Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 31-35

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Highlights Episode 31-35

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 31-35
Larry is lured to marry Margaret while a search party is unleashed to find missing Glenda  

Claire informs Evelyn about the humiliation she suffered when she finds a restriction has been imposed on her at the resort.

Though, Evelyn is upset by Claire’s action, she decides to elevate her spirit instead and sends her to a restaurant.

However, the entertaining outing turns into a scandal when the rivals clash at the restaurant. A fight breaks out and Evelyn pushes Angela to protect her adopted daughter, Claire.

The unexpected happened as the unconscious Angela is rushed to hospital. Evelyn realising her mistake, tries to make things right but she is sacked by her former husband for hurting Angela while Claire is at fault.

Learning that his estranged girlfriend has been admitted, Calvin reprimands Claire. Angela who regains consciousness tells Margaret about how bad she feels to be treated horribly by a woman, Evelyn, she considered a mother.

Margaret takes advantage of the situation to appeal to the emotions of Larry. She soon deploys a scheme which in turn traps Larry to propose marriage to her during her birthday.

Having a promise ring on, Margaret enlists Glenda’s help as a caterer for her wedding. Aunt Conching is forced to end Margaret lies.
Evelyn receives a strange call from a person who knows the location of her missing daughter.

She then embarks on a journey to San Felipe in search of Ana even when the unknown line was not going through. Meanwhile, Margaret decides on a trip to shop for her nuptial.

Conching takes the liberty of Margaret absent to reach Larry at his office. Her plans however, backfires as Margaret’s trip gets cancelled.

She gets shocked seeing her paralysed aunt now able to walk. She threatens her when she found the real intention of her aunt. Meanwhile, a familiar face overhears their conversation and recorded the incident which exposes Margaret as Odessa and the kidnapper of Larry and Evelyn’s missing child.

However, both Angela and Evelyn’s search for a mother and a daughter respectively prove futile. Larry provides a shoulder for Evelyn to cry on while he supports Evelyn in the search.

They patched things up and Evelyn forgives Larry for everything which happened. Meanwhile, a familiar face falls into the trap of Odessa. Calvin on the other hand feels jealous especially with Angela and Elmo’s new friendship.

Soon, Glenda gets missing and Margaret frames Dr Francis for it, leading an altercation between the father and son.

However, the two women who have been kept as hostages by their nemesis plan an escape as they take comfort in eachother to set themselves free.

The maid in the Manahan’s mansion makes a shocking discovery about the missing Glenda. This deepened Calvin’s suspicion about his father. He engages the police and they nab Francis even though the later tries to vent his anger on Calvin by beating him infront of the officers.

The hostages execute their plans and one is able to break lose to make a surprise phone call but is soon caught. Calvin however enlists Evelyn’s help in tracing the location of the phone call he receives from his kidnapped mother.

Meanwhile, Elmo tries to get more closer to Angela to know her better. They start off with a lunch date but their date was cut short after the jealous, Claire calls Elmo to find out if he is with Calvin in the search of Glenda.

Due to the help Calvin has offered her ever since she was feral, Angela deems it as an opportunity to repay Calvin for every good thing he did for her. Her kind gesture shocks Elmo since he knows the effort Angela is putting to distance herself from Calvin.

Although he is not in support but understands Angela’s point and they rush to San Teresa to offer a lending hand to Calvin. Elsewhere, Claire grows more jealous when Calvin declines her support, thinking he is with Angela.

Unfortunately, Elmo’s car breaks down on the road and Angela takes jeepney, leaving Elmo alone to fix his car. Angela and Calvin bump into eachother after the latter printed lots of posters of his missing mother to distribute at the location where the phone call was from.

They head to San Teresa to continue the search. Larry after the short encounter with his ex-wife tries possible means to get close to her. Fortunately, Evelyn and Helen already are in need of his help in the search of Glenda.

Margaret discovers the secret of her soon to be husband when she eavesdrops his phone conversation. She then hatches a plan and spoils Larry and Evelyn’s date. A brawl escalates as Margaret fights Evelyn, qualifying her with all sorts of unpleasant adjectives including mistress.

Soon, Larry wakes up to a hurtful discovery that Margaret attacks Evelyn in public just to ruin their scheduled date in order to make Evelyn distance herself from him. Larry hits Margaret hard when he confesses that he is rethinking about his decision of marrying her.

To her dismay, Margaret finds out that one of her hostages has been able to contact her family and plans an evil scheme before her greatest secret comes to light.

Elsewhere, Glenda is able to set herself lose again and flees through a window but did not leave without promising her co-victim about her return to help her.


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