Until We Meet Again Episode 4

Until We Meet Again Episode 4 Calvin begins to fall for the creature Ana

As Ana came across Calvin at the camp he ran away from him. Calvin followed her to take a photo of her.

Calvin then got back to the camping site with his friends and showed them the picture of Ana. One of them told them that Ana was a feral creature who had been away from human civilization and lived with animals which was why she behaved like one.

The picture got them spooked and they decided to stay alert incase the creature came to attack them.

Evelyn met Claire; the drunk girl who stayed at her house because she left her bracelet at her house and they went out for lunch. Evelyn could see that Claire had some problems and she asked her to look for her if she ever wanted to talk.

After lunch, Claire and Evelyn went to the mall and Claire gushed about a bracelet and told Evelyn that she would love to get it for her birthday which would be in few days. Evelyn asked her to get it as a present from her.

When Claire went home, her father was angry at her for skipping classes and he asked her why she had been skipping classes and wasting all of their money.

Claire told her father that he was the reason they lost their money, hence why her mother left. Her father got upset and slapped her. Claire ran from their house and went to see her friend. She asked if she could stay at her house for a while but her friend said it would not be possible.

Claire therefore decided to go to Evelyn’s house instead. She was in tears when she went to Evelyn. She pleaded with her to let her stay in her house for a few days since she did not want to go home.

Helen advised Evelyn against it and asked her to make Claire go to his father but Evelyn said she would listen to Claire first.

Claire told Evelyn that her father had been abusing and beating her. Evelyn was surprised and suggested that they report him but Claire did not want people to think her father was a bad person.

She asked to stay at Evelyn’s house for the night as she figured out what to do next. Evelyn told Helen that she wanted to help Claire hoping that someone out there was helping her daughter as well.

Ana was hungry in her new abode, she went out in the quest to look for food and took away Calvin’s bag at his camp. She ran off as Calvin woke up and he told his friends that they had to get the bag no matter what since his phone was in.

His friends asked him to get a new phone but Calvin said all his girlfriends’ pictures were on his phone and he could not afford to lose them.

They called the phone and managed to find where Ana was. She ran off but Calvin went after her. Ana ran to the side of a river and tried to bite Calvin when he tried to get the bag from her.

Calvin shoved her aside and she fell from a cliff into the river. Ana could not swim and was about to drown so Calvin quickly jumped in to the river to save her. Ana lost her cover in the water so Calvin removed his shirt and put it on her.

Calvin went back to his camp to get some food and medicine to treat Ana’s foot as she hurt her leg when she fell into the river. After treating her, he led her back to his camp with food.

He told her that she should stay with him as it was not safe to be out in the forest by herself, Ana developed trust in him so the two started to get along. Calvin said he would call her Angela since she reminded him of his ex-girlfriend.

Claire made herself a little too comfortable at Evelyn’s house and entered Ana’s room. Evelyn found her there and asked her never to go in that room again. When Evelyn went out, Claire snooped around her bedroom and stole an expensive watch.

The following morning, Claire went into Ana’s room again and took a stuffed doll. She also dropped Ana’s photo but did not bother picking it up. Evelyn was upset when she found what Claire had done and she asked why she went into Ana’s room when she had asked her not to. She walked out and slammed the door, leaving Claire surprised.

Calvin grew fond of his new friend, he asked his friends to go back home without him as he could not leave Angela by herself. He asked them to inform the authorities about her so that he could hand her over but his friends went to the police instead.

They told the police that their friend had captured a creature and the police had to capture it before it hurt anyone. Odessa was at the station asking for an update about the creature’s capture and was glad to hear that someone had spotted it. She sort to get Ana  before she was taken by the police.

Calvin’s friends took the police to the camp where Calvin was staying with Ana.


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