and started to cry.

When Calvin left the restaurant with Angela and Elmo, Claire called to ask him how he was doing and he was skeptical in answering since Angela was there. Before they would end their conversation, Claire told Calvin that she loved him.

Calvin was feeling bizarre to respond so Claire repeated herself and Calvin is compared to answer likewise. Angela feeling jealous with the response of Calvin decided to leave. Before she got to Elmo’s car, Calvin stopped her since he received a text from the hospital saying, his mother has been found and was at the hospital.

The three of them decided to leave for the hospital. At the hospital, Calvin cried and prayed that his mom would get well soon. He cried to her not to leave him all by himself.

Francis was at the police station with Helen and Evelyn when they also received the news that Glenda had been found but was shot. The three of them rushed to the hospital to see her.

Calvin had just seen Glenda when Francis arrived with Evelyn and Helen. He wanted Francis thrown out of the hospital since he thought his father was the one behind Glenda’s condition but Evelyn told him that Francis was with them at the police station all night so he was not the one who hurt Glenda.

Calvin then allowed Francis to go in to see Glenda and he was devastated to see the state that his wife was in. He promised not to hurt her again after seeing what she had been through.

Glenda was in critical condition since she was succumbed to the gun wound and the doctors said they had to keep her under observation to see how she would respond.

After Francis talked to his wife and shared his pains and regret of not being a good husband,
Calvin left and Angela followed although Elmo tried stopping her.

She told Elmo that she wanted to provide a shoulder for Calvin to cry on. They head to the church and they prayed for Glenda. Seeing Calvin so devastated, Angela assured him of her support and believed Glenda could pass through it.

Calvin later went to Glenda’s ward and apologised to his father for doubting him and Francis said it was fine since he was to be blamed for not treating Calvin and his mother well.

As they were talking, Calvin noticed that his mom was making little movement so Calvin and Francis spoke to the doctor. The doctor insisted that Glenda was still in delicate situation and believed Francis being a doctor knew the condition of his wife.

Calvin told his father to do something since he was the one who was able to cure Angela but Francis said his hands were tied in his wife’s situation.

Evelyn also took her turn and talked to Glenda to get well. She believed Glenda was strong and life would be empty without her. She pleaded with her to wake up since her son, Calvin needed her. She then wished her speedy recovery.

As she was shedding tears, she saw Glenda’s eyes winking. Glenda recalled how she recorded the video of Conching’s confession about Margaret being Odessa and how Odessa kidnapped her in her attempt to expose her dirty secret. She also recalled fleeing from the safety house but get shot by Odessa.

Glenda opened her eyes and then closed them again. The doctor after examining Glenda came to inform the family and friends that Glenda was out of coma but she said they had to keep her under observation and prepare for incidence of hallucination.

She then congratulated Dr Francis for his wife being a fighter. The entire family and friends were happy to hear the good news. Calvin and Francis hugged. It was all joy.

Later, Angela who left for a moment came to meet Calvin sitting and sat by his side. They were happy that God has listened to their prayers. Calvin drew Angela closer to him and she laid her head on his chest.

Meanwhile, Elmo and Claire arrived to see the scene both were jealous but Claire handled the issue in a different way. She took up the duty of empathising with Calvin so Angela had to leave.

Elmo wanted to know if Angela would continue seeing Calvin after the incident with his mother was over and she said she only wanted to help him search for his mother and her duty was done.

In Larry’s mansion, Odessa set the table for breakfast. Larry was in a hurry to take a taxi since his car has developed some fault. Odessa hoped that he stayed longer and eat the breakfast she prepared since she prepared the breakfast to make up for their previous night misunderstanding.

She told Larry to go with her car instead. Elmo took Angela home. Larry checked his time since they took the whole night to arrive in the morning so Angela informed them that during the outing, Calvin received a call that his mother was admitted.

She said Glenda was in coma but now has regained consciousness. Suddenly, Margaret shivered and a glass she was holding fell. The news took her by surprise.

Larry was surprised to see her dropping a glass for it to break. The police got to the hospital to try talking with Glenda to gather evidence.

Larry then helped Margaret out and asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine. Margaret then asked Elmo where Glenda was found and he gave the detail account. The police left the hospital after Francis talked to them.

Margaret went to the washroom to scream and hit walls for her failure. Larry came to ask if she was okay.

Larry then took Margaret’s car since his was getting fixed and he ended up finding Glenda’s phone there. He took it thinking that it belonged to Margaret and put it in his bag.
Margaret left to finish off Glenda at the hospital.


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