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Viral Scandal Episode 12

Viral Scandal Episode 12 Archie turns himself into hands of the police, Kyle helps Kakay after his nightmare on Rica’s deàth

Rose made it known to Vivian that she knew the person whose design she was holding and her name was Rica Sicat, her colleague from a former firm she was working it.

Describing her to Vivian, he recalled her as the person who ran away from the interview and deemed Rica’s act as nervousness. She told Rose to contact Rica and inform her. Rose did not know the appropriate words she should use to inform Rica about it.

Elsewhere, Rica was with Ali and was worried about her current situation, thinking it would destroy her dream of gaining the employment suiting her career. She thought of being an English teacher instead to teach foreign students but her best friend was against it. Ali urged her to continue fighting, she was extremely talented to waste it on teaching.

Rica then went for her next interview. The lady interviewer was impressed looking at her portfolio and even urged her on to fight to gain justice. She was impressed by Rica’s zeal of trying to surpass all the challenges she was passing through.

She hired her but she said the current vacant place was in Eulo Eulo so if Rica wanted it she should accept to travel to that far off land. Meanwhile, the congressman, Alberto held Archie as captive together with the latter’s family. Margaret told Ronald when he arrived that the congressman already knew about the Sea Farm business.

In fact Ronald was not surprised since the Congressman was a beneficiary of that illegal business, reason he knew. Alberto argued that Ronald had no evidence against him unlike him who had evidence to prove his illegal way of extorting money.

He said they could even end up in jail if he exposed them but their fortune could turn around if Archie cooperate and helps Jigs from the problem he was in. He also revealed to them that Jigs was a man of his word, Archie demanded 5million from Jigs and the Counselor had paid for Archie to gain money to help Ellah, his girlfriend yet Archie was not fulfilling his end of the bargain.

Archie was surprised knowing Alberto knew of Ellah. He now pleaded for the sake of his girlfriend. Kyle had a meeting with a client and the lady seemed to be interested in him. Rica got home and informed her parent about the new job she has gained in Eulo Eulo but Kakay was against her traveling that far for the job

She wanted her daughter to stay around and search for a new one. Kakay received a call from Attorney Dizon informing her that Archie Soliman has turned himself in. While Audrey and Raven were having dinner, Troy got in with a dessert for his daughter.

Audrey had received a text from Jigs saying their plans worked and Archie has turned himself to the police. Troy was shocked to hear Audrey saying they had to celebrate since Archie has turned himself in. Laura called the mayor to hear the same information from her.

The Sicats rushed to the precinct, reflecting on everything that happened to her due to the scandal, Rica rushed to Archie to get answers to her question.

“Why, why tell me… why?”
“Why did you do that?”
“For your own amusement?
“Just for gigs?”
“Don’t you have a mother huh!”
“Don’t you have sisters?”
“Don’t you a girlfriend?”
“Answer me,” Rica cried.

“I’m sorry,” Archie cried.
Rica did not believe that he only had sorry to say. She slapped him and that got on the never of Margaret. Ronald who knew Alberto made his son do that on purpose stepped in to tell the Sicats that they would meet in court.

“You all, you ruined my life,” Rica pointed at the Solimans.

Their lawyer also warned Laura to calm her client. After the Sicats went home, Laura called Troy once again and told him that it was late, the reason they could not post bail for Archie, however, the next day, he would be granted bail.

Troy was happy even if Archie had to spend few hours in jail. He wanted him to know how it felt. When they got home, Rica voiced out how the scandal had affected her employment chances. Kyle stumbled on Rica at the abandoned building. She was about to throw herself down and Kyle pleaded with her not to do that.

He pleaded with her not to do that but Rica did not mind and she threw herself down. Kyle screamed and woke up in fear to only realise it was a dream.


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