Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 36-40

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Highlights Episode 36-40

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 36-40 Odessa kills Conching, Evelyn gatecrashes Larry and Margaret Wedding following Glenda’s exposé 

Calvin and Angela are still on their mission searching for Glenda. Fortunately or unfortunately, it starts to rain and Calvin takes advantage of the situation in his attempts to bond and gets intimate with Angela.

However, their moment is ruined by Elmo’s phone call. Elmo has managed to fix his car and is heading to San Teresa to pick Angela up.

After meeting eachother, Elmo finally reveals his feelings about Angela to Calvin, knowing Calvin is still interested in Angela. Calvin gives him the chance to court Angela even though he is not happy.

Meanwhile, Odessa took Glenda on a chase and finishes her off. Soon, the fisher folks in the area come to Glenda’s rescue.

Glenda is transported to a hospital and Calvin through a phone call is blown away by the news of his mother. He rushes to the hospital together with Elmo and Angela.

Evelyn is forced to make a hurtful decision to get Francis arrested for the disappearance of his wife but she makes a surprise discovery about Francis which made her rescind on her decision.

The news about Glenda spreads quickly leading Francis, Evelyn and Helen to the hospital. The father and son clash but Evelyn makes Calvin sees reason to allow his father to see his wife.

After suffering accusation and denial from Calvin, Francis turns into a new leaf. He apologises to his wife and son and promises to be the father that Calvin never had.

Margaret and Larry’s relationship begins to shake as the latter is getting convinced that Margaret is living with fake identity. Margaret tries to set a lover’s table of breakfast to straighten her crook relationship with Larry but wakes up to the hurtful reality that her hostage is still alive.

She is compelled to make an unwise move to finish Glenda off at the hospital once and for all just to save her pending marriage.

Meanwhile, Larry finds the phone which has the evidence in Margaret’s car. Margaret then executes her plan but she is disappointed to learn that her victim has been transferred to Manila.

Angela on the other hand is still poised to find her missing parent so Larry offers to help her in the search. They decide to get the police investigate on parent who file complains about a missing daughter of Angela’s age.

Unfortunately, Larry embarks on a trip and he and angela agreed to begin the search once he returns. This becomes a great news for Margaret to execute her evil plan.

Elmo tries to deepen his relationship with Angela but the later is rather consumed with memories of her past with Calvin.

Elsewhere, Margaret is caught by Francis who was in Glenda’s ward implementing her vile plan. Francis sacks her and later gives warning to the officials in the clinic to ensure Margaret does not set her foot there. He also planted a security at the ward of his wife.

Calvin questions his dad and Francis tells him about his suspicion, urging him not to believe anyone till Glenda regains consciousness for her to tell them the misery behind her disappearance.

Soon, Angela had flashes of memories about the wicked woman who turned her into feral when Margaret reached home in her hood after a failed mission.

Margaret after faking tears also is beaten by another news about Angela ready to perform hypnosis to regain her memories. Margaret is devastated and asks Angela to involve her in all her decision.

Calvin after discovering from the nurse that Claire has thrown Angela out goes to the office to find what she wanted to discuss with Francis, unfortunately, Angela faints.

Soon, Claire finds Angela in the arms of Calvin and is passionately being k!ssed by Calvin. Claire attacks Angela and Elmo learns about Calvin pulling a fast one on his new girlfriend.

The two friends engage in a fight over Angela and Calvin finally compels Angela to choose between him and Elmo.

Moved by the scene, Angela throws both out. Glenda finally wakes up and reveal a small part of the bigger secret to Evelyn but the doctor insists that everything Glenda said should not be taken seriously since she is delirious. Evelyn is determined to find out about Odessa.

She soon discovers that Odessa had escaped from the mental institution so many years ago. While cleaning, Angela comes across the phone with evidence and she gives it to Margaret. Margaret destroys the evidence and threw the phone inside a pond but Margaret’s kingdom begins to crumple down after changing the location of Conching.

Angela who is being wooed by Calvin receives a strange call from a woman who claims to know her past. With Calvin’s escort, they get to the location, but before meeting the actual caller a brutal crime is committed by an unseen person.

Calvin and Angela witnessed an old woman who is shot. They go into her rescue, due to the incident, they are unable to reach the truth.

Meanwhile Margaret celebrates the death of Conching, as now no one will come in between her marriage. Later, a fight ensued between Margaret and Evelyn after the former sees Evelyn in the arms of Larry.

Claire and Evelyn had a misunderstanding. Another incident between Margaret, Angela and Evelyn compelled Larry to finally honour his promise to Margaret by making her his bride.

He cut ties with Evelyn and Evelyn is left with no other choice than to weep for her lost. Francis supports Calvin in his decision to date Angela and urged him to fight for her.

Soon, Glenda wakes up and reveal the dirty secret of Margaret and how she being Odessa kidnaps Ana and turns her into feral. After hit by the painful discovery, Evelyn and Helen decide to halt Larry and Margaret’s wedding to bring her to book.

Elsewhere, Angela recalls her kidnapper’s name as Odessa but is forced to withhold her enmity towards her. However, the wedding of Larry and Margaret is ongoing, Angela is still possessed with the urge to expose Odessa.

After hustling and tussling, Evelyn and Helen finally figure out the location of her nemesis wedding. The vows exchange was ongoing, when Evelyn and Helen who fought with the the security to make their force entry reached the scene. What will happen next subscribe to the site for your regular update.


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