Viral Scandal Episode 18

Viral Scandal Episode 18 Attorney Dizon suggests to Troy to end his marriage with Audrey, Raven and Rica clash at Kyle’s office

Bea and Nico ran back home to reveal to Kakay that her account was blocked due to a troll farm which was sharing money for others to troll her and pay them for it.

Pogs showed his message to the family on what he was told by his new boss to do to discredit Kakay social media account. Dan thought it was only politicians who do that against their opponents.

He wondered the person who could have paid millions to just ruin her. Bea said it was obvious. At Balai Arkitektura, Rica was told by Kyle to do the presentation to the bigger client within three days time at 11:00am.

Elsewhere, Audrey found out that Troy was buying all the goods of Kakay just to help her business. She ran to tell Raven and Troy also said she gave him no option than to do that. He disclosed to Audrey that he already knew she was the one who paid a troll farm to destroy Kakay’s business.

As it was turning into their fight, Raven stopped her father for his action since he was the one making things worse for their family and he could not blame Audrey. She also confronted Audrey for stooping so low to pay for a troll farm to do that to her rival.

Bea ran to Pogs to thank him for not trolling her mother for the 30,000. Pogs said they were like his family and Kakay was like a mother to him. Besides, he wouldn’t even think of doing that against third parties, he has his principles. Bea was moved by Pogs words and she quickly hugged him much to Pogs’ surprise.

Rica went home to find Bea and Pogs in eachother’s hands. Pogs quickly pushed Bea away and told Rica that Bea embraced him. Bea said it was just a thank you hug. Bea told them that she bought food for the family and Bea sent it inside.

Rica broke the good news to her mother. Attorney Dizon called and Kakay told Rica that her case would be held on Friday 10am same day for her presentation, making Rica worried. Attorney Dizon met with Troy, it turned out that Troy had used his influence to push the case for it to be heard due to how dirty his family was going.

Attorney Dizon could not believe that Troy walked out on his wife when she discovered what he did but Troy did not care. He blamed Audrey for everything that has happened and said it did not start from the troll but siding with Bobby and Jigs when he already warned her not to side with the two.

“I am her husband but she doesn’t respect my decision at all.”

“Then why don’t you finish it? Attorney Dizon asked.

“Back then you used to ask me why I chose to stay in my marriage even when my husband was being abusive.”

“Now let me ask you, why do you choose to stay in that marriage?”

“Why are you forcing yourself to stay in that marriage when you’re the one becoming abusive?”

“Excuse me Attorney… I am the one who is becoming abusive?”

“Haven’t you heard a single word that I said?”

“It is Audrey who is not….”

“And she has all the right to be Troy!”

“You had an affair and that is something she has to live with everyday of her life until now.”

“And not for anything… and you are not doing anything to assure her that the affair is really over.”

“You may not have abused her physically but mentally and emotionally she is definitely battered!”

“Come on…” Troy said “Separation is not an option Attorney.”

“I cannot do that to my daughter.”

“I don’t want to see Raven get hurt!”

“Do you seriously think your daughter doesn’t really get hurt when she sees you and Audrey fighting?”

“Tell me Troy…” “Is this really about Raven or about your career.”

At the Ramones mansion, Audrey was furious, trying to destroy the bag. Bobby got there to stop her from hurting herself. He provided a shoulder for Audrey to cry on. The Sicats spoke with the attorney to know Rica’s chances if she missed the hearing.

She explained that there might be counter bargain, a plea of guilty by the culprit just for lighter sentence which might be important for her to be there. Rica after recalling what Jigs and Archie did to her decided to attend in order for the judge not to feel she did not care about the issue.

She went to work and was told Kyle was in a bad mood. She remembered asking permission to be late. She went to the emergency meeting which Kyle reminded them that the presentation would be done in two days and wanted them to do an impressive presentation.

Kakay asked Attorney Dizon if Troy was the one who purchased her goods. Laura apologised for telling her lies and explained that Troy only wanted to help her.

Kakay asked if he decided to help her since he knew his wife was actually the one who hired a troll farm to get her account banned. Laura was surprised and asked her how she knew.

Kakay explained that he hired a wrong person to destroy her name and report her account and the person showed it to her. Rica at work told Kyle that she would not be able to make it to the presentation. Chino believed she was nervous but she said no based on personal reason.

Kyle asked of her reason and she couldn’t talk. Kyle reminded her of how important the deal meant to him so he would not grant her that day off. He later bumped into Raven at a certain cafeteria and paid for her drink.

Rica went home to tell her mother that her boss refused to grant her the leave. Kakay suggested she and Dan would go to the hearing on Rica’s behalf.

Rica yelled at her mother and then apologised that she was going through a lot and instead of her to do a presentation to has brought her boss down to face the two mean people who changed her life forever. Kakay calmed her and advised her to tell her boss and workers about her situation and they would understand.

Rica joined Dan to paint some of his wood works and Dan gave her same advise. Elsewhere, Chino and Axel brought pizza to the house and began talking about Rica. Axel was positive that Rica has a d!try little secret which she did not want anyone to know.

Kyle stopped him from gossiping, already he said he was interested in Rica and he did not understand why he was saying such a thing against her. Axel said he could not be serious with her, this got Kyle upset and hooked his shirt. Chino quickly separated them before it turned into blows.

Chino now told Axel to tell Kyle the truth. Axel told him that he was not interested in Rica, he just wanted Kyle to admit his feelings for Rica and what he did showed that he was interested in Rica. Kyle could not believe that he did all that just for games.

He asked Axel what if Rica had fallen for him. He warned Axel not to do that especially when he did not know someone and what the person has been through. Kyle later thought Rica might be going through a difficult time and regretted being tough with her when she requested no to attend the presentation.

The next day at work, Rica and Kyle kept watching eachother from their seat. Kyle told himself that he had to talk to Rica and Rica also said same to herself. She mustered courage to go and see Kyle to talk to him on the reason she was asking for a leave. As she reached his office, Raven also appeared from no where going to see Kyle.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Raven asked Rica.


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