Viral Scandal Episode 2

Viral Scandal Episode 2 Rica attempts to commit suicide, Mayor Ramones clashes with Jigs over a $ex tape of his daughter

In Dubai at Jul-Ahmed Construction, Kakay was happy that her new salary was good and could help her family out.

On the other hand, Rica was left devastated and thought of suicide when walking on a roof top of some high building. She recalled the viral video about herself which got her embarrassed at work, making colleagues and some clients pointing fingers at her.

She shed tears when she remembered the celebration of the previous night which she got herself drunk and left the club but Jigs got hold of her.

All that she could remember was waking up the next day to find some blood on the bed only to discover through the viral video that she was raped.

On campus, Bea was vlogging when two of her classmates interrupted her. They found Bea’s dream of being an influencer funny. As some of their mates arrived, one received the video alert and the girls began to make fan of Bea that her dream of being influencer could be actualised due to her sister.

Dan was also shown the viral video. He became restless and called Rica immediately but couldn’t reach her. He searched for her but did not find her. In the middle of his search, Kakay who found out about her eldest daughter’s viral video through friends called him to find out if indeed the lady was Rica.

Dan told her about the unfortunate news of him not finding her after the video went viral. He went to the house of Rica’s friends but did find his stepdaughter. Kakay explored all means to find her daughter.

She called Ali, the best friend of Rica and she also claimed not to know where she was. Kakay became so worried about her daughter and for days that she had not heard anything, she decided to leave Dubai for Philippines and she packed her things.

In the midst of his search, Dan came to the Law Enforcement Agency and saw the police running to an accident scene since there was a suicide victim found. Dan ran after them with his bicycle and overheard that the Victim’s name was Rica, she fell from the rooftop.

Dan rushed there to tell the police to help him know the victim. He demanded to see the face of the victim who they had covered with cloth. The ID of the victim bore the name Ria Caero which made Dan fell at ease that Rica might still be alive.

A friend of Kakay told other friends that it was unfortunate that Kakay did not know her daughter well. Kakay had always been claiming her daughter was an angel but what she was doing with a man believed to be a counselor was captured on a tape.

The colleague claimed the act was a clear indication that Kakay did not know the architect daughter of hers. Besides she was working overseas while Rica was at home.

To her, Rica was a grown up so Kakay could not possibly know what her daughter was up to in her life. Kakay overheard her and defended her daughter. She said she knew her daughter well and knew there was more to the issue than what they saw in the tape.

She believed Rica would never think of that with someone especially with Jigs. Elsewhere, Jigs was watching his deeds with Rica on his laptop, feeling so happy and satisfied. His father stormed in there to beat him for such atrocious act which had gone viral.

He warned his son to fix the issue as he was not ready to ruin his reputation to destroy what he worked so hard to achieve. Jigs recalled how Rica had denied him access to her body so he plotted an elaborate plan at the club to get her on bed in order to rape her.

Nico told Bea he wanted to find their dad to help him in the search for Rica. He overheard some gossipmonger who accused Rica of being a flirt like her mother, Kakay. Nico did not take that lightly at all, he went to confront the woman but Dan got there to salvage the situation.

Meanwhile, Kakay arrived in Philippines and spoke on phone with Dan. She went straight to Ali’s place only to discover that Rica had been staying there and had pleaded with Ali not to utter a word to anyone about her stay.

Kakay went to the room which Rica had been staying, she talked to her daughter to ask why she had shut herself from the world and even failed to eat. She said no one had a right to judge Rica if it was her decision to do what she did.

Rica revealed that it was not her decision, she was actually at Paragon Lounge when Jigs called her a cousin and was pursuing her but kicked him. Her friends Dona and Marie got there to introduce themselves to the counselor. Jigs told them where he met Rica but Rica went ahead to disgrace him.

In the club, she saw a friend of hers feeling tipsy and a man was taking advantage of her state to make her drink more on the dance floor. She went to save the friend and took the drink from the guy’s hand to actually sip some.

Least did she know that the drink was spiked. She then came to a certain room at the Paragon Lounge in her tipsy state and Jigs acted as helper but woke up to find out that she was raped. She did not remember anything else.

Kakay sent her home and the gossips went on but Kakay advised her daughter not to look at anyone’s face except hers. Meanwhile, Counselor Jigs went to Sidero University to do computer donation and realised the students were gossiping about him due to the viral video.

He used the opportunity to clear his name. He said he was 24years and Rica was his girlfriend. They were two people who were in l0ve but were victimised by some unscrupulous beings who leaked their tape.

The students rather found his speech spectacular. After taking video of his reaction about the leaked tape, they applauded him. Thinking he has cleared his name, the mayor of Sidero, Troy Ramones came to punch him, asking Jigs why he did that to his daughter.

The cameras of the students captured the punch which made the counselor fall. The video was equally leaked and went viral for Dan to also see it. People wondered if Rica was actually a Ramones and the mayor was her actual father.

As Nico sent his mother’s things inside with Bea happy that mummy was finally home, Rica was hugged by Dan. Rica slept but had the nightmare of the incident at the Paragon Lounge. She wept bitterly for not remembering part of the whole incidence.


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