Until We Meet Again Episode 41

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 41

Until We Meet Again Episode 41 Odessa holds Ana and Evelyn hostages in a cemetery 

Evelyn gatecrashed Larry and Margaret’s wedding to reveal Margaret’s hidden secret. She told the judge officiating the wedding that he could not carry on with the wedding as the woman in question was a serial kidnapper who had ruined her life and that of her family.

Everyone at the gathering turned their eyes, and Evelyn told Larry that Glenda had woken up and has revealed everything about Margaret; that she was actually Odessa and she was the one who kidnapped Ana years ago.

After Glenda got to know the truth from a confrontation between Odessa and her aunt, Conching she also kidnapped Glenda and tried to kill her in order for her top secret to be buried along with Glenda which she failed in her evil attempt.

Margaret told Larry that whatever Evelyn was saying was a lie since all she wanted was to ruin their wedding.

Evelyn told Larry that she would never do such a thing and he had to believe her since Margaret was really Odessa and she had pretended to be someone else just to get close  and get married to him.

Larry dragged Margaret away and went to talk to her. Evelyn got close to Angela and called her Ana for the first time. Larry dragged Margaret and they descended down the stairs to ask her if she was Odessa.

Margaret tried to convince him that Evelyn was telling lies but Larry demanded to know the truth. He could hardly believe that Margaret had managed to fool him for so long and he was mad at her for having taken his daughter and destroyed his family.

Evelyn who stayed behind talking to Angela told her that she was actually Ana, she and Larry’s daughter. Angela was confused and did not seem to understand what Evelyn was saying so Evelyn helped her remember the times she planted trees in their garden when she was still a child.

Larry held Margaret and called her Odessa while he teared down. Odessa slapped him and ran. Larry climbed up in order to join his estranged family.

Angela began to remember and Evelyn explained to her that Odessa had kept her with a dog as company and it was the reason why she became feral.

Dominic seemed at loss, the judge and Margaret’s friend decided to leave the wedding to allow Larry deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, Calvin still couldn’t believe that Margaret was behind Angela’s omen. Larry rejoined his family to meet Evelyn and Angela hugging. Larry joined them and they embraced. Evelyn apologised to him for having left and said they should have stayed together to look for their daughter.

Angela was glad to finally meet her parents while Evelyn was amazed that she had found Ana all along.

Odessa felt so upset that Evelyn had destroyed her wedding so she went back to her hotel room to get her gun. She went back to the family reunion and pointed her gun at them saying, she would not let them be happy.

Larry intercepted Odessa and tried to take the gun but he couldn’t. They struggled for the gun and it got shot for two times, scaring Ana to run off. Larry shouted, asking Evelyn to go after Ana. Odessa kicked Larry and hit him then ran after Ana.

Ana was able to hide away from Odessa. Evelyn was also desperate searching for Ana. Dominic and Margaret’s friend also help with the search. Ana only came out when Larry went to the place she was hiding.

Odessa returned to hit Larry on the head and took Ana away. Helen tried stopping her but Odessa threatened to shoot her so Helen backed out.

Odessa held Ana as captive as she sent Ana into her car and shot the tires of both Larry’s and Evelyn’s car so that they would not go after her. She then tied Angela up and took her away in her car.

When Larry and Evelyn went to follow her, both their cars had flat tires so Dominic lent them his car.

Meanwhile, Calvin was sick with worry for his inability to reach Larry or Evelyn to ask them whether Odessa had already been arrested. He was worried that Odessa would harm Angela. He finally managed to get the call through to Evelyn and she told him that Odessa had taken Ana away.

Odessa took Ana to a cemetery where the actual Margaret Luna was buried and said she would not let Ana reunite with her family while she suffered. Ana begged Odessa to let her go as she had suffered enough in her hands while she never did anything against her.

Calvin after the call left the hospital telling his mother that he had to help find Ana. Glenda advised him to leave the search in the hands of the police but Calvin said he could not, he said sorry to Glenda and Francis and left.

Back to the cemetery, Odessa confessed killing Conching, the woman who tried to reveal the truth to Angela. Ana then recalled the incident of the woman who got shot when she reached the location where she was supposed to meet her.

Odessa was deaf to her plea and said she would make her feral again by letting her stay with a dog and then begin to bark at her.

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Larry were still with the police who were helping in the haunt for Odessa. The police said they had people at the check points to find Odessa.

Odessa made fun of Ana and promised to make life a living hell for her as she would succeed in making her a dog again. Ana was scared and she took a stick to hit Ana with it for several times. As Odessa was beating her, Ana recalled the treatment Odessa made her pass through in the barn.

When Odessa got satisfied for inflicting pains on Ana she stepped out, leaving Ana inside the cemetery. Ana struggled to save herself. She managed to get Odessa’s stick and since her hands and legs were tied up she went to stand at the back of the door and when Odessa was entering, Ana attacked her with the rod.

Ana tried running by hopping but Odessa was quick to react and caught her again. She went out from the cemetery again. Calvin reached where Larry was and found Angela’s chain. He gave it to the police who were struggling to trace the potential place Odessa had kept herself.

Odessa sat outside the cemetery, thinking of a vile plan to hatch. She saw a dog and tried luring the dog to her but it didn’t come. After taking some snacks she went inside the cemetery to bother Ana who was sleeping out of stress.

She poured a drink on her to wake her up, Ana tried provoking Odessa so she called Evelyn to tell her that she had to go to the cemetery to meet her if she wanted to see her daughter again. She also warned her not to bring any police along.

Larry called Evelyn and she told him that Odessa called and was holding Ana as hostage. Larry then set up an ambush with the police thinking that he might catch Odessa but Evelyn had lied to him and no one came.

At the cemetery, Odessa heard a dog’s bark and held Ana so tight to ensure Evelyn did not get the police involved. Odessa hit Evelyn on the head once she came inside and she collapsed. Odessa kept Evelyn hostage along with Ana.

After sometime Evelyn woke up and Ana said sorry to her for passing through such ordeal due to her. Evelyn said she would do anything for her.

As Larry realised he was stood, he called Evelyn, who had her phone hidden and she struggled to receive the call since she was tied up but she managed to receive and revealed the truth to Larry that Odessa had them locked up in a cemetery.

Odessa who was gallivanting outside returned to find Evelyn talking to Larry. She took the phone and talked to Larry referring to him as honey. As Evelyn and Angela were shouting, Larry warned Odessa not to hurt his family. Odessa hung up the call and destroyed the phone.

She later called Larry with her phone and told him to go to the cemetery as well but warned him not to get the police involved, threatening that she would kill Angela and Evelyn if he dared bring the police along with him.


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