Viral Scandal Episode 10

Viral Scandal Episode 10 Rica becomes a certified architecture after passing her exams, Archie blackmails Jigs, Kakay and Audrey clash during a charity project

Rica met Dan and hugged him after the completion of her examination. They met at the premise of the building which inspired Rica to take up the architect course.

She took trip down the memory lane to the high school days when Dan took pictures of her in her uniform at the place. She then joined Dan on the motorcycle for them to go home after talking about her fond memories of the building. At the abandoned building, Kyle also left with his motorcycle.

As she arrived home, Rica met a surprise party put up by her siblings, mother and Pogs to celebrate her for successfully completing her architectural certification examination.

At the Solimans mansion, Troy arrived to talk to Ronald concerning his son but Ronald told him that he did not know the location of Archie.

Before Troy could threaten him, Ronald disclosed to him the possible threats he would have threatened him with since Bobby had already told him. He then made fun of the mayor by asking him whether he needed Archie to help Jigs or his illegitimate child.

Troy left the place and went to Laura Dizon’s law firm. He expressed the need for them to find Archie as soon as possible. He was positive that Archie had something against Jigs, the reason he leaked the video irrespective of the consequences the contents might posed on the counselor.

He wanted to get his hand on him first so that he could lure him to talk. In the house of the Sicats, Bea and Nico moved mountains to find Archie Soliman through digital alternative.

Nico got a perfect picture and his senior sister vlogged on it with a promise to give out 10,000 shout outs to the person who would help her family find the wanted man in the picture for leaking the nakedness of her sister without her consent.

Attorney Dizon finished filing the appeal and led the Sicats to the prosecutor’s office only to meet her absence. The secretary got their mouth agape when she placed the appeal documents beneath thousands of files.

Though not happy by events, fortune smiled at the Sicats in other perspective. The family jumped around in merriment, finding out through the published names that Rica Sicat has passed her exams and was now a certified architect. Elsewhere, Troy also celebrated finding his daughter’s name occupying the 65th position of the released lists.

Jigs and Bobby were having lunch when Bobby told Alberto that he spoke with someone at the justice office and found out that Rica’s appeal would be junked. He therefore told his father not to worry. Alberto asked whether he had news on Archie but Bobby said otherwise, explaining that Archie was excellent in hiding.

Alberto told him to find Archie to know what he had against Jigs before he boasts about them not having any problem to think about. Jigs received an unknown call and left. Bobby now told his father to rather watch out for Troy since he has been consistently visiting the Solimans.

He doubted Troy was doing that to help Jigs and advised his father to stop relying on the loyalty of Troy as he would be the reason for their downfall. Audrey prepared her friends for an outreach programme in a market and cautioned them not to wear expensive jewelleries, it could be stolen.

Her friends wanted to inform Margaret, Archie’s mother but Audrey did not want that. While checking on the Solimans to find a new lead on Archie, Troy bumped into Jigs who was also trying every possible means to talk to Margaret.

His assistant later brought David to his office. Troy paid David and gave him the picture of Ronald Soliman and his assets. He assigned David to spy on the Solimans to find any dirty hidden secret about him.

Meanwhile, Archie blackmail Jigs. He demanded five million pesos from him in order for him not to blow his cover.

Rica and Ali went to the abandoned building. She failed to reply the question Kyle asked believing that her unknown Samaritan had already seen her tape but Ali had a feeling that he might be different.

After escorting her to the gate of her house, Ali left to carry on with her routine. Rica saw a van passing by and she had a reflection on incident that led to her ràpe. She went to sleep and the next day woke more refreshed ready to hit the job market in search of a job.

Kakay believed she was rushing things and advised her to slow down, she just passed her board exams and could wait a while before hunting for job. Rica assured her mother that she could do it, just like she did with her board exams.

She told Kakay that if it had not been the incident, she wouldn’t have paused her life, she had waited for long and now she had hiccups in her salary and could not work in the firm she used to work for. Kakay felt sorry and blamed herself for not being with her daughter.

Rica was called for an interview for her application. Looking at her portfolio, the employer was happy with it and made her build her hopes high till her secretary sent her the viral video.

While buying things at Sidero Public market, Kakay stumbled on a banner about the modern women project which they would distribute laptops at the place. She surprisingly found Audrey and Luisa Marco as part of those women initiating the charity project.

She called her husband to inform him. Dan warned her against going contrary to the advice of Laura but she hanged up and stormed the place. Audrey’s friend spotted her.

“What is that horrible woman doing here?” one of the friends wondered.

Kakay reflecting on the words of Attorney Dizon decided to leave but the friends of Audrey went on with their mean words which compelled Kakay to say she was not ready to be associated with their likes. Audrey was pissed off, one of her friends tried to dissuade her from discerning to the level of Kakay.

“The likes of us?” Audrey queried.

“And what do you mean by that?”

“Should my answer to you be in a language you know?” Kakay hissed.

“People like you who shamelessly abuse your power to cover up the crimes done for your family. ”

“People like you who have no conscience and who are willing to go extra mile to destroy an innocent woman’s life just to protect a family member who is a criminal!”

“Huh huh huh!”

“How dare you?” Audrey fumes.

“You don’t have to yell at me mom,” Kakay chuckled.

“We are in a public place.”

“Don’t try to tell me what I am saying isn’t true!”

” You’re even friends with the prosecutor’s sister.”

“Was that why you were laughing when all of you are discussing how you will ruin my daughter’s life?”

“Excuse me,” Audrey’s friend hissed.

“And why” Audrey muttered.

“Just because your daughter refuses to admit she is a flirt doesn’t mean she can drag my nephew and family through embarrassment.”

“She is not just a lia!”

“She is also a homewrecker just like her mother who is a mistress.”

Kakay got upset and was about to throw her basket at her rival.

“Never mind,” Kakay smirked, rubbing her hand on her basket.

“I don’t want the oldest rotten stench to affect my very fresh goods!”

“You whore..” Audrey snatched a mic from its stand and threw at Kakay.

Surprisingly, Troy from nowhere came to cover Kakay up, asking her whether she was okay. Audrey got upset that her husband was taking the side of his mistress while she came to cause the chaos. Kakay turned, in dismay, she saw her husband watching her.

She dragged Dan out along with her and Troy followed them while Audrey screamed out Troy’s name to return. Troy had a word with Kakay but his former flame stood by her word that Audrey had a hand in her daughter’s dismissed case and Troy was shielding his wife.

Troy said he was investigating the thing. Kakay knew Troy would not go an extent to do anything to ruin his family’s reputation. Troy now felt Kakay was feeding Rica’s head with those beliefs as his daughter had earlier had said that to him. Dan then stepped in to warn the mayor to stay away from his daughter which made the mayor hissed in amusement.

Meanwhile, Bea was trolled in school for posting Archie. She faced Brags for enabling the crimes of Jigs but the boy seemed not to get Bea’s allegations. Rica got to another firm and the man promised to employ her if she gives him a good bed ride.

As the man was harassing Rica who was trying to flee from his hands, the secretary got there and saw the tension the man was creating. She asked her boss what he was doing, once he lied, Rica gave him a slap. She did not leave without thanking the secretary for going to her defence.

Audrey rushed home and when Raven came the servant ran to inform her that her mother was having an outburst. Raven rushed to the room to try and cam Audrey who was destroying things. Jigs during a medical mission received a call from Archie, demanding him to say sorry to Rica.

However, Jigs swore not to do it since apologising to her meant that he has admitted he ràped her. Archie threatened to reveal other girls he screwed them over if he failed to do what he ordered him to.


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