Viral Scandal Episode 14

Viral Scandal Episode 14 Rica fails to show up at her interview in Balai Arkitektura, Kyle races to stop Rica from traveling

In a club, Raven along with other people celebrated her friend’s birthday. While the girl got wasted, Raven approached the counter to order for a juice. She met Chino and he socialised with her, telling her that he knew someone who also orders juice in a club.

Before he could go any further, Kyle came to sit and was surprised to see Chino was in the company of Raven. He greeted Raven and introduced him to Chino. Chino who was dumbstruck by the friendship asked Kyle where he knew Raven.

Kyle said they were high school mate but Raven said it was not only that, she and Kyle were the queen and king but Kyle stood her up one day.

Saying all was in the past, Chino invited her over to Balai Arkitektura (BA) and even proposed they should have a collaboration. Kyle had a long face since he did not like the idea but pretended he was okay with that.

Elsewhere, Kakay has been tossing and turning around. She forced Dan to wake up as they were engaging in a chat, Dan apologised for shouting at the kids. Kakay urged him to tell the kids instead.

The next day, Kyle woke up as a happy man since it was the day he would meet Rica to interview her. He played a jazz music and hit the shower in merriment. As he came out, Rica also came out. Both dressed in their respective houses with Kyle expressing his joy through the playing of guitar.

“Finally dad now I have the chance to ask her how she is doing,” Kyle talked to his late father’s portrait.

He waited at the office for Rica. He even three out Chino when his assistant giddy him with questions. As Rica was in her over size coat coming, her steps were so heavy. She thought of the man who wanted to take advantage of her during the interview.

Rose came to Kyle’s office to assure that Rica was almost there. Kyle was surprised to see Raven at his office. Raven came to look at BA and to also talk to Kyle about the collaboration. Kyle was not interested in whatever she was saying so Chino rather engaged her.

Rose called Rica to give her a head up. She told her about the arrival of Raven and Rica said she actually saw her arriving in her white car. Her car almost knocked her so she had to stand well.

That, she said reminded her that she could not move in Philippines since she would keep bumping into those she was trying hard to avoid. Rose told her to remember her words that they should keep on fighting and should not allow those people to get into them.

Since Rica was casting doubt about her employment chances, Rose asked whether she would take the Eulo-Eulo offer. She tried convincing her that if she failed to show up, her application to BA would be cancelled. Rica hang up.

Kyle and Chino saw Raven off, still Kyle was thinking about Rica and was looking around, hoping to see her. He left once Raven took a step off just to ask Rose about Rica. Rose told him that she might have taken the a job offer from Eulo-Eulo. Kyle cancelled all his appointment and left.

Chino could not fathom why Kyle was so desperate in meeting that Cinderella. Elsewhere, a gossip who tried to ruin Kakay’s day when she was selling in front of her house since the internet was not working properly for her to sell online slipped and broke her leg.

Kakay together with another escort of that gossip who bought a bag from Kakay sent her to hospital. Meanwhile, Dan beat off a drunk who talked ill of his wife. At the Mayor’s office, he watched the family table video which they solely made to shut down rumours about his marriage break up.

He did not look cheerful but was happy to see the the pictures of Kakay and her children. Audrey also visited Raven’s office and complemented the design of her office and her dressing. Raven left to get her mother a coffee.

Kyle went to Rica’s house to find Nico and Pogs playing game while watching over Kakay’s bags and shoes. As Kyle was talking to Nico, the boy did not pay attention to him due to his game. He told Kyle that Rica has gone to Eulo-Eulo to work there.

Kyle raced to go to the airport after checking the time a flight would leave for Eulo-Eulo. On second thought, he decided not to go since Rica was fine, reason she was traveling to Eulo-Eulo. He decided to go to the abandoned building, there he found the toy key holder which Kakay gave to him.

He was surprised to find it there, when he went to pick it, a wind blew a scarf and he quickly ran to get it and he almost fell off the building but someone pulled him from behind.

“Didn’t you know that you were already closer to the edge?” Rica asked after saving Kyle.

“And for what? for a scarf?”

Kyle was surprised to see her face once again. He introduced himself to her as Kyle Constantino. He mentioned Rica’s name and she was surprised he knew her name. He told her that he was not a stalker but the employer who he arranged an interview with Rica but she failed to show up.

Rica took the key holder and the scarf, saying it was hers. After she did not show up at the interview she went to the abandoned building to think about her decision as she was leaving, her lucky charm key holder fell as well as her scarf.

She realised that she has lost the key holder when she was descending the stairs of the building. Believing that her mother would be upset for losing the holder, she turned back and stumbled on Kyle at the edge of the building struggling to keep his balance in order not to fall off and she ran to pull him away.

She asked Kyle if Rose already knew about their encounter and he said Rose did not. Actually he also did not know that she was that lady. He found her design and was happy with it.

“Now I am glad I didn’t show up for my interview.”

“How do you expect me to work for you knowing that you know about everything.”

“An employer considers which school I came from or my track records from previous employment.

They shouldn’t hire me because I try to jump off from a building.”

“Come work for BA okay,” Kyle said.

He explained to her that he was not hiring her out of sympathy but for her designs. Once he saw the designs he wanted to ask what inspired her and the materials that would be good for the designs.

Meanwhile, Kakay got home to find Nico had covered the things she was selling and had left. She got upset and went inside the house to find Dan drunk and lying on the bare floor. She was pissed off by the act of Dan and she sent him inside.

Kakay said if it was not the fact that he was looking s£xy even in his condition, she would have used his face to mop the floor. Dan said it was because she saw him as good for nothing, he was not rich but he was willing to sacrifice and fight to maintain his family. This made Kakay become emotional.

At Raven’s Office, Audrey made her daughter shot video of them talking about Bela’s Beach Designs which Raven made for the Palawan project. Elsewhere, Kyle and Rica descended down the stairs and Kyle told Rica that he always came there through the back entrance since that was where he packs his car or motor.

Rica now understood why they never met. As they parted ways at the down floor, both turned their back to watch eachother.

“Think about it,” Kyle reminded her.

“Work in BA!”

“If you come tomorrow, the job is yours, if you don’t then I swear will never bother you again.”


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