Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 26-30

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Highlights Episode 26-30

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 26-30
Claire is pregnant while Angela travels to America 

Still stuck in the woods, Angela is tired of playing the guitar. She later twists her leg as she and Calvin decide to get inside the packed car.

Meanwhile, Claire and Elmo arrive at where Calvin’s car is stuck. After a failed attempt to reach them, the police get involved with the the search and they find the l*ve birds the moment Calvin is about to make a romantic promise to her.

Claire knowing Calvin has slide from her hands and has finally confessed to her what he actually feels for Angela, Claire in devastation reminds Calvin about Angela’s feral nature but Calvin still will not heed to a plea for reunion,¬† she then collapsed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Calvin is hit hard with a new discovery about Claire being pregnant for him. The news pierced the heart of Angela and Calvin, leading Evelyn to be upset with Calvin for his irresponsible behaviour.

Evelyn is also scared that she will be blamed by the man who adopted Claire for her inability to train her right. Calvin assumes the responsibility of the child but fails to reunite with Claire since his heart belongs to someone else.

Waking up to the reality that his son has fallen for his feral patient, Francis throws Angela out of his house and beats his son mercilessly for getting in between the treatment he has been given his feral patient.

Angela who knows nowhere to go is left on the street with her things but help finds her when Elmo decides to give her to Larry. Larry and Margaret open their home for Angela.

Calvin and Angela are left with no choice than to elope in order for no one to come in between their affair. However, Calvin is hit by an unfortunate incident leading him to choose the life of his mother over Angela.

Left heartbroken, Angela is forced to believe that Calvin gave up on her because he never loved her. The night becomes her day and the day becomes her torment, she is antagonised and cried in her attempt to fix her broken heart.

Elsewhere, Dr Francis is threatened by a foreign doctor, Dr John to expose his illegal means in treating Angela and is left with no choice than to agree with Larry and Margaret to give Angela up for proper and better treatment to make her fully recover from the slight feral aspect of her.

Angela is happy and thanked Margaret for convincing her to travel to the state to gain proper medical attention since she is convinced by Margaret that Calvin chose to be with Claire because Angela behaves like a dog.

Shock to the core with the news about Angela’s trip, Calvin runs to the airport to stop his l*ve from totally cutting ties with him but meets her departure. He cries uncontrollably as he confesses the agony he feels in his heart for Angela to leave him.

Unknown to him, Claire had followed him to the airport and the confession of him l*ving Angela boils the blood of Claire, she collapsed and ends up losing the baby.

Being harshly blamed for the miscarriage, Calvin is forced to reunite with Claire and to eventually marry her.

Months fly, Larry and Margaret keep their promise to Angela and consistently visit her in the United States to check her progress.

Soon, Angela fully recovers and becomes a refined lady. She returns to Philippines and Claire who sees a media interview with her rival decides to hide the truth of Angela’s return from Calvin.

Calvin eventually comes across Angela, he quickly hugs her but Angela gives him attitude since he hurts her feelings. Due to the attitude Angela exhibited, Calvin thought Angela has forgotten all about him. He starts to reintroduce himself and Angela cut him off and says she knows him and has not forgotten the emotional torture he made her go through.

Charm makes Claire grows more jealous of Angela as she complements the lady Angela has become. Claire feels insecure since Angela is working at the landscaping site together with Calvin. She is compelled to make a decision.

Maila seeing Angela wants to make fun of her speech impairment but realised that the Angela infront of her is a different personality all together. Angela puts Maila in her place and even saves Maila from her cruel father who is taking advantage of Maila.

Maila then becomes friends with Angela and apologises for her ail treatment toward her. Soon, Angela visits Evelyn to patch things up with her. Claire never backs down on her fight with Angela as she thinks the return of Angela is the cause of the distance Calvin was given her in a constant excuse of being busy and meeting deadlines.

Claire blames Angela for her miscarriage and Angela sympathises with her but she threatens Angela to stay away from Calvin.

Meanwhile, Calvin is not happy with how Angela keeps giving him the cold shoulder. He bumps into her at the resort, as Angela breaks away from him, he grabs her from the back and hug her while asking for forgiveness.

However, Claire arrives to meet the scene and fights with Angela. Angela gives Claire the slap of her life and warned her against attacking her. Margaret witnesses the fight and gets entertained by it but after seeing the presence of Larry she pretends to make an attempt to separate the fight.

Calvin makes a conscious effort to convince Claire that Angela is not involved with him but Claire accuses him of cheating.

Claire who is still not satisfied decides to return to the resort to fight again but she discovers that she is banned from entering.

Thinking Angela is behind it, she caused a scandal and attack Angela again. Evelyn is blamed for Claire’s irresponsible behaviour.
Later, Calvin gets jealous when Angela ignores him and cling to Elmo.


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