Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 21-25

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 21-25 Claire disgraces Angela at a grand celebration after Calvin breaks up with her

As Evelyn bumps into Angela who is chasing after butterflies at the landscaping site, she sees Angela falling into a pending trap set by Maila. Evelyn saves Angela and complained to Larry about the environment not being friendly to Angela.

This leads to a misunderstanding between the estranged couple. Angela later remembers the identity of Evelyn and shows her a set up she made.

Evelyn realised that Angela loves her job at the landscaping site and makes up with Larry for being too harsh on him.

Meanwhile, Odessa gets jealous about the estranged couple and warns Evelyn against visiting Larry but Evelyn makes it clear that she only came there to see Calvin but was not around.

However, Calvin and Claire’s relationship sees its rocky end as Calvin witnesses Claire in the arms of another man.

Calvin tries fighting to maintain his relationship but Claire plays around. Calvin is left heartbroken so Angela cheers him up while Glenda reads from Angela’s gestures that she has fallen for Calvin.

Francis refuses to believe that but sees the relationship between the two as natural, as Calvin is the one who saved Angela.

Claire upon realising her mistakes tries to patch things up with Calvin but Calvin will have none of that. As Calvin fails to pick her calls and read her text, Claire makes a decision.

She goes to the office in search of Calvin but meets Angela who pleaded with Claire not to make Calvin sad. Claire seeing no one present attacked Angela, unfortunately for her Calvin sees her evil actions against Angela and goes to her aid.

Claire grows mad for seeing Calvin jumping to the defence of Angela. Calvin then makes the biggest decision to call it a quit. Claire in devastation tells Evelyn about the break up, adding that Calvin humiliated her infront of the rest of the workers.

Patricia deems it as an opportunity for Angela to start a relationship with Calvin since he was now single. Calvin gets affected by his decision and gets drunk.

That evening, it rains heavily and Angela seeing Calvin outside in the storm runs with a blanket to cover him up. Calvin’s emotions grows wild, he gets Angela’s lips close to his, melting in Angela’s hand and seeking for a warmth in her feminine hand.

Dr Francis sees so much progress in Angela and she now does things without his and Bernard’s direction. He decides to throw a party for Angela to announce her progress to other doctors.

The next day at work, Patricia makes Angela believes that Calvin intends to k!ss her after she updates Patricia on the night’s incident with Calvin.

Maila who eavesdrops insults Angela for thinking Calvin is falling for her. To her, Angela is too dump for a man to fall for her. Calvin overhears Maila’s insult to Angela and he warns Maila against her ail treatment.

Margaret, Evelyn, Larry and Patricia are invited to the party of Angela. Margaret who is now in competition with Evelyn tries to prove to Larry that she is also compassionate and has the motherly instinct like Evelyn. She decides to use Angela just to appeal to emotions of Larry. She use the pending party to execute her plans by shopping for Angela for the party.

Meanwhile, Claire puts on consistent efforts in winning Calvin back but he was not enthused since he has found out that Claire only pretended to have same interest with Angela, his deceased girlfriend just to get him fall for her.

The night of the event approached, Angela gets mouth agape during the party, dazzling in a beautiful yellow gown which Margaret (Odessa) has bought her. Angela also receives a necklace gift from Evelyn.

At the party, some of the attendees realise that Larry is still not over with his feelings for Evelyn.

Gaining all the attention, Claire makes an evil decision that ruins Angela’s night and that of Dr Francis in his attempts to inform the medical team on his success in rehabilitating Angela and adjusting her back to fit into the society.

Claire after making Angela falls infront of her guests also manages to paint Angela black when she falls into a pool and blames Angela for attacking her. This compels Dr Francis to make an unexpected decision. He tries to whip Angela and gets her isolated.

Helen did not believe Claire’s antics but she did not care and throws off tantrum. Soon, Larry and Margaret manage to get Angela from Francis to send her to a mall.
There, Angela bumps into Claire and a fight erupts. Evelyn gets involved and Margaret fights Evelyn, leading to a scandal.

Later, Evelyn warns Claire to stay away from Calvin since all that had happened was out of her jealousy and frustration to gain Calvin at all cost.

Soon, Claire calls charm to escort her to Calvin’s work to talk to him when Evelyn left the house.

They met Calvin’s absent and was desperate searching for him. She learns that Calvin left with Angela. She met Elmo who helps her in her search for Calvin.

Calvin’s car breaks down so he and Angela get stuck around some forest. The moment together presented them an opportunity to get close to eachother. Calvin plays music to get Angela entertained.

Meanwhile, Claire is consumed with fury as Elmo still can’t find his friend’s whereabouts but Elmo insists on Claire to accept losing Calvin to Angela.


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