Viral Scandal Episode 11

Viral Scandal Episode 11 Troy discovers illegal business of the Solimans, Archie is captured by Alberto

Bobby was upset with someone on phone for not being able to work in meeting his expectations. Jigs barged in to demand his father’s attention to solve a problem but Bobby vented his anger on him.

He asked if he could not solve his problem and got back on the phone with the person.
Raven called Jigs so he rushed to the mayor’s apartment to calm Audrey.

Audrey cried over Troy’s act of always choosing Kakay as if the child they had was not enough. He always ran after her to disgrace her in front of the public. She lamented how her son who would have grown to be like Jigs lost his life.

Jigs also wept for losing his mother. He thanked Audrey for always securing him other than that his father would have destroyed him. He said Raven and Audrey’s support had made him become who he was, reason he was always grateful.

At the carpentry shop, Kakay waited for her husband after Dan got upset with her. She had a flashback of Dan alighting her at the house but she lost her basket and wanted him to send her back for them to search for it but Dan did not want that. He left to carry on with his delivery job.

Elsewhere, Rica got her act together to step in for an interview at Balai Arkitektura (BA). Hearing the other job seekers talking about how handsome and nice the interviewer was, she recalled how grey her previous interview went and quickly she walked out on the secretary with deaf ears.

Vivian called her several time but Rica rushed out and slipped on the stairs making her documents fell from her hand. Kyle was also in a hurry, since the other applicant was not showing up, he told his secretary that he was going out for a business meeting.

He stumbled on one of the designs of Rica on the floor. He picked it and was impressed by the work. In school, Nicole’s friend saw Archie and took a shot of him to show it to Nico whether he was the wanted guy. Nico was happy to see Archie so they went to where his classmate met Archie together with Pogs.

They saw a person in hood and Nico realised it was the same person who was in the picture and ran after him together with his friends. He was able to nab the guy but taking off the hood, he realised he caught the wrong guy. Before he would leave the guy, some two barangay officials arrived to arrest him, terming him as delinquent.

However, the real hoody guy they were searching for went to buy some groceries and rushed to his hideout to call Margaret, his mother. Margaret advised her son to show up since his case was bailable but Archie refused.

He only called to make his mother aware that he was fine wherever he was.Margaret urged him to call time to time so that she would not get worried about his welfare.

The girls realised their mom was having a long face, they tried to know her problem but she claimed to be okay. Kakay later had a call and rushed to the barangay office to settle the issue with Nico together with Dan. Kakay pleaded with the boy’s father and assured to take care of the boy’s medical bills of he got hurt.

However, Dan had a contrary opinion. He believed the boy would have been in hospital if he was hurt. Kakay stepped in and went by her word as she tried to calm Dan down. At the Ramones mansion, Raven was grateful to Jigs for calming her mother. She told Jigs that what he did reminded her of how good he had always been to her and her mother.

She assured that she did not believe in what Rica accused him of. Also the picture she saw on his phone too but Jigs did not make her complete her statement for him to say it was a threat. Troy got in and yelled at Jigs, demanding him to leave.

Once Jigs left, Raven got upset with Troy for making her mother passed through that ordeal with his constance choosing of Kakay at his family’s expense. Jigs, she said was the one who was able to calm Audrey, otherwise she would have hurt herself.

The Sicats brought their son home after solving his issue. Kakay tried to put some sense into Nico’s fixed skull but Dan contradicted his wife, making the children winder what had come over the couple. Kakay dragged her husband into the room to talk him concerning his action he exhibited in front of the children.

Kakay now squeezed the truth out of her husband. Troy admitted feeling jealous that Troy was the one who saved her when Audrey threw microphone at her. He was the one who also saved her from the street when she was an escort.

“Love everyone can see how manly my darling is

“So what does it mean if a dozen of microphones are thrown at me.”

“You can protect me, can’t you?”

“Or is it because I was left speechless for what he did…”

“That he is my night and shinning armour.”

She made it clear that Dan has made her become brave to overcome all challenges and her horrible past so she was no longer in need of night and shinning armour. The jealous Dan asked if he was $exy too and his wife described him with the beautiful words in the world.

The next day, Kakay asked Rica how her interview went and she said it went well. The mayor arrived at the City hall to find lots of people waiting for him to assist them financially. He then had a call from David who told him that he has found some skeletons in the closet of the Solimans.

Elsewhere, Archie visited Ella who was diagnosed of cancer and was severely sick. He assisted her with money to help in her chemotherapy. He swore to make Jigs pay for everything he has done against his girlfriend. He said he has even started his revenge against Jigs till his life become miserable.

Gaining the necessary evidence against Ronald on hi shoddy business, Troy went to the house of the Solimans and he called attorney Dizon to back him up and bail him out when the need arose.

He knocked on the gate of the Solimans but a servant appeared there to inform the mayor that the couple were not at home. Least did Troy know that the woman was compelled by a henchman who was lurking in the bust and was keeping eye on the servant.

Not well convinced Mayor Troy in his car called David to come and spy on the Solimans. Archie after coming from Ella’s place called his mother that he would go foul by posting something against Jigs. His mother then cried and told him that his father had cardiac arrest and was admitted so she needed his presence.

Elsewhere, Jigs was devastated since Archie earlier called to threaten him. He recalled coming clean to Audrey and enlisted her help to deal with Archie for the blackmail. In so doing, Audrey also secretly went to see Alberto in putting an end to the torments of Jigs.

At BA, Kyle sent the picture of the designs to Vivian to find out who it was for among the applicant since it was not signed. He bumped into Rose, a colleague of Rica in her former firm and the design paper fell. When she bent to pick it, Rose realised the design was for Rica.

Vivian introduced Rose to Kyle as her replacement since she had to go to Manila to help Consuelo, Kyle’s mother. Hearing Kyle reminding Vivian to find the owner, Rose queried Vivian who Kyle was looking for.


Archie then came from his hideout to meet his mother, only for him to realise that he was set up by Margaret. The brain behind the act came and was no other than Alberto. Margaret pleaded with him not to expose her husband’s secret and shouldn’t also hurt her son.

Alberto assured that he was a man of his word and if Archie cooperate the corrupt and illegal works of Ronald would not be revealed by him. He then remembered Audrey coming to ask him to help Jigs since he was in trouble. Archie was taken into a van and Bobby also joined another van.


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