Viral Scandal Episode 15

Viral Scandal Episode 15 Rica’s past affects her relation with Chino at BA, Jigs begins to have problem with his friends over the rape tag

As Nico and Bea were working in the house, they heard a bang on the door and Bea went to open it. Rica came and was told Dan got drunk. Rica suspected that there was something bothering him but Kakay said he just had a drink with his friends.

Ali visited Rica and the latter told her about Kyle employing her. Ali found it amusing that the chat she had with Kyle on the roof top was their interview. Ali was happy that she would no longer miss Rica.

Rica contemplated on taking the job. She felt that Kyle seeing her in her down moment was just like him seeing her nakedness. Though she admitted feeling at ease at the side of Kyle, she was a bit ashamed that he might have seen the viral video. Ali advised her to forget about that.

Kakay apologised to Dan for him being hurt by her past. She was sad that her past catched up with their present life but she did not regret for that d!rty past since Rica was the product of it.

At Balai Arkitektura, Chino saw Kyle waiting and acting so anxious. He went to his office to ask him if he was able to meet Cinderella. Kyle told him to stop calling her Cinderella.

As Chino said they should concentrate on Raven, Rica showed up and Kyle was happy to see her. He employed her right away as junior architect of BA.

Rica told Kyle how his late father’s work inspired her to become an architect. As part of the organisational rules, Rica was shown around and Greeted Ms Garcia and May as well as Cheng. May, Chino, Kyle and Rica had a meeting and were given a task to complete.

Meanwhile, Pogs bought sweets for Bea and he wanted one. Bea did not give it to him but went to give it to Brags to thank him for defending her. Brags went to throw it inside a bin. Unknown to him, Bea and Pogs saw it. Bea got so upset about it. Pogs said it was his money which went waste.

Rica had a great day at work and she informed Ali about it. She said Kyle looked different, he acted professionally with her unlike the guy she met on the roof top.
After she closed from work, Chino invited her to have a drink with him.

She refused and Chino told her that she was a flirt and shouldn’t act like they were unaware of her life. They knew she was the lady in the viral video. All the workers including Kyle watched the video and she became tensed. She shouted and woke up only to know it was a bad dream.

Hearing her shout, Kakay came to ask her whether she was okay since she already told them that she had a great day at work. She admitted having a good start and no one judged her, besides, Rose said all of the workers were from Manila so they had probably not seen the video yet.

Soon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BA was tensed as he waited for Mr Fortuna to give a yes to their proposal and it happened as such, making the workers happy. Chino after work came to invite Rica to join them for celebration.

Rica saw the repetition of what she saw in her dream so when she refused and Chino insisted, she shouted at him and fled. She bumped into a man on motor who also splashed dirty water on her accidentally. Rica phone fell and the guy was bringing it to her but she mistook him for a stalker and hurt him.

Kyle came out to find the two. Realising Axel was her boss’ friend, Rica fled in shame and went to inform Ali about it. She said the day at work was good but during the close hour, she began to act unreasonably.

She believed she would be sacked the next day for first raising her voice on the senior architect and to also injure her boss’ friend. Ali doubted she would be sacked and asked her to chill.

Jigs and his friends went to the bar and saw Nicks, his best friend’s girlfriend. He talked with her and the boy gave the car keys to his girl to go for his wallet and warned Jigs not to talk to Nicks again. Jigs knew where he was coming from.

He was acting that way due to the warning Archie earlier gave. He denied rap!ng Rica and Ella and he would never sleep with a friend’s girlfriend.


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