Viral Scandal Episode 24

Viral Scandal Episode 24 Raven becomes addicted to alcohol, Kyle narrates how his father d!ed

At school, as Bea was eating and Pogs was also eating aloof, Brax approached Bea and apologised for throwing her ice cream into the bin and gave her present as a peace offering.

She was so happy and made Pogs snapped pictures of her. This attracted her jealous friends who made fun of her for snapping pictures with just cheesecake. However, Bea shut them, knowing they were jealous since Brax bought it for her.

Rica, presented to Axel his things which were with her. The bag fell off from her hands and Axel took it. Axel noticed that Rica always did not feel at ease whenever he was around her unlike Kyle. Rica tried to make him believe what he was thinking was not the case.

Axel tried to engage her in a conversation and she told him how unhappy she was for the rest of the workers to treat her special. Since she did not want to lose their support, she decided to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Kyle thought that Axel might be right for claiming he was over protecting Rica. He stepped out and realised Rica was not in her seat but was with Axel and she was laughing with him. This got him upset and he rushed to his office.

Kakay began a social media research with Nico to find if there would be a post that would make them know why Jigs and Archie were no longer in good terms. As they were looking, Bea and Pogs arrived.

She was still happy with the cheesecake and holding it to store it in the refrigerator. She saw the pictures of Jigs and Raven and she said Rica was unlucky because if Kakay had married the mayor, Rica would be the one to attend those expensive parties.

Dan and Rica also arrived and were unhappy to hear what Bea said. Kakay shut her and told her life was not about money, besides Raven was not having that happy family as she claimed. Moreover, Jigs was a Ramones and she ràped Rica.

The next day at Balai Arkitektura, May brought an invitation to Rica, saying she and Axel were invited to the ordinance. Kyle arrived to say that he would go. When Axel read the content, the Ramones would be presence but Rica saw that as a reason she had to be there.

In the office of Kyle, Rica insisted on going to the meeting, Kyle denied her the chance since that was what she has been doing but gets traumatised whenever she sees Jigs. He also reminded her of the incidence at the club and said she needed help.

Elsewhere, Troy and Audrey kept on with their antics of being the perfect couple infront cameras during an interview with some media personalities who were delving into the couple’s life due to Troy’s award. Unknown to Audrey, Troy was secretly planning his divorce with her and has told Jay his assistance not to make it obvious.

Rica walked out and Kyle followed her. Rica expressed disappointment in Kyle for making looked like incompetent. Kyle said she needed help but Rica declined it. Knowing how traumatised Rica was and might be having nightmares, panic so easily, felt the urge to throw up, Kyle told her about his story.

He told her that his father d!ed right before his eyes. He threw himself from the roof top of the abandoned building and that made him experience what Rica was experiencing, reason he understood her. Kyle made it clear that she needed a therapy did not mean she was weak but for her to overcome her trauma.

Kyle went to his office locked himself up and drew the curtains just to cry when he remembered the deàth of his father. Elsewhere, Raven slept at her office since she had too much to drink. She was late for her meeting and she had to threaten the client that she would get her restaurant closed if she would not wait.

As she was driving, she drunk along and hit someone’s car so Jigs had to come and solve the problem for her. Jigs suspected that she has been drinking alcohol so he went to check her car. He searched inside and never saw anything. He asked her if she has been drinking but she denied, unknown to Jigs, she kept the bottles inside the trunk.

Once Jigs left her for an important meeting, she went back for her drink. Rica asked Axel about the deàth of Kyle’s father. Axel was surprised that Kyle had opened up to her and told her that no one knew about it except him and Kyle’s mother.

Axel explained that Kyle’s mother was separated from his father and were living in Manila. Kyle and him came to Sidero and witnessed Philip Constantino jumped off the abandoned building which had negative toll on Kyle since then.

Rica now realised that she did not talk well to Kyle so she decided to go and beg him but Axel told her not to worry. He was sure Kyle would understand.


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