Until We Meet Again Episode 42 Finale

Until We Meet Again Episode 42 Finale love reigns as the Medranos reunited after the tragic death of Odessa 

Odessa tortured Angela and Evelyn emotionally and physically for making her lose Larry. She took a rod to whip Ana, as a mother, Evelyn felt her daughter’s pain and begged her not to hurt Ana.

She pleaded with Odessa who had tied them up to let them go. Odessa ordered Evelyn to bark in order for her to give them their freedom but after Evelyn barked, she held back her words, saying she would only let them go once they were dead.

She kept on with her dreams that after Evelyn and Ana were dead she would be left to build a family with Larry since they would no longer be there.

Calvin could not stay without knowing where Angela was so he went out to look for her and found Odessa’s car at the cemetery. Odessa went out to get a bottle of gasoline and returned to sprinkle it all over Ana and Evelyn who were still begging her to let them go.

Odessa, however lit a torch and was ready to burn Ana and Evelyn with it but Calvin who heard the screams of Evelyn and Ana ran towards the direction of the sound and found them.

He managed to get the lit torch away from Odessa. She fought back but Calvin beat her and when she fainted, he quickly untied Ana and Evelyn and got them away.

Larry was also at the cemetery with an officer looking desperately for Evelyn and Ana when they saw Calvin’s car.

Odessa woke up and followed Calvin, Angela and Evelyn with her gun. Due to the fact that Evelyn was tied up she could not ran and delayed. This made Odessa caught up with them and threatened to shoot if they kept running away from her.

Fortunately, Larry and the police officer found them and warned Odessa not to move. The policeman told Odessa to give up her gun but she got hold of Evelyn and threatened to shoot her. When the policeman kept talking, Odessa shot him and asked Larry to go away with her.

Larry said he would go with her as long as he let Calvin, Evelyn and Angela go. Odessa told Larry to make Calvin and Ana leave so that they could talk. Larry asked Calvin to take Ana away.

Ana did not want to leave her parents since they were in trouble but Calvin dragged her away and insisted that Larry did not want her to get hurt that was why he instructed him to keep her safe.

Odessa asked Larry to tell her that he l*ved her and marry her again. Larry said they would get married if she let Evelyn go.

Evelyn took advantage of Odesaa’s distraction with Larry and hit her then tried to get away. Larry went to help her but Odessa shot her gun in the air and threatened to k!ll them for trying to outsmart her.

When Ana heard the sound of the gun, she told Calvin to stop the car and she ran back to where her parents were. She was able to fight off Odessa and took the gun away from. She then threatened to shoot Odessa if she tried anything fishy but Odessa realised it was mere threats Odessa stood up and dared Ana.

She then walked toward angela and gently took the gun back while Larry and Evelyn stare helplessly. Odessa was about to shoot her when Evelyn got in the way and took the bullet instead.

Calvin called the police and they went after Odessa when she shot Evelyn. Odessa seeing her deeds ran off and bumped into a stray dog. The dog felt threatened by Odessa’s presence and it pounced on her to bite Odessa.

Odessa still did not back down since she was not ready to end up in prison but the police caught up with her and shot her leg to stop her from fleeing. That, made her arrest more easy since she could not run any further.

Ana gave Odessa multiple slaps for kidnapping her, turning her into feral, coming back into her life in the name of Margaret and for shooting her mother after the police arrested her. Evelyn was then rushed to hospital together with Ana. Ana cried due to her mother’s condition as she was also getting treated.

Odessa was then dragged to the police station following her arrest. She caused a scene and screamed that she should be released immediately but the police threw her into the cell. She disturbed her fellow inmates while she developed body itching.

At the hospital, the health workers operated on Evelyn. Evelyn fell into coma and her spirit departed from her. Her journey to the other world began but Odessa’s aunt, Conching appeared from her back to come in between her journey.

She called out Evelyn’s name and Evelyn asked where she was since she was fighting Odessa. Conching said sorry for what Odessa did against her family and told Evelyn that it was not yet time for her to die since her family needed her.

Conching after her speech vanished and Evelyn got back into her body. Larry was at Ana’s ward but she was consumed with worry due to Evelyn’s delicate situation. Calvin also appeared in the scene while Ana was requesting to see Evelyn. She told Larry about her frustrations.

Larry asked her not to worry as Evelyn would be fine. He then prayed. Larry went to talk to the doctor and was told that the operation was successful and Evelyn was out of danger.

Evelyn was sent to Ana’s ward and she was finally happy that her mother was safe. Evelyn and her daughter engaged in a conversation and was glad that the family was united again.

Evelyn asked of Odessa and Larry told her that Odessa had been arrested. Calvin appeared in the scene and talked to Ana.

Calvin promised her his support and was ready to fight to the core to win her heart again. He used the opportunity to say sorry to her for breaking her heart. Ana forgave him.

Soon, Evelyn and Ana were discharged and Larry sent them home welcoming Ana into the mansion again, not knowing the bigger welcoming surprise awaited them in the Medranos mansion.

Francis, Glenda, Helen, Elmo and Calvin who prepared the surprise welcomed Evelyn, Larry and Ana and Glenda was happy to see Ana again. Elmo told Ana that it was time to give her up to Calvin.

Glenda assured Ana her support. Later Angela went to stand at the Medranos’ garden looking at the flowers she planted during her childhood years. Calvin appeared in the scene and proposed to her with a promise ring.

He engaged her and assured that she was the woman of his life and would marry her. They k!ssed and hugged. Fast forward, at the police station Odessa began howling and licking where the dog bit her.

Her howling got her fellow inmates irritated and called the guards to change Odessa’s cell due to her peculiar nature or better still send her to hospital for treatment. They were also scared that she would infect them with her sickness.

Odessa’s cell was changed. Days passed by and Odessa’s health situation was getting worse. She howled, cried and barked and she dragged herself on her belly since her legs were shot and got succumbed to the sickness. Soon, the health team visited her cell and found her dead.

They put her on a structure and sent her away. At the Medranos’ mansion, Evelyn was sitting by her television and saw the news broke about Odessa Luna who had died after getting rabies.

Larry and Ana who were also there preparing some snacks got closer  to watch the television together with Evelyn. Later that evening, all the characters, the Medranos, Manahans and the Esguerras all gathered around one table to have dinner.

Francis led the family in prayers, Evelyn and Larry were happy that finally the family were together and has found her daughter while Ana was happy that God has helped her to be reunited with her family even though she passed through lots of hardships but at the end she has gotten the peace and joy she had ever wanted.


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