Until We Meet Again Episode 9

Until We Meet Again Episode 9 Angela recognises Evelyn as her mother 

Calvin played with Angela outside. He had a dog with him and he patted it on the head to encourage Angela to go to him and she rushed to have him pat her head too.

Evelyn watched them and the scene before her reminded her of Ana. She wanted to try Calvin’s trick to persuade Angela to go to her but Angela ran away since she did not want Evelyn to pat her.

Claire complained that Evelyn had been focusing too much on Angela and treated her as if she was her daughter. Evelyn insisted that Angela was only her patient and therefore had to understand since they wanted Angela to recover.

She also said Angela being there would make Calvin go to their house more since she noticed that Claire liked him.

When Calvin went home, his father was drinking and he hit Calvin because he learnt that Calvin had been skipping school. His mother treated the wound and asked Calvin where he had been.

Calvin said  he had been taking care of Angela but would not tell his father that as he was drunk and would not understand.

Odessa visited Larry to see his landscaping business and invited him to her house so that he could help her in landscaping her yard. She filmed herself flirting with him and wanted to show the footage to Larry’s new girlfriend.

She then went to Larry’s house and saw the girl leaving. She stopped her as if to ask for directions to Larry’s apartment and the girl told her that Larry was only looking for a good time. She left the building and Odessa was glad to have getting rid of her.

The following day, Calvin did not go to see Angela since he went to school. Evelyn had to take care of Angela and she brought her food so that she could eat.

She gave Claire her own credit card for her to go for shopping while she stayed behind taking care of Ana. Evelyn played with Angela and tried once again to touch her but Angela barked at her. As Angela was playing, she saw some flowers so she began barking as if she had remembered something.

The barking caught Evelyn’s attention, so she closely watched Angela and realised her interest was in the flowers and Evelyn cried, saying it was a flower which her daughter, Ana sowed.

Angela wanted to comfort her, as she tried calling Evelyn “Mama” but the barking was distracting her speech. Evelyn observed that Angela wanted to be close to her so she made Angela touch her face with her clasped palms.

Claire got back from shopping and wanted to show Evelyn what she had bought. She hugged Evelyn for giving her the credit card and asked her to try on something that she had bought but Evelyn said they had to get Angela back in the house first. This got Claire jealous as Evelyn was directing Angela to get to the room.

When Angela was settling in her room, Claire showed Evelyn the clothes that she bought. They were having fun but Angela who was playing with the stuffed doll under her bed acted as if she had remembered something familiar in the house again.

She quickly came out from the bed and started barking in her room, while knocking at the door. Evelyn left Claire and went to see what was wrong. Claire then followed Evelyn.

Angela seemed agitated by something and when she saw Evelyn, she held her arms up to her. Evelyn hugged her and Angela uttered the words “mama” as Evelyn hugged her. Evelyn was excited that Angela had referred to her as “Mama” but Claire did not look happy.

The following day, Calvin went to visit and Evelyn told him what happened.  She added that she would now be able to help Angela since she was starting to trust her. Evelyn wanted to teach Angela to eat and interact with people so she let her sit at the table with them. Angela tried eating using a spoon but she was unable to use it so she dropped it and ate the way she normally did.

Claire and her friend joined them at the table and Claire went to wipe something off of Calvin’s face. Calvin was seated next to Angela who ended up spilling juice all over Claire.

Claire got upset and went to clean up in her room. She told her friend that she would make Angela pay for what she was doing; taking Calvin and Evelyn away from her.

Evelyn went to clean Angela since she was now able to touch her. Angela was afraid of the water since Odessa used to spray her with a hose as punishment but Evelyn was able to make her feel comfortable and enjoy the bath.

After that, Evelyn tried to comb Angela’s hair but it was all tangled so she decided to cut it. Angela was startled by the scissors and she ended up hurting Evelyn.

Calvin was scrolling through his phone looking at his ex’s pictures when Claire joined him. She asked him who the girl was and Calvin told her that she was his ex but she died.

He added that he named Angela after his ex. They were interrupted by Evelyn crying out so they rushed to see what was happening. Evelyn explained that she was trying to cut Angela’s hair but she was not complying.

Calvin then helped calm her down so that Evelyn could trim the hair. Later, Angela watched herself in the mirror while Evelyn and Calvin tried to teach her to call out their names.

Claire went out for lunch with her friend and said she had to learn why Calvin had named Angela after his ex.  She ran into Elmo and he told her that Calvin related Angela with his ex-girlfriend due to how they met in the outdoors while Calvin use to go out camping with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Evelyn wrote an update of how the feral child’s case was improving under her care as she was now learning how to use the WC, brush her teeth, taking her birth, pronouncing names and claimed her name was Ana and was able to trim her hair since she had gained her trust. Evelyn seemed excited with the development.

Claire went on social media to check photos of Calvin and his ex-girl Agela. Angela was crawling around the house when she found Claire on her laptop. Claire used her leg to signal her to leave but Angela stayed and barked.

Claire beat her for still staying at the living room. She held her hair slapped, beat her mercilessly and shoved her on the centre table so Angela fell on the laptop damaging it. Claire got angry and started to beat up Angela again, she yanked at her hair and hit her head multiple times with the laptop. Evelyn who was still typing the update on the Feral child heard the commotion and went to see what was happening.

Claire played the victim and said Angela damaged her laptop. Evelyn said she would buy another laptop for Claire as she bent down to take care of Angela. Angela was crying and Evelyn noticed that she had a bump on her forehead where Claire used her laptop to hit.

Claire went to her room, telling her friend on phone what she did to Angela for breaking her laptop, Evelyn got there and once she heard Evelyn’s presence she quickly dropped the phone and kept on with her act as the victim. Evelyn asked her why Angela had a bump on her head. She a quietly as if she was innocent.


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