Viral Scandal Episode 17

Viral Scandal Episode 17 Axel pursues Rica to get Kyle admits his feelings for her, Dan discovers Laura is executing Troy’s orders

At Balai Arkitektura, Kyle disagreed with Axel for chasing after Rica. He said he did not want him to create any uncomfortable serene for Rica since she was Axel’s junior.

Axel said he was taking it slow, besides Kyle has confessed not interested in her so he should allow her. Rica came in and wanted to talk to Kyle, as Axel ushered her in, Kyle told her to come back later. He was busy talking to Axel.

Rica was not expecting that so when she went home she told Kakay that her boss was grouchy. Kakay was happy that her boss chose her daughter’s presentation for the design meant for a big client.

Kakay was happy that Rica’s boss knew a talent when he sees one. That evening, Kyle, Chino and Axel played basketball. He realised Axel was asking Chino about what Rica liked. Chino did not understand why he was asking him. He even asked her out along with the team but she yelled at him.

Kyle got pissed off and threw the ball at Axel. He asked them whether they would play another round or they would stand to gossip. Since the two remained quiet, he went home. Chino sent Axel to his house and talked to him concerning Rica.

He got it that Axel was interested in Cinderella but cautioned him on his action as that might cause his friendship with Kyle. Chino made it clear that it was fake news when Kyle denied his interest in Rica, if he did not like her, he would have chased her to offer her the job.

Axel then explained that it was the reason he was pursuing Rica to make Kyle admit his feelings for Rica. Rica was not his speck but wanted Kyle to pursue her. Rica could not sleep, she thought of Kyle and the earlier incident at the office so she decided to text him.

Kyle likewise couldn’t sleep and was reading but couldn’t get Rica our of his head. Simultaneously, he also tried texting Rica but both decided against it and slept. The next day, Kyle arrived at work and Ms Gracia asked of Axel. Kyle wondered why she was asking him of Axel. He also asked of Rica and was told she was in the washroom with Rose.

Axel and Chino arrived. Chino was demanding contact of Sarah from him. May got disappointed that they reduced women to contact. Seeing Kyle Chino deepen his act to get Kyle jealous. Rica and Rose arrived at the scene and Kyle demanded to speak with Rica.

Attorney Dizon went to the repair shop with Kai. Looking at the poor nature of the environment, Kakay doubted Archie, a boy from a rich family would repair his from there. The owner of the place appeared in the scene. Attorney Dizon showed him Archie’s picture and the man admitted knowing Archie.

He said he used to repair his gadgets from there but one of his boys who stole people’s laptops and phones made away with his phone. Attorney Dizon found out that the man would even do renovation of the place. She later told Kakay of Troy’s suspicion of Alberto influencing Archie to turn things for the Ramones.

Kakay suggested they talk with the Solimans but Laura deemed it as unwise. At BA, Kyle was impressed with the designs Rica made for the presentation and was impressed. He also learnt that Rica stayed all night to work on it. She later had a meeting with the two senior architects.

Axel argued with Rica on the already approved designs just to bother her.


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